‘You’re Hired!’ Trump Takes Media

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The anti-Trump forces are fit to be tied. They are freaking out. Why? Because Trump has hired Steve Bannon, chairman of the Breitbart News website, to be his campaign’s chief executive.

It’s amazing to see how many people who call themselves Republicans are making money going against Donald Trump. It’s obvious they have made a conscious effort to oppose Trump to create business for themselves. People like Ben Shapiro, Ana Navarro and S.E. Cupp have figured out that they can make money by going against their own party’s nominee.

Traditionally, after a bruising primary season, everybody comes together and gets on board to support the candidate. Not so with Trump. It’s not because of the things he says or anything like that. It’s because Trump has hired people who are not part of the established political system. He didn’t hire Dana Perino or Katie Packer or Karl Rove. If Trump had done what had traditionally been done, he wouldn’t be getting this pushback. If he hired the people that John McCain and Mitt Romney did to run their campaigns, there wouldn’t be a movement against him.

But Trump didn’t do that. He hired people like Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks. Why should he hire the same people McCain and Romney did? They both lost. A lot of the people who work or have worked for the campaign are part of the Trump organization. That pissed people off, because every four years is a big payday for established political operatives, and Trump left them out in the cold.


These people had to figure out a way to make money, so what do they do? They go against Trump. S.E. Cupp has never been more in demand on the political talk show circuit as she is now. Anti-Trump people aren’t against Trump because he “betrays the principles of the party of Lincoln.” Trump denied them money, so they figured out a way to make it by opposing him.

That’s why they are freaking out about Steve Bannon. It has nothing to do with ‘principles.’ A lot of people who are against Trump didn’t start out that way. People like Ben Shapiro supported Trump in the beginning, but turned against him when he cut into their cash flow. If they were getting paid, it would be all good.

So Trump hired Bannon as his chief executive and Kellyanne Conway as his campaign manager. Established conservative consultants are pissed, because it wasn’t them. I think the hirings are part of a larger picture, and let me explain why. I have been saying for months that Republicans need to do what Democrats have done for years, and that is to control the media. When you control the message, you have the power. Plain and simple.


Breitbart is the internet version of CNN for Republicans. They are the alternative to liberal propaganda. But as powerful as the internet is, it pales in comparison to free TV as far as influence. An unconfirmed rumor is that Trump has hired Roger Ailes to help prep him for the debates. Roger Ailes created Fox News. In the conservative media realm, there are now two heavyweights working for Team Trump. Roger Ailes knows television and Steve Bannon knows the internet.

I’m not saying that you are going to see the launch of the Trump News Network tomorrow, but the foundation has been laid. Trump has hired the giant of conservative news on the web. He used Paul Manafort to get him to this point, to steer him through the convention and all their trickery and shenanigans. Now that the convention is over, it’s time to control the message. He’s got Bannon, he’s got Ailes. Trump has all the makings for a legitimate news network. A legitimate alternative to CNN, MSNBC and Fox.


The groundwork has been laid. Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes aren’t going to part of some obscure network that is only offered on the internet or some remote cable channel somewhere. You’re not legit unless you are on Charter and Time Warner, until you are part of a cable lineup that includes CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and Trump TV. Now you’re real. Now you’re a player. I don’t see Bannon or Ailes wanting to part of something that competes with Levin TV or The Blaze.

The hiring of Steve Bannon was a brilliant move. Regardless of what happens on Election Day, it will never go back to the way it was. The Trump phenomenon will not fade away and go back to politics as usual. The revolution that Trump has created and the millions of people who support him are not going to go anywhere. Hiring Bannon and Roger Ailes has assured that this movement will not peter out in four months. It’s only going to get bigger.

Taking charge of the media and controlling the message. That’s how you transform this country.

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