Why Trump Gets No Respect

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A couple of weeks ago, Obama said Donald Trump was unfit to be president.

I’ve said it countless times, it’s all about words. When I hear outrage over Trump, it’s all about the words he uses. His language. He doesn’t fit in with the cool kids in Washington. You know what it reminds me of? The Rodney Dangerfield movies Back To School or Caddyshack. People like Obama, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, etc. have all gone to the best Ivy league schools and belong to all the best clubs. They are trained like organ grinder monkeys in the art of politics. They know how to use language to answer a question where it sounds statesman-like and eloquent, but what they say contains little if any pertinent or useful information. It’s an art form, and these guys have mastered it.

The dream of every politician is to one day become president. Look at John McCain. He’s been in politics all his life and ran for president twice. Look at how long it took for him to finally get his shot. Joe Biden’s been running for president since the 80s. He never got past the primaries. For most politicians who dream of sitting in the Oval Office, it doesn’t happen.

For these people, running for president is serious business. They have a picture in their heads of what a president should look like and what he should sound like. The presidency is the Super Bowl. Simply running for president is like the Super Bowl to them. They may lose, but at least they can say they were there.

Now here comes Donald Trump. He’s not an experienced politician. He’s not trained in the art of not answering a question by delivering a flowery three minute patriotic oratory. He doesn’t know how to dance around a yes or no answer, he just says yes or no. He tells it like it is. He talks like an everyday American.

Trump beating 16 other candidates who have hundreds of years of combined political experience kills everybody in Washington. It makes them so mad they can’t see straight. Pundits despise him because he isn’t refined like the others and spoils their predictions and makes them look like effete dorks. Just like in Back to School. Rodney Dangerfield is a billionaire who buys his way into an elite university so he can be closer to his son who wants to fit in with the swimming jocks and get the pretty girl. Rodney is brash and unsophisticated. He never went to a prestigious school like his son, he’s an un-formally educated man who built a clothing business with his street smarts. There are people who are disgusted by Rodney and consider him uncouth. He’s not one of them. He shouldn’t be part of their sacred learning institution.


That’s Trump. He’s a loud, obnoxious everyday guy who happens to be a billionaire. He has no filter. He say whatever he says, without regard to consequences. Whatever pops into his mind, he says. He sits on his private jet munching on KFC and McDonald’s. This is appalling behavior that is not befitting a presidential candidate. He shouldn’t say what he’s thinking. He should BS like everyone else does. He should be fake like them. That why Obama and all these people are beside themselves. They want Trump to be fake, and he’s real.

You’re supposed to only think the things Trump says in your head, not say them in the open. That’s the appeal of Trump, he’s an ordinary guy. The guy who eats Big Macs on his $10 million dollar luxury jet and taco bowls in his Manhattan tower. It burns Obama up that Trump is a yes or no vote away from doing something he strategically crafted and prepared to do and finally accomplished. Look at Hillary Clinton. She’s 70 years old and has been preparing for this moment all her life. Now she’s locked in a neck and neck struggle with a guy who hasn’t. A guy who has been married three times, who has a model wife who posed naked in her twenties, a reality show star. It tears her up that she has to fight for her dream with an uncouth slob like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is just like Rodney Dangerfield. Rodney throws big parties on campus where everybody has a good time and gets loaded. Look at Trump rallies. It’s a fun atmosphere. Thousands of people cheering and chanting. Then you go to a Hillary Clinton rally. It’s maybe a thousand people and everybody’s so serious. They’re all listening to the same old rehashed stump speech that Hillary has given at a thousand other campaign stops. It’s the same crap we’ve been hearing for eight years.


Trump is the prototype of a new kind of politician. He’s a Rodney Dangerfield outsider who has come into Washington’s world and he’s beating them. He’s not supposed to be beating them. They’re smarter. They’re classier. Why do people like him and not them? “I’m Marco Rubio, dammit. I’ve got the look, the ethnicity, the speech rhythms down pat. Why do people want Trump and not me?”

Because Trump has smashed the wall of expectation of what a presidential candidate is, you’re going to see a lot more people running for office who are not as highly educated or connected as the D.C elite. There are going to be candidates who aren’t part of established political families like the Bushes or the Romneys or the Kennedys. People like Paul Nehlen, who ran against Paul Ryan for Senate and just lost. Nehlen is very much cut from the Trump cloth, an in your face type of guy. Paul Nehlen is just the start. You’re going to start seeing more and more people outside of Washington circles running for office. Trump has laid out the blueprint for outsider political success.

Why are shows like West Wing and Veep so popular? Because they show politicians in unguarded moments, acting like real people. They show how politicians act behind closed doors, or how we want them to act. We love when Julia Louis-Dreyfus uses the F-word. When Trump talks like he does, we go, “Yes! This is what we want!”


Eighty percent of the free publicity Trump got was from the media bashing him. He’s Rodney Dangerfield, an uneducated buffoon. “Wharton Business School? Yeah, whatever. He shouldn’t say the things he says. He’s unpresidential. What? He gave out Lindsey Graham’s phone number? How could he?”

The people who run our government are arrogant, elite a—holes. They don’t want to let anyone into the club. That’s why people like John McCain and Chuck Schumer have been in office for years. There are no term limits. Do you know how awesome our democracy would be if we had term limits? If there were no reelections and senators had only eight years to show what they got, our country would be in a much better place. The elites don’t want that. America isn’t smart enough. That’s the problem.

I would rather have a Rodney Dangerfield as president than a corrupt, calculating political machine like Hillary Clinton. Obama says Trump is unfit because of the things he says. Look at what Hillary Clinton has done. What’s that saying? Actions speak louder than words? Hillary’s actions are ten times worse than Trump’s words.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants

Liberals try to laugh off the email thing, but having a another Hotmail account is a lot different than setting up a private server in your home. What Hillary did is equivalent to someone having two cell phones. You only need a second phone if you’re up to something shady. If a second cell phone falls out of your girlfriend’s pocket, she’s doing something shady. You only set up a server if you’re involved in something shady.

Unqualified? Unfit? I would say that doing things that are so shady and secretive that you need to set up a private server in your basement bathroom is disqualifying over someone who talks brash. If Hillary Clinton did these things as Secretary of State, what do you think she’s going to do as president?

That’s why there is a full court press on Trump. Trump is scum. Trump is evil. They try not to talk about Hillary too much. It’s all about Trump. Benghazi? Emails? What do you say to that? That’s why her convention video primarily focused on her time as a student and working for the Children’s Defense Fund. Nothing about Iraq, Libya, Syria, her time in the State Department.

Everything that Trump is criticized for involves something that comes out of his mouth. What Hillary Clinton has done is far worse than anything Donald Trump has said.

For me, the choice is clear.

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