Why The Left Is Freaking Out

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Donald Trump gave his big speech Thursday night at the Republican convention in Cleveland, and the left, the media and Democrats all freaked out at the exact same time and created a panic earthquake.

When Trump first announced his candidacy a little over a year ago, he was treated as a joke. I remember Rachel Maddow going on Jimmy Fallon’s show and swearing that we would never be where we are today. Trump would get out of the race. There was no way he could survive by saying the things he was saying.

Donald Trump was never supposed to be here. No one took him seriously. Remember, the only ones who listen to his message are homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes. Normal people don’t listen to him. Normal people don’t like what he has to say.

Thursday night, Trump delivered a measured, aggressive, fluid speech that a lot of people had never heard before. He offered facts, not exaggerations. Everything about it was presidential. If you were on the fence, you were sold.

The speech clocked in at 1 hour and 15 minutes, one of the longest in history. I think he did that so Hillary would try to match it and break into one of her hacking, gagging, COPD coughing fits and puke up a lung. Have you noticed that she hasn’t done a really long speech lately? What’s the deal, Hill?


After a year of being told by the media that Trump is all of these horrible things, millions of Americans tuned in Thursday night and saw a man that they could envision as President of the United States. They all said, “What’s the big fuss? I liked what the man had to say. It made sense to me.”

That’s why, when it was over, every single television station, every single newspaper, every single blogger and liberal outlet freaked out. They lost their minds. They meticulously picked apart every nuance of the speech and compared it to what he said 7 or 8 months ago. When Trump said he was going to build a wall to protect Americans from drugs and crime, they all chimed in with, “He didn’t say that Mexicans were gonna pay for it! Why didn’t he say that? He said it before! Why Why WHY???”

The left is freaking out because an awful lot of people saw this speech. 32.2 million, according to Nielsen. Trump said a lot of things that the average voter would agree with. He said he would improve the vetting process on immigration and make sure immigrants from terrorist countries were thoroughly screened. He said, “Anyone who endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country and never will be.

“WHAAA?? He didn’t say Muslims! What about the Muslim ban? Why didn’t he talk about banning Muslims?”

Losing. Their. Minds.

Again, the average voter is thinking, “Makes sense. He’s not talking about France or Germany. He’s talking about countries that are hotbeds for terror, like Pakistan or Afghanistan.” When they see an Afghan immigrant in Germany swinging an ax on a train and trying to chop people up, what Trump is saying makes sense. It didn’t sound xenophobic, it didn’t sound racist. It didn’t sound like the person the media has been painting Trump as. It sounded logical.

The left wanted so badly for Trump to get on that stage and deliver one of his stream of consciousness insult-fests. They wanted him to do and say all this crazy stuff, and when he didn’t, they freaked out.

I heard someone compare the speech to Ronald Reagan and ask, “Where’s the shining city on a hill? Where’s the positive message?” These aren’t positive times, my friend. It’s a dark time in our country. Trump gave a speech so perfect that not only are liberals freaking out, but so are the Never Trumpers like Ben Shapiro and Erick Erickson. They wanted so badly for Trump to fail so they could say they were right.

When is the last time you heard a Republican candidate talk about the LGBTQ community? Pledge to protect them and thank the crowd for supporting that position? You didn’t hear a lot about that. That’s not the person the media wanted to show. They wanted the guy who was holding up Lindsey Graham’s phone number or saying his favorite book was “The Bible!”

President Trump showed up Thursday night. He showed millions of people a man that they could see as president. When he talked about Hillary and the crowd started chanting “Lock her up! Lock her up!” Trump waved them off and calmly replied, “Let’s defeat her in November.” Classic.

I think the best freakouts were Ana Navarro and Van Jones. I’ve never seen such complete mental breakdowns. Van Jones just completely lost his mind.


“What Donald Trump did tonight is a disgrace. That was a relentlessly, even for Donald Trump, who at least occasionally breaks up the fear-mongering with some jokes, some asides, some amusement, he had one funny line in an hour and 15 minutes, and the rest of it was just a relentlessly dark speech. He was describing some Mad Max America. I work in some of the toughest neighborhoods in some of the toughest communities in this country, and I don’t know what he’s talking about when he describes the country he’s talking about.”

Not sure what Van’s talking about. Does he live on the south side of Chicago? Van Jones is just like Bill Maher and all these other liberals who live in fancy houses in swanky neighborhoods not affected by crime. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Their wealth insulates them from reality.

“And there was some schizophrenic psychopathic attempt to pull apart the Obama coalition, but from a political point of view, he even botched that. He says he reaches out to the LGBT community, and he says, foreign ideologies, that hate you, I’m against it, but the domestic ideologies, that hate you, apparently he’s for, because they’re all in his platform.”

When CNN does their panels during the Democratic convention, what do you think the odds are that they will have one person who is against Hillary or Democrats? This panel had Van Jones, David Axelrod, Anderson Cooper, all of whom aren’t too fond of Republicans and Ana Navarro, a Republican who hates Trump. Will there be anyone breaking down every nuance of her speech and meticulously analyzing it? Don’t count on it from the Clinton News Network.

“He says he’s going to reach out to African-Americans and deal with their economic pain. It’s hard, Anderson, to get a job if you’re in a community that’s over-policed and you have a criminal record, and every other leader in the country, on both sides of the aisle, have talked about criminal justice. He didn’t. But this — I’m actually, I’ve never felt this way in my life. I have read in history, being in moments where there’s some big authoritarian movement, and some leader that’s rising up, and I felt that way tonight and it was terrifying to me. This speech divided the country. You’re either inspired by this, or you’re terrified by it.”

What does ‘over-policed’ mean? Does it mean that police are just going around arresting people for no reason, or does it mean they are arresting too many people for breaking the law? Is Van Jones saying that there shouldn’t be as much police in black communities, so criminals can be free to break the law and victimize innocent people? I don’t get ‘over-policed.’

I gotta ask. If Van Jones is this brilliant thinker, this genius who has worked in all of these tough neighborhoods, then why is he a pundit? Why is this beautiful mind arguing with Scottie Nell-Hughes and Jeffrey Lord? At least David Axelrod was instrumental in getting Obama elected. (Thanks, Dave.) Axelrod’s accomplished something. Van Jones is a pundit who fights with Republicans. A big-mouthed leftist extremist. He’s CNN’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who shuts down every argument by crying racism. He’s that guy. If you disagree with him, it’s because he’s black.

Then you have Ana Navarro. This notion that if you are against illegal immigration, you are xenophobic or racist is mind-boggling. If you are an immigrant from Mexico, who played by the rules and came into this country legally and are trying to make it in America because you love it here, why the hell would you want people here who don’t follow the rules, who burn American flags and wave Mexican flags?

Why would somebody who came to our country legally and embraces its values be against someone who says “Hey, we gotta stop illegal immigration. We gotta stop people who are overstaying their visas. It’s not fair to the people who play by the rules.” Why would they not agree with that?

The left always talks about being fair. The rich have to pay their fair share. They say that woman singer should be paid the same as that man singer. It’s fair. This person should be able to use that bathroom if they want to. It’s only fair. They want fairness and equality, but when it comes to immigration? “Well, that’s different. You’re a xenophobe. You’re a racist.”


You can’t win with liberals. You just… can’t

Obama says Trump paints a ‘doom and gloom’ scenario that is not accurate. Hmm… let’s talk about that. Last week, we had an Afghan immigrant slashing a bunch of people in Germany, a guy in France running over 89 people with a truck the week before that, another guy in Germany who killed nine and wounded more than two dozen others yesterday, and at least eight cops over the past month who have been gunned down by Black Lives Matter terrorists. Sounds pretty doomy and gloomy to me.

Every day it’s one more catastrophe. Another shooting, another bombing. At least 80 were killed in Afghanistan today by a suicide bomber. Either this stuff isn’t happening or the media isn’t reporting on positive things going on in the world. If that’s the case, then the media is responsible for the doom and gloom scenarios that make people gravitate towards Trump. Democrats and the media created this, the very thing they are blaming Trump for commenting on and responding to. He says he’s going to fix it, and Democrats say, “But bad things aren’t happening!”

When Trump says that crime is up 17% in major cities and more cops are being killed in the line of duty than any other time, he’s not making it up. Obama’s response is that although it is true that crime is up in every major American city, overall crime is down nationwide. So cities like Ithaca, New York and Omaha, Nebraska are safe. Chicago and Baltimore? Not so much. In fact, every major city that voted for Obama has a higher crime rate than anywhere else.

These are facts, and the media is losing their minds. They thought Trump would blow it, but he was like LeBron in Game 7. He came to play. Illegal immigration is up from last year. Fact. Obama’s response? Illegal immigration has actually leveled off over the past few years. We’re not talking about the past. We’re talking about now.

Starting Monday, Democrats are going to be talking about Obama’s presidency and Bill Clinton’s presidency. They’re going to be talking about the past. We are electing a president for the future. We’re electing someone for now, to take us for the next four to eight years down the road. What’s happening now matters.

Not only did Trump unify Republicans with his speech, he won those voters on the fence who don’t get bogged down in partisan politics. He reached those people who will vote for either party, depending on who the candidate is. When he says to those voters, “I will be a president for you that’s a powerful message. Hillary’s slogan is I’m With Her. Trump’s slogan is Trump Is With You. That’s powerful. That’s why the left is freaking out.

Trump 2016


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