White Knight Ryan Gets Trumped

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We’re still here. The world hasn’t blown up because Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee.

What has happened is Eddie Munster doppleganger Paul Ryan has officially lost his mind. I think he was angling to be the white knight in a contested convention and the damn voters of Indiana spoiled his plans.

Riding in on a white horse to save the day was how Ryan landed the speakership. Remember, he didn’t want the job at first. He said he didn’t want to be Speaker of the House, but if his party needed him and circumstances dictated that he would be forced to make this sacrifice, he would begrudgingly accept the position. He would do it for America and for the Republican Party. But only if he got weekends off.

Paul Ryan is like the clingy chick who constantly has to be reassured that she’s needed. He needs to be needed. The GOP needed him to be the fresh face of the party who rides into the convention to save the day. But everything unraveled after Indiana when Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out and cleared Trump’s path to the nomination. It was almost as if Cruz was told he had absolutely no shot of getting the nomination at the convention and decided not to go down with the ship. He must have gotten information that they were going to bring in Paul Ryan, so he wasn’t going to be a pawn for the GOP. Ted Cruz is a smart dude. He’s a lying, cheating, sleazy, smarmy little scumbag, but he’s not stupid.


Paul Ryan was going to be the white knight. He was the consensus candidate. When all was said and done, Trump wouldn’t get the delegates, and neither would Cruz or Kasich. All three would be disqualified. That was the plan. They were going to write a new list of rules six days before the convention to disqualify the remaining three candidates and set up a do-over.

I’ve said it before, but there was no way Reince Priebus and the RNC was going to go into that convention blind. There’s too much money at stake. They had Paul Ryan waiting in the wings to emerge after all three candidates didn’t meet the delegate threshold. He was already being groomed. Why did he go to Israel? To look presidential. They’re getting all of this footage of Ryan giving speeches to put in the campaign video. They already had the montages from when he ran for vice president. They already had a head start. They had a plan.They were not going into the convention not knowing who the nominee would be. Paul Ryan was the guy.


So what happened? Cruz out, Kasich out, Trump is the presumptive nominee. Nobody expected Trump to bury everyone in Indiana. Everyone thought Cruz might pull off an upset or at least lose by a very slim margin. He got hammered. His unholy alliance with Kasich, announcing Carly Fiorina as his VP, nothing worked. Trump came in with a baseball bat and blasted Cruz and Kasich. After a beating like that, where is there to go? After pulling out all the stops and using all the gimmicks, you can’t go on.

Once they pull out, the white knight scenario is gone. There’s no contested convention anymore. It’s finished. Done. Nobody anticipated this. No one thought that Trump would wrap up the nomination before Hillary.

On Thursday, Paul Ryan did an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. He said he was “not there yet” on supporting Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. He was “not ready to jump in.” Not ready? He’s the Speaker of the House. Third in line of succession to the president. House Speaker Paul Ryan is not ready to get behind the Republican nominee who was elected by over 11 million GOP voters.

There are plenty of districts in the House of Representatives that voted for Trump and Paul Ryan presides over the congressmen and women who represent those districts. So when Speaker Ryan says he’s not supporting the Republican nominee, he’s telling all the voters in those districts that their votes don’t matter. And the GOP wonders why it’s imploding?

Why won’t Speaker Ryan get behind the nominee? Is it because he hasn’t figured out Plan B? He was supposed to swoop in and nab the nomination. That didn’t happen. Have Ryan and Reince and the RNC not yet been able to get together to figure out their next move? It’s nutty. You got Paul Ryan saying one thing and Mitch McConnell saying another. Everybody’s going in different directions.

Rick Perry, the guy Trump said wore glasses to make himself look smarter, came out Friday and endorsed Trump. So did John McCain, who Trump said wasn’t a war hero because he was captured. Trump likes people who weren’t captured. Remember that? McCain came out and said he was a Republican and would support whoever the nominee is. That’s what I do. I’m loyal to the party, he said.

Then you got Mitt Romney, who begged Donald Trump for an endorsement in 2012. Fast forward four years and Mitt’s calling Trump a liar and a scumbag. Mitt’s not going to the convention either, dammit.


Then of course you have Jeb and the Bush family. Not sure that’s an endorsement Trump would want anyway. I get why they wouldn’t endorse Trump. Jeb was the first target. He was the early frontrunner and was anointed by the GOP and was taken down brutally. I wouldn’t want to endorse someone who ruined my political career. There is no path forward for Jeb. He will be saddled with the monicker Low Energy Jeb forever.

Lindsey Graham also came out against Trump. Her husband John McCain says he supports the nominee, but Lindsey says she can’t wrap her mind around President Trump.

This perfectly illustrates what a mess the Republican Party is. You have Rick Perry and John McCain putting their loyalty to the party above their personal feelings, then you have the Speaker of the House saying he’s not ready. What is going to get Paul Ryan ready? There is only one choice. Trump is the presumptive nominee. These are the cards that were dealt. Paul Ryan’s hand lost. He’s not going to be the white knight at a contested convention. It’s over.

Sorry, Paul.

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