What’s Worse? Saddam or ISIS?

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Was the world better off when Saddam Hussein was in power? Was Libya better off with Gadhafi?

Donald Trump is not the first to have posed the question. Why do you think George H.W. Bush didn’t overthrow Saddam after the Gulf War? Why didn’t we march into Baghdad? Why didn’t Bill Clinton overthrow Gadhafi? Because their military advisors at the time told them they were nuts if they did. They would destabilize the entire Middle East. These people do not want democracy. They do not want to live like us. We cannot force our way of life on them. Overthrowing these strongmen would give rise to something much worse.

Guess what? They were right.

It was disgusting listening to Wolf Blitzer grill Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson on CNN, as if what Trump said was so shocking and outlandish and crazy. Then you had activist reporter Jeremy Diamond on CNN.com. His headline was Trump praises Saddam Hussein’s efficient killing of ‘terrorists,’ calls today’s Iraq ‘Harvard for terrorism’

He goes on:

Donald Trump on Tuesday once again expressed his preference for keeping dictators in power in the Middle East.

While acknowledging that Saddam Hussein “was a bad guy,” Trump praised the former Iraqi dictator’s efficient killing of “terrorists” — despite the fact that Iraq was listed as a state sponsor of terrorism during Hussein’s time in power.

Listen up Jeremy Diamond, you putz. There were a lot of countries listed as state sponsors of terror at the time, including Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Libya and Sudan. We didn’t go marching into these countries trying to take them over and install democracy.


Jeremy Diamond isn’t a reporter. This is an opinion piece.

Trump, who supported the Iraq War before the invasion and in the early months of the war, said the U.S. “shouldn’t have destabilized” Iraq before pivoting to praising Hussein.

Trump’s support of the invasion is debatable. The only evidence of this is an old Howard Stern interview, where Stern asked Trump if he was in favor of the invasion and Trump replied, “Yeah, I guess so.” Then they went back to talking about women’s breasts.

“He was a bad guy — really bad guy. But you know what? He did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn’t read them the rights. They didn’t talk. They were terrorists. Over. Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism,” Trump said.

The remarks came during a rally where he was introduced by Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who is a potential running mate for Trump.

Asked Tuesday night on Fox News about the comments, House Speaker Paul Ryan appeared taken aback by Trump’s words.

Again, this is Paul Ryan angling himself to be the white knight candidate at the convention if Trump is overthrown. That’s the only reason I can see why he pops up at every opportunity to take a position that is the complete opposite of Trump.

“He was one of the 20th century’s most evil people,” Ryan said of the former Iraqi strongman.

Yeah, and? What does that have to do with anything? Bashar al-Assad is an evil person, too. Why are we not in Syria taking him down? Because it would create a power vacuum, and Assad has backing from Russia. You might as well call Syria Little Russia. Hell, why don’t we just go to Palestine and overthrow Mahmoud Abbas? Why don’t we give Israel the green light to take out Hamas? You have Palestinian animals digging tunnels and breaking into little girl’s windows and stabbing them to death. With all the evil people running around today, Saddam doesn’t seem that bad.


The Clinton campaign jumped on the remarks, with senior campaign adviser Jake Sullivan saying “Trump’s praise for brutal strongmen seemingly knows no bounds.”

“Trump yet again lauded Saddam Hussein as a great killer of terrorists, noting with approval that he never bothered to read anyone their rights,” Sullivan said in a statement, after noting Trump has also praised North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

“In reality, Hussein’s regime was a sponsor of terrorism — one that paid families of suicide bombers who attacked Israelis, among other crimes,” he said. “Trump’s cavalier compliments for brutal dictators, and the twisted lessons he seems to have learned from their history, again demonstrate how dangerous he would be as commander-in-chief and how unworthy he is of the office he seeks.”

The presumptive Republican nominee has previously said that Iraq and Libya — two countries that have become ISIS strongholds — would be better off if Hussein and Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi were still alive and in power in their respective countries.

Trump has also previously praised Hussein’s prowess at killing terrorists.

Hussein was notoriously effective at suppressing dissent in his country, but he frequently targeted civilians and minority groups while in power, which earned him widespread condemnation from the international community as one of the world’s worst human rights abusers.

Hussein also financed and supported terrorism around the world.

Old man Bush and his crew knew that if you take out Saddam, you’re going to have what we have now. Bill Clinton knew it, too. There is a reason some of these countries have had dictators for the past 50 years.

We deal with countries every day that violate human rights. What’s the difference between what Saudi Arabia does to women or what Pakistan or any other Middle Eastern country does to women? What’s the difference between what they do to quell political dissent in their country? What about China? How’s their human rights record? Look at all the warlords in Africa. Look at how they treat women and suppress dissent. We deal with all of them.

Since Saddam has been gone, how many American lives have been lost? How many Iraqi lives? How do they stack up against the number of people Saddam tortured and executed? Look at the anarchy and chaos that has gone on in the region with ISIS. There’s no comparison.


Listen, Saddam was a bad guy. There’s no question about that. So was Gadhafi. But as we’re looking back at what has happened since they were removed, what do you think the best option would have been?


George W. Bush made a colossal blunder going into Iraq and taking out Saddam. So did Obama and Hillary when they overthrew Gadhafi. They won’t admit it, they continue to assert that the world is better off without them in power. So does former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, despite a damning government-commissioned report that was published yesterday. Blair stood by his decision to join Bush in toppling Saddam. “I believe I made the right decision and that the world is better and safer as a result of it,” he said.

Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, Orlando, Istanbul, Bangladesh. I doubt the people slaughtered and maimed in these attacks would agree with that statement.

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