What The Left Has Wrought

According to liberals like Louis C.K., Hillary Clinton is a “two-faced, conniving, tough bitch mother that nobody likes.

But at least she’s not Donald Trump.

That’s where we are now. Liberals, especially Hollywood liberals, know Hillary is a piece of crap. Yet they want her to be our president. Deep down inside, they are so pissed off that Joe Biden didn’t enter the race, and they are mad as hell that the Clinton crime family c-blocked Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton is such a sh*theel that they know she is compete garbage, a lying sleazeball, BUT Donald Trump is worse.

Even Saturday Night Live does skits where they make Hillary out to be slime. Just like they did with Tina Fey making Sarah Palin look like an idiot. Some libs like Bill Maher are offended by this. “Come on. Hillary’s not that bad. Not as bad as Trump!” Cue liberal applause.

Let me ask you lefties something. If Hillary Clinton is so great, why isn’t she president right now? If Hillary is so awesome and so “not that bad,” then why did Barack Hussein Obama defeat her in the primaries in 2008? A black freshman senator from Chicago beat the most qualified person ever to run for public office. Why? Because Democrats rejected her. Because America didn’t like her. When Obama said she was “likable enough,” when Obama said Hillary will say or do anything to get elected, was he wrong? Did he lie?


So now the Hollywood liberal narrative is “Yes, Hillary sucks, but Trump is worse.” How’s that for a president? How’s that for someone your children can look up to and respect? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be impeached before her first term ends or have some type of medical issue. If she somehow manages to escape those two fates, she will never win a second term, because we are going to go through another financial crisis and enter another quagmire in the Middle East. If you thought the Iraq War was a clusterf*ck, what do you think will happen when Hillary enforces her no-fly zone over Syria? What is coming over the horizon with Iran, Russia, Syria, China, Libya, etc. will make Iraq look like a Sunday school play.

Then you have Pharrell Williams campaigning for her. Hillary’s at the event. You know Pharrell. He’s the guy who made a hit song with Robin Thicke by stealing from Marvin Gaye. Yes, “Blurred Lines,” that’s right. Pharrell had to pay a multi-million dollar settlement to the Marvin Gaye estate because he stole someone else’s work and claimed it as his own. Pharrell Williams, the “Happy” guy. I doubt he was too happy about losing $7.2 million because he and Robin Thicke are thieves.

So Pharrell is on stage with Hillary Clinton. Calling her a liar. Pharrell the song-stealer says, “Has she been dishonest about things? Sure. Have you? She don’t lie no more than any other politician does.” Yeah, Pharrell, you’re right. This is coming from one thief to another. This is someone who is telling all the millennials, “Hey, you like my song ‘Happy?’ You know, the one I didn’t steal? Well, you gotta vote for Hillary. So what if she’s been dishonest? She don’t lie no more than anyone else. Hell, I stole music. I had to pay millions for it, but hey. What’s the big deal that Hillary is a lying scumbag too? Come on.“


That’s Democrats. That’s the thinking of young voters today. That’s why millennials are a horrible generation. Only millennials could come up with things like “safe spaces” and “fat-shaming.” Being proud of living in their parent’s basement. Only the millennial generation could accept former olympic hero Bruce Jenner putting on a dress and makeup and getting an award over a young female basketball player who died of cancer.

I laugh when I hear people say, “How have we gotten to the point of where someone like Donald Trump is on the verge of representing our country?” It’s Bill Clinton’s fault. It’s people like Pharrell who say, “Aren’t we all dishonest?” We are where we are because Democrats and liberals control the media. It used to be that being a stripper was a last resort or a bridge to make money to go to college or somewhere else better in life. Now? It’s exercise. 12-year-olds pole dance as exercise. Parents now encourage their children to pole dance. That’s a liberal creation.

You may think Pharrell saying electing a known liar is bad, but Louis C.K. takes the cake. Louis did a recent Conan interview:

“A mother, she’s got it, she just does it, she feeds you and teaches you, she protects you, she takes care of sh*t,” C.K. explained. “We’ve had 240 years of fathers. Father after father. Bald fathers, fat fathers, every kind of father. And fathers are OK, I’m a father. A great father can give a kid 40 percent of his needs, tops.”

“Any mother, just a sh*t mother, just a not-even-trying mother?” he added. “Two-hundred percent.”

Louis is saying what he is saying because he is a sexual abuser. Roseanne Barr went on a Twitter rant where she detailed how Louis had a penchant for taking out his junk and waving it around in front of different women. Trump brags to a bunch of dudes on a bus 16 years ago and he’s a sexual predator. Louis C.K. actually does what Trump merely described and he’s Americas’s most beloved comedian. He’s like a white Bill Cosby.


White Cosby goes on:

“I don’t want somebody who is likable or cool anymore. We need somebody who is two-faced, conniving, crazy! A tough bitch mother who nobody likes.”

There you go. How’s that for the ultimate reason to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump? Some who is conniving, who nobody likes and is koo-koo. That’s who we want to have access to the nuclear trigger. That’s who we want to negotiate with world leaders.

Of course, nobody in the liberal media alternate universe thought what Louis C.K. said was outrageous or disturbing. They thought it was funny. Even Hillary herself found it amusing.

The two-faced conniving bitch mother that nobody likes tweeted:

Thanks, Louis C.K.—but it’s “Madam” Tough Mother.

The hypocrisy of the left is astounding. This is what we’ve gone through for the past eight years, and this is what we will continue to go through if the two-faced lying bitch mother that nobody likes is elected president on Tuesday.


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