Unholy Alliance To Stop Trump

From 4-25-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have joined forces in a desperate attempt to keep Trump from getting the nomination. Kasich is pulling his resources out of Indiana and Cruz is pulling out of New Mexico and Oregon. By doing this, they hope to deny Trump the magic number of 1,237 delegates before the RNC convention.

There is a segment of the Republican establishment who don’t really care if they capture the White House or not. Either way, they come out ahead. Charles Koch, one half of the infamous liberal boogeymen Koch brothers, did an interview and said he would be fine if Hillary becomes president. If she’s half as good as her husband was, we’ll be all right. Sure, they prefer a Republican, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. They make money either way. Koch said Trump was like Hitler, so Hillary is preferable, especially if she’s as good as Bill Clinton.

This was a dog whistle to the establishment. Remember, the Koch brothers will donate close to a billion dollars during a presidential season. That is a lot of coin. When the Koch brothers talk, the GOP listens. They say don’t bother throwing money at Cruz or Kasich, and definitely not Trump. Let Hillary take the White House and we’ll all still make money hand over fist.

Bill Kristol is back to talking about a third party ticket if Trump wins Indiana. His dream team is Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio. Yeah, I’m sure everybody wants to vote Romney for the third time. Other names include Tom Cotton and Tim Scott. A third party would split the vote on the right and hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton. Since the Koch brothers have dog-whistled that they are fine with Hillary and Trump is Hitler, that’s Kristol’s call to arms. Millions of dollars would be spent going after Trump instead of trying to defeat Hillary. How insane would that be? Hillary Clinton could win the White House with 39% of the vote. That could happen. Look at the Bush/Clinton/Perot election.

George H.W. Buas, Ross Perot, Bill Clinton

We’ve officially been told that the establishment is fine with Hillary as president. Before it was just a rumor, but Charles Koch confirmed it. Koch sent out that whistle and said Hillary was fine and Bill was better than George Bush, and if Hillary is like Bill, we’re all good. Once he did that, Bill Kristol came out with the third party talk again, and then you had the Ted Cruz/John Kasich unholy alliance.

Ted Cruz is not the Washington outsider he portrays himself to be. What he is doing with Kasich is the ultimate insider move. By banding together to deny Trump the delegates, the only way for Cruz or Kasich to win the nomination is for party insiders to give it to them. When Cruz says Trump’s popularity ratings aren’t high, his are even less. You can’t claim the will of the people when you win elections without people voting. When you are handed delegates by party insiders in Colorado and Wyoming and you lose big in states like Florida, New York, Arizona, etc. you can’t claim a mandate from the electorate.

John Kasich likes to point to hypothetical polls that show him beating Hillary in the general election. That’s why he should be the nominee, because he has the best chance of beating Hillary. But you can’t dismiss the entire primary season and the fact he’s only won one state. Every state other than his home state of Ohio has rejected him for Trump or Cruz. First, you have to get all of those Trump and Cruz voters to put aside their feelings and vote for Kasich after their preferred candidate either lost or was denied by the party. Then you have to pretend that the entire primary season didn’t exist. That’s the ludicrous reasoning Kasich uses to justify remaining in the race.

How does Cruz expect to be competitive in the general election when he gets crushed in the important swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania in the primaries? Because of a hypothetical poll that ignores all of these variables? Both Cruz and Kasich will get hammered in today’s primaries, but they’ve joined forces and Kasich will stay out of Indiana so Cruz will win more delegates next week, and Cruz is staying out of Oregon and New Mexico so Kasich will capture more delegates in those states.


Once they get the delegates and keep Trump from reaching 1,237, their idea is to go to the convention and get the necessary number through backroom dealings. They become the nominee, even though millions and millions of people didn’t vote for them. It’s just insane. The will of the people is Trump. Melding Cruz and Kasich together isn’t going to create a super candidate that represents the majority. The popular vote of both Cruz and Kasich combined still doesn’t beat Trump. They only way for either of them to get the nomination is to go against the will of the people.

Party leaders say they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If Trump gets the nomination, there are a substantial number of Republicans who won’t vote for him and they lose to Hillary. If they deny Trump the nomination, they alienate all the Trump voters who feel disenfranchised. Either way, they’re screwed. That’s what the establishment says.

But if Trump is the nominee, at least they have a fighting chance. If they deny him, they have no chance. There’s no way to rationalize to a person who voted for Trump to get behind the candidate who helped steal the nomination from him. Trump beat them fair and square. How can they expect voters to get behind a candidate they rejected? They can’t.

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