Trump’s YUGE New York Win

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As expected, Donald Trump won the New York primary. He won it YUGE.

Trump won with 60.5% of the vote. The polls all had him at around 52-54%. So he outperformed expectations.  Trump got 524,932 votes. Record turnout. To put it in perspective, do you know how many people voted for Mitt Romney in 2012? 103,142. That’s how many pulled the lever for Romney. John Kasich came in second with 217,904 and Lyin’ Ted Cruz pulled up the rear with 126,151.

Here’s the real shocker. The total number of primary voters who came out in 2012 to vote for Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul was 162,990. Are you ready for how many people turned out on Tuesday? 868,987. That’s amazing. That’s like five times as many voters.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton received 1,054,083 votes. Bernie Sanders got 763,469. In 2008, Hillary also won New York with almost the exact same number. She received 1,068,496 votes. Bernie mirrored second place finisher Obama’s total of 751,019.

The #NeverTrump morons are saying that Trump’s win wasn’t really a win because Hillary had more votes. That’s not what anyone was saying in 2008 when Hillary beat Obama in New York. Nobody said Romney’s win wasn’t real in 2012. There are all these weird talking points and justifications and denials. The #NeverTrump movement is so desperate, even the ones who aren’t Cruz supporters.

New York is a blue state. I think the last Republican they voted for was Reagan in 1984. There are far more registered Democrats in New York than Republicans. This is a fact. The #NeverTrump idiots say  if Trump thinks he going to win New York in the general election, he better think again because Hillary got over a million votes and Trump only got half a million.

You can play that game both ways. If you add up Trump, Cruz, Kasich and Bernie’s numbers, they beat Hillary’s million. None of the #NeverTrump logic works. They say Trump on the ticket guarantees a win for Hillary. Ted Cruz says if Trump is the nominee, you might as well put a Hillary sticker on your car. So Ted, the alternative is who? You? Who can barely get 100,000 people to vote for you in New York?

What’s the alternative, #NeverTrump? Marco Rubio? Someone who couldn’t even win his home state? Scott Walker, who had to tap out before Iowa?  Mitt Romney, who didn’t make it out of the primaries in 2008 and lost the general election in 2012? A guy who was rejected twice?

Mitt Romney concedes

If the person who got five times the Republican electorate out to vote is a guaranteed loser, then what is Ted Cruz or any other white knight candidate who rides in to save the party? If Ted Cruz can’t win Mississippi, Georgia and the rest of those Southern states, if he can’t win New York and Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire, etc. then how is he going to do better than the guy who won those states?

Let’s say you hate Trump for whatever reason. Who do you want and who do you think has the best chance of beating Hillary? There were 16 GOP candidates in the race and Trump has beaten all of them badly. Who can beat Hillary? It can’t be one of the 16 candidates, because they all lost. Ted Cruz won his home state with only 43% of the vote. Cruz got 1,239,370 votes. Trump got 757,618, Rubio got 502,223, Kasich got 120,257 and Ben Carson got 117,780.  If you use the #NeverTrump Cruzbot math and add up all the other candidates, Ted Cruz had more people in his home state who said they didn’t want him. Trump and Rubio combined beat Cruz. In Trump’s home state of New York, if you put Kasich and Cruz’s numbers together, they still get hammered by Donald Trump.

Trump won his home state bigger than Cruz or Kasich won theirs. So if people might as well put a Hillary sticker on their car because Trump has no chance of beating her, who does then? Cruz said voting for Donald Trump is a guaranteed loss for the GOP. Who is a guaranteed win? If Cruz can only win elections where people don’t vote, how will he win a general election where people do vote?

The only one of the three remaining candidates who won his home state decisively is Donald Trump. Both Cruz and Kasich benefited from having more people in the race. If it had been one on one with Trump in Texas, Cruz would have lost. Same thing with Kasich in Ohio. It didn’t matter in New York. Cruz and Kasich combined still lost to Trump.

How do Cruz and Kasich expect to get the support of the Republican base when they didn’t have their support during the primary process? I get why Kasich would think this. He’s an establishment candidate. The establishment picks a candidate that nobody really wants like Bob Dole and tells the base to deal with it. But why would Cruz think that voters would accept him when they rejected him in the primaries? Because as much as he tries to deny it, he’s part of the establishment, too. When he says we’re going to a contested convention and delegates will realize he’s the best candidate to beat Hillary, so on a second or third ballot he will win the nomination, he’s parroting Kasich. He’s parroting the establishment, who say it doesn’t matter what the voters want.

Ted Cruz will go into the convention three and a half to four million votes behind Donald Trump. How is Cruz an outsider, when his plan to win the nomination is an establishment tactic?


If Cruzbots like Mark Levin want to talk about history and Abe Lincoln and what happened in the 60s and with Reagan in 1976, they also have to talk about recent history in 2008 and 2012. Compare the numbers between Trump and Romney, the popular vote and the turnout. Romney didn’t win in the South, Trump did. Trump has won places that Romney didn’t and and in states where they both won, Trump won by a much larger margin. At the end of this process, Trump will have won many more popular votes than Romney did in 2012.

I’ve said it before. Ted Cruz is a regional candidate. He is Rick Santorum. If it weren’t for Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Beck tooting the horn for him, he wouldn’t be where he is. He can delude himself all he want about delegates representing the people, but at the end of the day it comes down to votes in the general election, and Ted Cruz can’t win. Period.

Trump 2016


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