Trump’s Truth Freaks Out Dems

Why are Democrats losing their minds?

There was a big hubbub over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem. Beyonce caused a stir at the VMAs over a strong anti-police message in her performance. Donald Trump says problems in the African American community are the fault of Democrats and black pundits say there are no problems.

Here’s something that nobody is really talking about. Kaepernick recently converted to Islam. He has a girlfriend who is a New York DJ who is also a Muslim. The guy has gotten a little radical over the past couple of years. Nobody is talking about the controversy that happened a couple of years ago where he called a player who had taken a cheap shot the N-word. Here’s a guy who is talking about racism and injustice, and here he is calling someone an N-word.

But let’s put all that aside. Let’s all put aside the fact that he and Russell Wilson were considered the new hot young quarterbacks a couple of years ago and Wilson now has a Super Bowl ring and Kaepernick has sort of crapped the bed.

We talked last week about how the left is beside themselves because Donald Trump is reaching out to black voters. Now I’m not saying that all of a sudden, all the black people in America are going to turn and vote for Trump. I’m also not saying that all of the middle-aged white women Hillary voters will suddenly see that Trump is indeed not a racist and will turn and vote for him. I’m not saying I believe that.

But I do believe that Trump can get about 20-25% of the black and white women vote. That’s why the left is freaking out. When you see the left walking back their own message, you know they’re freaking out.

For years, the left have said that black people are oppressed. They are being treated worse than ever before. Their communities are filled with violence, their schools are substandard, There’s systemic racism in Hollywood and in sports. Nowhere in America do black people have it good. That’s what they’ve been telling us.


Since Obama has been president, all we’ve heard about is white privilege and how horrible black people have it. You have pundits like Don Lemon talking about how even he acts a different way around police because he’s afraid they might beat him up or kill him. Lemon brings up how different his white friends talk to police officers than he does. So for years, the message that black people are oppressed and have it bad in America has been reinforced over and over again.

Donald Trump says what no other Republican will, which is “What have Democrats done for you, black people?” No Republican will say this because they are all career politicians. They don’t want to say anything that is edgy and will make the press turn on them. You’ll hear this stuff on conservative radio. Sean Hannity will talk about blacks on welfare and how high unemployment is for the black community, and it’s all under a black president, but you’ll never hear a GOP politician say this. They all play it safe.

Democrats know this. They own this issue, because they own the media. Republicans just sit there and take it.

Look at all the cities where there is crime, poverty and police brutality of epic proportions. They are all controlled by Democrats, from Chicago to New York to Baltimore. You never hear the media talk about this. You sometimes hear it from the right. You might click on a story or two about it on Breitbart, but that’s it. But to most Americans, if it’s not reported by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc., then it doesn’t exist. That’s how most people still get their information.

Only the truly informed voter goes to all the different websites to get alternative viewpoints. Then they make an informed decision at the ballot box. But those voters are few and far between. If CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. don’t report on the problems in black cities that are controlled by Democrats, then everything’s hunky-dory.

Nobody wants to talk about the fact that the violence-filled city of Chicago has a mayor named Rahm Emanuel, who was an integral part of the last two Democratic administrations. They don’t talk about him vacationing in Cuba while the Laquan McDonald controversy was going on. If Rahm were a Republican, he would have been run out of Chicago on a rail. Maine Governor Paul LePage says some stupid stuff about blacks and Hispanics being responsible for his state’s heroin epidemic and there are calls for him to resign. Rahm Emanuel presides over a city with a record crime rate and nobody says anything. In fact, if Hillary becomes president, I guarantee you he will have a prominent role in her administration.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rahm Emanuel

Donald Trump told black voters, “What do you have to lose by voting for me? Your neighborhoods and are filled with crime and poverty and Democrats have done nothing for you.” When he said this, people like Don Lemon, Eugene Robinson and Charles Blow said the black community is nothing like Donald Trump says it is. Charles Blow called it an insult. Don Lemon said, “I live in a nice building in Harlem, full of successful, educated African Americans. I don’t know what Trump is talking about.” Eugene Robinson wrote in the Washington Post that most African Americans lead “comfortable middle class lives.”

Wait a minute. Before Donald Trump, those same people were saying that the black community has it worse than any other community in America. No jobs, the education system sucks, can’t get a job in Hollywood.

Now let’s get back to Colin Kaepernick. Let’s also talk about Beyonce’s performance at the VMAs.

Colin Kaepernick is risking everything he has because he says black people are oppressed. Not tiny little pockets of the community like Don Lemon and Eugene Robinson say. The problem has become an epidemic, so much so that Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem until all of these problems are addressed. You have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and others sticking up for Colin and saying “Yeah, he’s right.”

Then you have Beyonce doing doing a 20 minute show at the VMAs with people getting shot on stage. Bringing Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and Eric Garner’s mothers to the show and walking the red carpet with them.


Time out. What happened to the “comfortable middle class lives?” Donald Trump says black people have it bad. Ask Colin Kaepernick. Ask Beyonce. Ask Al Sharpton or anybody involved with Black Lives Matter. Black people have it bad, but when Donald Trump agrees with them, everything’s fine. Who is the president? Barack Obama. Who controls the cities overwhelmed by crime and poverty? Democrats. These are facts, but when Trump brings them up, Don Lemon, Eugene Robinson and Charles Blow say they are insults. Instead of ignoring it, they have to talk about it because he’s a presidential candidate.

“Oh no. The black people are getting hip. They’re starting to realize that the white dude with the funny hair is right.” Then they really lost their minds when Dwyane Wade’s cousin got shot. Prior to that, Trump was saying, “Vote for me. I’m gonna make sure your streets are safe. I’ll make sure you can walk down the street without getting shot.” Then a week later Dwyane Wade’s cousin got shot. The left was like, “NOOOOO! This can’t be happening!”

The left tries to have it both ways. That’s what I get out of Kaepernick and Beyonce. To me, they re saying, “We are doing this because black folks have got it bad in America.” They are stepping on the message that Eugene Robinson and Don Lemon and Charles Blow are trying to convey, which is “Oh no no no. Black people have got it good. When Trump says these things, he’s disparaging us and casting stereotypes.”

So if what Eugene, Don and Charles is true, then what are Kaepernick and Beyonce doing? They are making a big to-do about a tiny minority? Why aren’t Charles Blow, Don Lemon and Eugene Robinson going after Colin Kaepernick and Beyonce for overhyping problems in the black community?

C’mon, guys. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t tell everybody that for the past seven and a half years, black people have had it bad. They are oppressed. “We have to fight this. We have to create hashtags and block freeways in protest because it’s so bad.” Then Trump comes along and forces the media to cover his point, which is that Democrats have been in charge this whole time. Go after them. Black oppression for the past seven and a half years has nothing to do with Republicans. Obama passed his crappy healthcare law. He says dudes with boobs going into women’s bathrooms is OK. We’ve incurred a massive debt and terrorists are flooding into the country. Democrats have done this and more, but what they haven’t done is help the black community. If they have, then why are people complaining? Why do they crucify Trump for pointing this out?


Remember, for the first two years of Obama’s presidency, Democrats controlled every aspect of the government. They had the White House and both chambers of Congress. They’ve could reinstated the assault weapons ban, passed immigration reform and a host of other things, but they didn’t. They could have passed all kinds of legislation to help the black community, but they didn’t.  All they did was pass a healthcare law that was a scam and is falling apart. A healthcare law that will be null and void the moment Obama leaves the White House.

Democrats have done nothing for black folk. Trump points it out, and you have every black pundit losing their minds, saying the black community is fine. It’s nothing like Trump says it is. Then you have Beyonce, Kaepernick and Dwyane Wade’s cousin getting shot. Everything is falling apart and Democrats don’t know what to do. They’ve never had this happen to them before, because Republicans are gutless, spineless douchebags. I hate that I have to align myself with them, but I find I have more in common with the douchebags than I do with the Dummycrats. Sad!

It’s amusing as hell to watch what is going on. I mean, they’re talking about how the American flag represents slavery. Wha-wha-What? It’s hilarious to watch them spin and maneuver. Absolutely hilarious. Democrats don’t know which way is up.

I said it months ago. Trump needed to court the black vote. All he had to do was point out the obvious to them. “What have Democrats done for you?” Forget the Latino vote. The need to win the Latino vote in order to win is a myth. The Latino vote doesn’t matter. If you look at the states with the highest Latino population, most are states that are going to go for Democrats regardless, like California and New York.

The only red state that has a large Latino population is Texas, and they’re not going blue anytime soon. The states that can swing an election are Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, none of which have a huge enough Latino population to make a difference. People might say Florida is an important swing state, but Cubans and Puerto Ricans are different than Mexicans. They don’t vote like sheep. Remember, evil Latino hater Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the state against friendly handsome Cuban Marco Rubio.

Somehow Republicans have been bamboozled into believing that the Latino vote is important, but it’s not.

Black votes matter. Remember that. Donald Trump can win the black vote simply by telling the truth.

That’s why Democrats are freaking out.

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