Trump’s Taxes & Hypocritical Libs

Let’s put this Trump tax issue to rest once and for all. I’ll try to take it nice and slow so you blindly ignorant liberal douchebags can keep up.

How will we settle this issue? By pointing out a few facts, something that Hack Tapper and the Clinton News Network (CNN) desperately try to ignore.

First of all, Donald Trump is part of a business organization. The Trump organization is a corporation. The man with the orange skin and the funny hair is not the one who, as Hack Tapper tries to claim, the person responsible for crumbling roads and bridges. The Trump corporation is no more responsible for America’s decaying infrastructure than Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, which employs Hack Tapper.

For those of you who have just joined us, Hack Tapper is the moniker The Rob Zicari Show has dubbed CNN pundit Jake Tapper, an old acquaintance of mine.

OK, back to Hack the quack.

Hack and the liberal media are trying to take the Donald Trump tax debate and frame it in such a way that infers Trump did something illegal, like when The New York Times published his 1995 tax returns seemingly without his permission. We covered that in the last post. It’s disturbing, considering the media is trying to ignore that Time Warner, Xerox, General Electric, Priceline, Qualcomm, JetBlue Airways, etc. are all corporations that exploit the same loopholes that the Trump organization is accused of taking advantage of, and are trying to say Donald Trump the person is a hypocrite for talking about fixing America’s infrastructure with American tax dollars, when he doesn’t actually contribute himself.


Here’s a taste of what Hack said in a contentious interview with Rudy Giuliani on Sunday:

Mr. Mayor, in 2012, Donald Trump tweeted: “Half of Americans don’t pay income tax, despite crippling government debt.”

He is in that half that does not pay federal income taxes, despite crippling government debt.  When he rails against the junky infrastructure, when he rails against La Guardia Airport, when he talks about how bridges are collapsing, is he not responsible, at least in part, for the fact that these things are not being repaired?

To which Rudy sensibly replied:

No, he’s not. The law is responsible for it.

If you have a sensitivity law, you live by those laws.  And the reality is, you are ignoring completely the fiduciary obligation that he has to all the people around him to run his business at the lowest possible expense.

Every businessman takes advantage of it, including Warren – Warren Buffett.  And Warren Buffett thinks we should be paying 90 percent in taxes.  So, why doesn’t he voluntarily send in that extra 40 percent?  Let him voluntarily make out a check and send it in if that’s what – he does exactly the same thing.  He takes advantage of the law.

That’s what Donald Trump is doing. His organization is taking advantage of laws that are in place to protect his businesses and the people who work for him. Now, if you want to change the laws, that’s a whole other conversation.

In 2014, Time Warner, which owns CNN, paid ZERO in federal income tax. Nothing. Nada. Bupkis. Not only that, Time Warner received a $26 million dollar rebate from the IRS, even though they showed $4.3 billion dollars in profits.

So when Hack Tapper is riding on his high horse and telling silly Rudy that the responsibility of America’s crumbling bridges and roads lies on Donald Trump’s shoulders because he did not pay any federal income tax, perhaps someone should clue Hack in that the boss of his network is even more of a tax-dodger than The Donald. Because Hack won’t point this out. He wants to keep his job.

My job, which I hope will someday pay when Republicans finally wise up and start acquiring media outlets, is to point out things like this. Hack Tapper’s well-paying job is to serve his liberal corporate masters, which I actually don’t fault him for, any more than I faulted Lester Holt for bailing out Hillary when she was losing the debate against Trump last week. You fellas want to remain employed. I get it.


Everybody has been up in arms because Donald Trump appeared to pay no tax on $915,000,000 dollars back in 1995. This is according to the tax returns that were illegally published recently in The New York Times. The left says this indicates that he’s possibly paid no taxes for the almost 20 years since then. I think not paying taxes on $915 mil is a far cry from paying no tax on $4.3 billion, which Jake, er I mean Hack’s bosses at CNN did. Apples and oranges, folks.

Besides CNN, another liberal media outlet known as CBS made $1.8 billion dollars in U.S. profits and didn’t pay any federal income tax. They also received a rebate of $235 million dollars. Xerox made $126 million dollars in profits, but received a tax rebate of $16 million. Guess what? They didn’t pay any federal income tax, either. Prudential Financial made $3.5 billion dollars, got $106 million dollars back from the IRS and had no tax bill. You all know Priceline, right? You know, the company that Captain Kirk shills for. Priceline not only paid nothing in federal income taxes, it received a $9 million rebate, despite earning $73 million dollars in profits.

Shall I go on? Or are you liberal douchebag moron Hillary voters starting to get the picture?

So when Hack Tapper has the audacity to tell Rudy Giuliani that Donald Trump is partly responsible for America’s crumbling roads and bridges, take it for what it is. Complete and utter BS and typical liberal hypocrisy.

You want more hypocrisy? This information was all obtained from an article published by the Daily Kos, another liberal shill site. The article was entitled Top 15 Fortune 500 Tax Dodgers. One of the tax dodgers included General Electric, a company Elizabeth Warren singled out in a speech that made lefties everywhere cream their jeans. GE posted $5.8 billion in profits, but paid 0.9% in federal income tax. That’s less than 1% that GE paid to the G. Now, General Electric owns NBC. NBC is CNBC, MSNBC and all of the other networks with pundits like Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and John Harwood, who look down their liberal hipster douchebag noses at Donald Trump and accuse him of not paying his fair share.

Let’s do a little math.

Time Warner – $26 million

CBS – $235 million

Xerox – $16 million

Prudential – $106 million

Mattel – $46 million

Priceline – $9 million

Pacific Gas & Electric – $84 million

Qualcomm – $98 million

That’s $6.2 billion dollars that the government gave back to these companies that could have built a lot of crumbling roads and bridges. Donald Trump is no different than any of these companies, except that some are publicly traded, which means the heads of the companies have to answer to their shareholders, or they will be fired. If these companies don’t turn a profit, shareholders can boot the boss, just like when Apple got rid of Steve Jobs, even though he started the company.

Donald Trump has the same responsibility to the thousands of people who depend on him for a living. His companies have to turn a profit in order for those families to eat and house and clothe themselves. That’s the fiduciary obligation that Rudy was talking about with the Hackster.


So how is taking advantage of laws that are in place to make companies was profitable as possible so that thousands of families can survive a bad thing, Hack Tapper? Especially when the people you work for take even more advantage of those laws?

That’s why it infuriates me to hear Hack Tapper, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper criticize Donald Trump for not paying his fair share. Oh, wait. I forgot. They live in the liberal alternate universe where people are paying more taxes than what they owe. Where no one seeks write-offs or deductions. You know what? I’d love to see Hack Tapper, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper’s taxes. Are they writing anything off? Are they paying their fair share? I’ll bet every dime in my pocket that they are trying to pay as little tax as possible, just like Donald Trump and millions upon millions of Americans do every year.

Do you realize that in 2013, over 70 million households paid no federal income tax? Why? Because they all made under $30,000 a year. This isn’t coming from a right-wing conspiracy website. This is coming straight from the liberal horse’s mouth. That’s right. CNN. Now out of that 70 million, would it be safe to say that 50 million people voted? So 50 million voters paid no income taxes. But those 50 million voters are paying sales tax, gas tax, property tax and all of the other BS taxes that are tacked on to everything you buy.

People who make under $30,000 a year pay no federal income tax. That’s the way the system is structured. If two people live in the same household and they both make $30,000 a year, that’s a combined $60,000. Both of them pay no federal taxes. Why? Because they file separate tax returns. if they file jointly, they have to pay tax on $60,000. That’s according to the tax code.

What person in their right mind pays more than they owe to the IRS? Who doesn’t look for every dedication possible because they want to do their civic duty? Because they want to make sure Barack Obama has enough money to enforce a law so that dudes wearing makeup can use a women’s bathroom to take a piss?

If you added up all the money that all the Hollywood liberal douchebags avoid paying to the government every year, that would pay for America’s crumbling infrastructure, with change left over. Why don’t they pool all of that money together and buy new bridges and roads for the country? Hack Tapper told Rudy Giuliani that America can’t fix its roads and bridges because Donald Trump used the tax codes, the same tax codes that his bosses and all the Hollywood liberal douchebags use, to save money so his companies could remain profitable and his employees could make a living.

But these Hollywood liberals douchebags won’t pool their saved tax money to fix America. They’re the same hypocrites that whine about the environment while they fly around in gas-guzzling private jets and live in mansions with sprawling fertile green lawns.


When Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House during the first two years of Obama’s first term, why didn’t they rewrite the tax codes and have everyone who makes over $100,000 a year pay 70% of their income in taxes? Because they are the same hypocrites that Hollywood liberals and Hillary Clinton are. Hillary used the same tax codes that Trump used to save over $700,000 in taxes from money she made giving speeches. Hillary Clinton used the same laws that Donald Trump did, yet she and the liberal media have the audacity to say Trump doesn’t pay his fair share and that’s why America’s infrastructure is crumbling? Are you kidding me?

Hillary Clinton did the exact same thing that Time Warner did, that The New York Times did, that all of the media outlets did who demonize Donald Trump.

How many times have we heard from liberals that the rich need to pay their fair share? Why in the past eight years have Democrats not changed the tax codes? They had no problem having the IRS target conservative groups like the Tea Party. So why didn’t they make laws to have the rich pay their fare share, especially when they had total control of the government?

I’ll tell you why. Because they’re all hypocrites. Just like Hollywood liberals. Just like Hack Tapper. Just like Hillary Clinton.

Full of crap.

Trump 2016


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