Trump Won, But Still Can’t Win

When it comes to Trump, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. 

Even though Donald Trump won the presidency against all odds, he still can’t win. Trump recently announced a few cabinet picks. At first, he was criticized for only having four old white guys to fill high level positions. Having no women or blacks in his administration was further evidence of his sexism and racism, according to liberals. “L-l-l-look, there’s no gays, no Latinos, no Jews, no Muslims, no Martians. Trump’s xenophobic! He’s homophobic! He’s anti-Semitic! He’s… he’s…. he’s… WAAAAAHH! I need a safe space break!” This was after four picks. Four. Still plenty of positions left, crybabies.

Trump assuaged some of these fears last week by picking two non-old white guys. Prior to his hiring of Nikki Haley for Ambassador to the United Nations, Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education and K.T. McFarland for Deputy National Security Advisor, all Trump had done was hire old white men. Perfectly qualified old white men, but not female, black, gay, etc.

I thought somebody was hired because they were the best person to fill that position. The most qualified. Someone who would do the job better than anyone else. I guess I was wrong. Obviously, the government should be run by those who fit certain gender, racial, religious or sexual preference criteria or they’re not good enough. The cabinet is not diverse enough. If Donald Trump doesn’t meet these quotas and hires the most competent people he can find instead of a mixed bag of those less-qualified, but diverse half-wits, he’s a racist. He’s a sexist. A xenophobe. Whatever group is left out of the party, Trump gets labeled with an “ist” or a “phobe.”

That’s what eight years of Barack Hussein Obama have done to the country. Forget about qualifications and ability. Are they black? Hispanic? Gay? Female? No? How about Muslim? Jewish? No? Then it doesn’t matter what they can do, they aren’t considered. So Jeff Sessions wasn’t a good pick for Attorney General because he isn’t black? Obama started the trend of African-American attorney generals, first with Eric Holder and the Loretta Lynch, so I guess that’s the premise now.


Michael T. Flynn was picked as National Security Adviser. What’s wrong with him? He’s a former lieutenant general in the U.S. Army, for crying out loud. Do libs not like him because he was one of the people who disagreed with Obama and said that ISIS was a real threat? That ISIS wasn’t a “JV team?” What’s the dealio, lefties?

Again, we’re only talking about four or five people. Really three, if you take Stephen Bannon and Reince Priebus out of the mix. Bannon is an advisor and Priebus is Chief of Staff. Obama picked Rahm Emanuel for his first Chief of Staff, and I don’t remember anyone calling him out for it because Rahm wasn’t black.

Trump hired Nikki Haley, who took a big dump on him during primary season and didn’t really support him for president. She’s Indian-American. That’s a two-for-one deal. You got Betsy DeVos and K.T. McFarland, and they’re taking about Ben Carson possibly filling the slot for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. So there’s three women and a black guy. That’s not diverse enough yet, liberals? You can’t use the old white dudes argument anymore. Shot that one down already.


Trump just started to fill positions. Because he immediately didn’t hire women or minorities, it was “Look at this racist. Hired a bunch of old white dudes. His cabinet will be like a Klan rally.” Guys, there are still a whole bunch of other positions yet to be filled. This is what we’ve become. It doesn’t matter if you’re competent or qualified. It doesn’t matter if you are absolutely the best person for the job. It only matters if you’re black, if you’re a woman, if you’re gay.  Somehow liberals and the media have created an environment where competency, qualifications and experience come second. Filling racial, gender or religious quotas come first. The first question asked is, “Are they black? Are they a woman? Gay?” Then they ask, “Are they smart? Can they actually do the job?”

That’s scary, man. It should frighten you, too. I think having the most qualified people running the government of the most powerful nation on earth is a little more important than what color they were born or whether or not they have a penis and where they prefer to put that penis. Call me crazy. If having diversity in the administration is more important that whether or not the people hired are competent, we’re doomed.

Think about this. If you’re having someone operate on your brain, do you really give a rat’s ass what color, religion or gender they are? If you do, you’re a moron. If the doctor who can fix my brain and give me the best chance of recovery is an Asian transsexual Muslim who worships frogs, I don’t really give a crap. I want the best. If the frog-worshipping tranny is the best brain surgeon and can save my life, I’m good. Why would you want to limit your choices because they don’t fit a racial, religious or gender criteria? Why would you want to only have a pool of people to pick from because they’re black, Muslim, female, gay or whatever? Wouldn’t you want the best person for the job? Just seems like common sense to me. But then again, we’re talking about liberals here, who are plagued with a common sense deficiency of which there seems to be no cure. Not even the Asian transsexual Muslim frog-worshipper can save them.

Competency is more important than diversity, especially when it comes to running the country. Picking the best person for the position is more important then what color or gender they are or what or who they worship. That’s the bottom line. Trump picked three women and has a black guy tabbed for another important job, but he still can’t win. He’s still a racist, a sexist and a xenophobe. He won, but he can’t win. No matter what he does, he’s still going to be wrong.

Even not going after Hillary Clinton and appointing a special prosecutor to nail her has liberals upset. They say it proves he’s not fulfilling his campaign pledge. He’s already letting down his supporters, they say, even though it was never actually a promise. It was a zinger during a debate. When he said it, both the left and some on the right were outraged. “How can he threaten to jail a political opponent? That’s banana republic talk! It goes against our Democracy!” No, idiots. It was a debate jab. He wasn’t serious. But there was serious backlash when he said it. Now that the election is over and Trump says he’s going to leave her alone, liberals are pissed. He’s not going to prosecute a sick woman who is probably going to die soon, and lefties have their panties in a bunch. It’s truly puzzling.


Liberals and some on the right want to hold Trump’s feet to the fire on everything he said during his campaign, including building a big, beautiful wall that has a door with his name on it. Did any of you really think he was going to do that? If anybody on the right thought he was serious, then you are as stupid as the left says you are. Do you really think that he meant what he said when he told his supporters that we are going to win so much, you’re going to get sick of winning? Do you really think he was going to give out his phone number so people could call him up and say, “Uh, Mr. President. I can’t take all this winning. Please stop making us win. I’m sick of it.” 

It was hyperbole. It was dramatic flair. Showmanship. It’s like a movie where they embellish parts of a true story to make it more interesting to watch. I’m from New York, and I get that hyperbolic showmanship. It’s a way of communicating effectively, of inspiring people. When Bill Clinton put his hand on that woman’s shoulder in 1992 and said, “I feel your pain,” do you think he really did? Or was he thinking about how something else might feel? It was an act. It was showmanship. It was the same thing Donald Trump did when he talked about putting Hillary in jail, getting sick of winning and building a big, beautiful wall with Trump on the door.

People who take everything Trump said during the campaign are the same type of people who believe wrestling is real. When Trump said what he said about Hillary and people chanted “Lock her up! Lock her up!” it was part of the show. His supporters understood that. Trump rallies were fun, they were like a wrestling event. Hillary could barely get anyone to show up at her rallies. She had to get Jay-Z and Beyonce to help her out just so people would fill the hall. Trump didn’t. He was the show. It wasn’t a con job. It was making people feel good and excited to be there. Trump would say, “We’re gonna build a wall and who’s gonna pay for it?” and the crowd would yell back “Mexico!” Just like a wrestling event. 99.9% percent of people who watch wrestling know it’s fake, and guess what? They don’t care. They still have a good time watching the show.

So just stop it, liberals. You’re embarrassing yourselves.


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