Trump vs. Politico’s Liberal Hacks

There appears to be no limit to the hypocrisy and idiocy of liberals.

Take for instance two hack writers from Politico named Eli Stokols and Hadas Gold. They recently penned a missive entitled Why Donald Trump gets a Pass: Clinton laments a media double-standard but it’s the voters who are grading on a curve.



Barack Hussein Obama was doing a rally in Philadelphia Tuesday, filling in for Hillary Clinton, who is recuperating from pneumonia, pollen allergies, blood clots, dehydration or whatever the hell the Democrat-controlled media says is wrong with her this week. It’s funny, whenever Hillary or one of her surrogates do a campaign speech, it’s never about what she’s accomplished or what she will do for the country. It’s always “Trump is bad, he’s horrible. Trump is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic Islamophobe and so are his basket of deplorable supporters, so vote for Hillary!”

Let’s face it. There’s nothing about Hillary Clinton that gives her a glowing record. You can’t say she was a good Secretary of State. What did she accomplish? Democrats will say, “Well, she was part of the Iran Deal. Hillary helped prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon!” Really? Iran is talking about shooting down our planes if we violate their airspace. They kidnap our soldiers and humiliate them on Iranian television. Plus, according to this great deal, they can get a nuclear weapon in ten years if they don’t violate the terms of the agreement, which I guarantee they are doing right now. Also, don’t forget, we just shipped them 1.7 billion bucks in cash in exchange for imprisoned journalists who shouldn’t have been locked up in the first place, thereby setting precedent for other terrorist countries to demand ransom for hostages.

Come on, man. Gimme something else. Libya? Benghazi? Iraq? Syria? Russia? What?

So Hillary’s time as Secretary of State was a failure. She ran for president before, but she didn’t come this close. She got blown out by Obama in the primaries. So let’s examine her record: Running for POTUS? Failure. Secretary of State? Failure. What did she accomplish as a senator? She likes to take credit for getting money for New York after 9/11, which wasn’t exactly a hard thing to do during that time. There was still a smoking hole where the towers once stood. There were still human remains yet to be recovered. It wasn’t that difficult to go to Congress and the president and say, “Help us out here in New York.” The entire world was behind New York after 9/11. Hell, Rudy Giuliani told a Saudi prince to take his multi-million dollar check and go f—k himself, because the prince said America was partly to blame for the attacks. Everyone was throwing money at New York after 9/11, so for Hillary to say it was a big deal because she got Bush and Congress to approve funds for rebuilding is preposterous.


Hillary Clinton can tout no accomplishments, so her and the liberal media focus on Donald Trump.

Eli Stokols and Hadas Gold think that Trump is “graded on a curve” by the voters and the media is too easy on him. It’s not fair, it’s not right. This shouldn’t be happening.

Here are excerpts from the article published by these Politico hacks on Monday:

Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico was declared a success even after he mischaracterized the crux of his conversation with Mexico’s president. The GOP nominee is now described as “presidential” for shifting from insult-filled, ad-lib performances to insult-filled scripted speeches. And he scored points for confidence and style despite failing on substance during light questioning on the most important national-security issues of the next presidency.

Even the way NBC’s Matt Lauer teed up a question during last week’s Commander in Chief forum brought one reality of this 2016 campaign into stark relief: Donald Trump is being graded on a curve.

“You’ve had a very different background, in business,” Lauer told Trump. “So nobody would expect you to have taken, over the last 20 years, really deep dives into some of these issues. But I’m curious about what you’re doing now.”

The media lost their minds over the Matt Lauer interview. They are furious that Matt Lauer didn’t just walk up and kick Trump in the testicles. That’s basically what they wanted him to do.

Same thing with other reporters. I’ve watched Anderson Cooper, Brooke Baldwin, Lawrence O’Donnell, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, everybody in the liberal media universe grill every Trump surrogate about his tax returns:

“When is he going to release them?”

“When his IRS audit is finished.”

“There are experts who say it doesn’t matter if he is under audit. Hillary Clinton released hers. Why doesn’t Donald Trump release his?”

“Trump doesn’t care what your experts say. Trump listens to his advisors, who say he should wait. He’s going to release them when his audit is finished.”

“But shouldn’t there be transparency in a presidential campaign?”

And on and on and on. Obama and Hillary and everybody in the media talk about Trump and his tax returns and things that happened 30 years ago and stuff he’s said on Howard Stern. Every single day The Washington Post does a story slamming Trump. The New Times just did an article about something Trump said in the 80s that showed him to be a misogynist.

The liberal media is upset because voters are saying this stuff doesn’t matter. No matter what they do or say, Trump’s support remains strong and his poll numbers keep rising. So they slam Trump again and again and again, hoping that something will stick. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity, and hacks like Eli Stokols and Hadas Gold have their tree-hugging asses firmly planted in the liberal cuckoo’s nest.

That’s why Hillary called Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables.” She and the Democrats are so pissed off that their media cohorts are blasting Trump day after day after day, and his supporters don’t give a crap. They don’t give a crap about his tax returns, about how much he has personally donated to charities. Trump’s basket of deplorables don’t give a crap, and it eats Hillary, Obama and the liberal media up inside. They can’t fathom why their pathetic attacks aren’t working, so in turn they blame the media, the very media that they themselves control. They are so angry at Matt Lauer they can’t see straight, all because he dared to ask Hillary questions about her emails. That’s a no-go zone in Liberal Land.


Bill Clinton says the media needs to be tougher on Trump about his tax returns and his own health records. They are. Every single day. Nothing is having any effect on Trump supporters, so Bill, Obama, Hillary, Eli and Hadas are fit to be tied.

More from the cuckoo’s nest:

With fewer than 60 days left in this campaign, news organizations are still struggling to square their approach to covering two candidates who couldn’t be more different: Hillary Clinton, who adheres to the established rules of engagement, and Trump, a convention-busting, media-dominating nominee with an asymmetrical campaign. The result, Clinton’s advisers lament and news executives admit, is a wide gap in what the public expects — and accepts as credible — from the country’s top two presidential candidates. Trump’s bar is undeniably far lower than Clinton’s.

“I just don’t understand the reason for it,” Clinton told reporters the morning after the NBC forum. “I find it frustrating, but it’s just part of the landscape that we live in.”

Clinton’s campaign points to several pieces of evidence. She has put forth a 9,000-word plan for defeating ISIS, for example, while Trump says only that he has a plan but must keep it secret. Brooklyn argues that the media have spent more than a year producing critical coverage of Clinton’s use of a private email server and Clinton Foundation donations despite several official investigations turning up no hard evidence of corruption; meanwhile, news organizations are undercovering Trump’s $25,000 donation to Florida’s attorney general and the AG’s subsequent decision not to join an investigation of fraud claims against Trump University, for which Trump was fined by the IRS.

OK. Trump did something wrong and the IRS fined him for it. Case closed. There’s nothing more to the story. It was already discussed. There is nothing more to add. What more can be investigated? Now if you compare what Trump allegedly did in Florida with AG Pam Bondi to Hillary’s private email servers and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for political favors, that story’s not done. More and more information keeps coming out.

Even their own people have said that if the Clintons had come clean in the beginning, none of this controversy would still be going on. Things that were said in the beginning that they knew were wrong were later proven to be wrong, like when Hillary said she used two phones for email correspondence out of “convenience,” when the FBI investigation revealed that she actually had 13 phones that her staff smashed with a hammer. She knew the correct information would eventually come out, but she still chose to lie about it anyway.


The Pam Bondi situation is not being talked about because the matter is settled. It’s over. But Hillary’s email server questions have still not been answered. The Clinton Foundation revelations keep popping up. None of these issues are discussed, because the media ignores them. Any controversy involving the Clintons is their own fault. The media tries to blame everybody else besides Hillary, because at the end of the day, Democrats didn’t go with Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, both of whom are choirboys compared to Crooked Hillary. So they are trying to create this narrative that the media is sitting around pleasuring themselves to Donald Trump, and it’s just not true.

Cuckoo birds Eli and Hadas continue:

Over the weekend, Clinton found herself under fire for describing half of Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables” even as charges of racism and misogyny among some Trump supporters have been substantiated by video and print coverage of his rallies.

Hillary called half of Trump’s supporters deplorable. That’s about 30 million people. Hillary Clinton called 30 million people misogynistic racists. Video and print coverage among Trump supporters reveal a couple of people here and there punching protesters and a few people associated with racism. That adds up to 30 million?

Remember when Trump claimed that he saw “thousands” of Muslims cheering after 9/11? Remember Chuck Todd lambasting Trump and saying no celebrations occurred and he was a liar and a person who is running for president’s words matter? Then info and footage revealed that in fact there were Muslims celebrating, and people who were actually there like Rudy Giuliani and Dan Rather confirmed it, but it wasn’t “thousands,” it was hundreds.

What Eli and Hadas and the media are doing is comparing what Hillary did to what they complained that Trump was doing. Both exaggerated the numbers, but instead of Trump’s thousands, Hillary exaggerated millions.

And on Sunday, Clinton appearing weak in the heat while leaving the 9/11 Memorial

Weak in the heat? She collapsed. By all accounts, it wasn’t hot Sunday morning. I’m from New York. I have friends who live in the city. They told me is was perfectly comfortable that morning. It was in the low 70s with a slight breeze. Obama and Democrats say Trump gets graded on a curve, yet Eli and Hadas say Hillary appeared “weak in the heat.” The audacity is beyond immense. Is there no limit to Eli and Hadas’ liberal hackery?


The subsequent announcement that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia — drew alarmed responses about her health, building on one of Trump’s favorite attacks on her fitness for office. Trump’s own health and comparable age have received far less scrutiny even though he has produced only a single doctor’s letter — dashed off by a gastroenterologist in five minutes — attesting to his vigor (not to mention his diet of meatloaf and McDonald’s).

Hillary’s had a history of health problems. We’ve seen it with our own eyes. Her own husband admitted to Charlie Rose that she has had frequent fainting spells from “dehydration.” Have we ever seen Donald Trump pass out? Have we ever seen him nearly cough up a lung? Where is the double standard here? I just don’t get it.

John McCain had to release thousands of pages of medical records that the Obama campaign demanded because he had a history of melanoma and would be the oldest person to ever assume the presidency. He had a gimp arm from being beaten by the Viet Cong. Obama was a healthy-looking basketball player with a cigarette habit, but there were no concerns about his health. McCain was knock knock knocking on heaven’s door, and President Sarah Palin would end the world as we know it, so the Obama campaign insisted McCain release his doctor notes.

There is no double standard Eli and Hadas, you liberal hacks. Hillary Clinton fell down and hit her head several years ago. She developed a blood clot and had brain surgery and almost died. Her injury was so severe that she couldn’t remember what happened with her email server over 30 times while being questioned by the FBI. She told the FBI that huge chunks of memory during her tenure as Secretary of State were missing due to brain trauma.

Hillary has had coughing fits that sounds like she has tuberculosis. My producer’s mother died of lung cancer, and he said Hillary sounds exactly like what his mom sounded like when they would talk on the phone in the months preceding her death in Texas. The coughing episode in Cleveland was one of many, and she passed out and had to be helped into her van last Sunday. Donald Trump’s health isn’t being talked about, because he hasn’t experienced any of those things. He’s flying around the country campaigning nonstop. I don’t care if he’s drinking Crisco, because there is absolutely no proof of him being sick, whereas there is a virtual mountain of visual and anecdotal evidence that Hillary has serious medical issues.


The delusional duo continue:

Such a double standard wouldn’t exist with any candidate but Trump, whose persistent mendacity and eagerness to bulldoze political norms makes him both challenging for media to hold to account and endearing to supporters who are excited to see someone taking an ax to a system they no longer trust. 

“When he’s confronted with an inconsistency or contradiction in his own past, he glosses over it, denies it or jumps past it,” said Frank Sesno, a former CNN Washington bureau chief and now director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University. “We’ve not seen a candidate that’s not held accountable by the public for the kinds of things he has done.”

See? They are mad at the public. That’s why Hillary called them deplorable, because they don’t like her. “What’s the matter with me? I’m likable. *cough*cough*cough* What the hell is wrong with these Americans? They’re deplorable!

More BS:

Lauer’s gentle questioning of Trump — after grilling Clinton over her use of the private email server and her 2003 vote in favor of the Iraq War — is but one example of television journalists treating the GOP nominee with kid gloves. Indeed, the media industry as a whole has become addicted to the television ratings and higher click-rates generated by Trump. Among media executives, the treatment of Trump by some networks and reporters is directly related to the leverage he holds, and he knows it.

What reporter kisses Trump’s ass? Name one. Chris Matthews? Who? Sean Hannity doesn’t count, because he does what he’s supposed to do, just like Rachel Maddow does what she’s supposed to do when she hugs Hillary and tells her that she loves her. What reporter? Wolf Blitzer? Anderson Cooper? I remember Anderson Cooper saying Trump sounded like a five-year-old when Trump answered a question during the Heidi Cruz retweet spat. Trump said Ted Cruz started it first, so Anderson Cooper said that it was an answer a five-year-old would give. So what reporter is kissing Donald Trumps ass, Eli and Hada? Anderson Cooper calling Trump a five-year-old is handling him with kid gloves? Really?

Trump is “personally more involved in the process than most candidates are or at least admit to be,” said one network news executive, granted anonymity to speak privately. “His team is very keen on making sure he’s comfortable with who the interviewer is and the placement of the news cycle. He understands news very well. He’s more involved directly in booking than a typical candidate has been. They say yes a lot more, that’s not a surprise, a lot more than Hillary.”

So that’s his fault? Because Hillary knows how to work Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for money and Trump knows how to work the media? Trump is at fault for knowing how to take advantage of publicity?

Although that executive said Trump asks for specific anchors or moderators less than others, the GOP nominee is clear about which ones he prefers. It’s hard to envision Trump agreeing to last week’s NBC forum were Rachel Maddow or Chuck Todd asking the questions.

Well, duh. Why would you agree to having two liberal hacks moderate a forum when you know they both despise you and everything you stand for? Hillary Clinton wouldn’t agree to have Sean Hannity moderate a debate. In fact, when was the last time you ever saw Hillary appear on any Fox News show? Sean Hannity is unapologetically conservative. Rachel Maddow is a liberal true believer. Neither of them try to deny this. Hannity throw bombs at Democrats, Maddow throws bombs at Republicans. How is this an earth-shattering revelation? And why is Trump wrong for requesting moderators who aren’t in the bag for Hillary?

Hannity Maddow

“People are willing to give him a pass because he doesn’t have a career in service. I think it’s the wrong approach because you should be assessing the candidate’s readiness to do the job,” said Lanhee Chen, an adviser to Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign who recalls how Romney was excoriated for “gaffes” during his Europe trip that, by comparison with Trump’s behavior on an almost daily basis, would now be considered minor mistakes. 

Eli and Hadas go to a bitter, disgruntled Romney ex-employee for their input. What the hell do you think she is gonna say?

“People have such low expectations because his campaign has been so dysfunctional that when they run like a normal campaign should run, people tend to give them a lot of credit. There’s a relativism there.”

It’s like I’ve always said. Voters like someone with personality. It kills liberals that more people like Trump than Hillary. They just don’t want to admit it to themselves, so they use nuance and diversion. Liberals look at Bill Clinton and completely ignore his sleazy history, because Bill Clinton is a likable person. His wife is not. People like Donald Trump more than Hillary. It’s just that simple. There’s not a lot of nuance to it.

Eli Sokols and Hadas Gold want to blame the media that Democrats control because voters prefer an entertaining guy over a lying witch who might die in office and no one wants President Tim Kaine. It’s wrong, it’s stupid and it’s not going to work.

Nice try, liberal hacks.

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