Trump Takes Lead as Hillary’s Unfavorability Rises

Despite Hillary Clinton raising $264,973,438 to Donald Trump’s $51,393,537, the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll found Trump winning among registered voters by 46 to 44 percent over Clinton.

The Post seemed almost dismissive regarding the latest poll results. Instead of a big banner headline stating that Trump had made an 11-point gain on Clinton since their March poll to take his first presidential contest lead, the Post carried the story “below the fold” with a headline, “Poll: Election 2016 Shapes up as a Contest of Negatives.”

The Post is correct that “[n]ever in the history of the Post-ABC poll have the two major party nominees been viewed as harshly as Clinton and Trump.” Both Trump and Clinton are seen among registered voters as unfavorable by 57 percent, while Clinton leads in favorability by only 41 to 40 percent for Trump.

But that is a stunning change from the Post’s March Poll, which found Clinton leading Trump by 16 percentage points in favorability, 46 to 30 percent, while Trump was seen as 15 points more unfavorable than Clinton, 67 to 52 percent.

Having already become the “presumptive nominee”, Donald Trump has been on a goodwill tour to burnish his credentials among the same Republican establishment he used effectively as a whipping boy to gain viral credibility with Republican rank-and-file.

Clinton remains locked in the political equivalent of a cage match with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who was able to spend $160 million from January through April tattooing Clinton as “the establishment candidate.”

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