Trump Punks Pundits, Nabs Nom

From 5-26-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

Donald Trump has reached the delegate threshold to officially become the Republican nominee.

Yeah, we knew it was going to happen a couple of weeks ago, but now that it’s happened, people are freaking out again. Get a grip, my friends. It’s real. All the political “experts” like Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens, who have worked on failed campaign after failed campaign, the pundits like Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash, are all beside themselves. “How could this happen? He said all those terrible things! How could we have gotten it so wrong?”

I’ve said it before. There are two Americas. One that the media has created and the one that actually exists. The real America. The one that goes to football games and UFC fights and strip clubs and R-rated movies. Then you have the Starbucks drinking, sweater vest wearing, easily offended America that the media created who call real Americans a bunch of ignorant racists. That’s who votes for Donald Trump, they say.

All the expert pundits said that the large crowds Trump was drawing were just there for the show. They wouldn’t actually get out and vote for him. They won’t show up at the polls. Half of these people don’t even know how to read. They’re ignorant racists. That’s what the political geniuses like Stuart Stevens and Hugh Hewitt said.

“What happened? Record turnout? I guess they do know how to drive. Where are their KKK hoods and swastika armbands? He’s winning? What the hell is going on here?”

I don’t know how anybody can listen to Hugh Hewitt anymore. For months, he predicted that Trump wouldn’t be able to get the delegates, he touted strategic voting to deny Trump votes, he guaranteed a contested convention where Ted Cruz would emerge as the nominee. Hewitt praised Ted Cruz’s operation, said he had a better ground game and knew what he was doing. Yeah. OK.


There are Republicans who say they will never vote for Donald Trump. So Hillary Clinton is fine? Really? They say they can’t be sure that Trump will adhere to conservative principles. They aren’t sure if he is being forthcoming. So they are going to vote for someone who they know is lying? Someone who is completely full of crap, like Hillary Clinton?

This is why our party has been in the toilet for so long. Because people like Ben Shapiro, Rick Wilson,  Stuart Stevens, Jamie Weinstein and Bill Kristol called the shots. These are the writers and thinkers and talk show hosts like Hugh Hewitt and Mark Levin who spew the same BS that nobody is listening to anymore. This is why the Republican Party is in freefall.

These geniuses say they’re not sure that Trump will appoint some of the judges on his list of SCOTUS picks, but they know Hillary will not appoint anyone on the list. It’s absolutely perplexing that anyone would want to hear what they have to say. Why are they on TV? Everything they predicted was wrong. Now here we are and Trump has wrapped up the delegates needed for the nomination and Crooked Hillary is still battling it out with Crazy Bernie.

What happened? This was supposed to be a cakewalk for Hillary. They had her fitted for the crown. I mean, she couldn’t have had an easier time with the media. A year ago, it was Jeb Bush on the Republican side, battling it out with Marco Rubio and Scott Walker. They were the establishment golden boys. The GOP said to forget everyone else, this is who we are telling you to vote for. It was the same thing with Hillary. The Democratic establishment said this is who you are going to vote for. We had the black guy, now we are going to get the old woman. The media had it all set up, but Hillary is still fighting.


Imagine if she loses California. It’s funny how much the media is protecting Hillary. When Trump was still battling with Cruz and Kasich, nobody had a problem with him not getting the nomination, even though he had more popular votes. Everybody said the rules are the rules and you have to get 1,237 delegates to get the nomination. So yes, John Kasich or Ted Cruz could win the nomination at a contested convention. Nobody had a problem with that.

But now the media is saying Bernie has no chance. He’s behind in votes and delegates. He has no shot at the nomination, they say. Why? Why does he have no chance, but Ted Cruz and John Kasich getting the nomination at the convention was a plausible scenario? There were so many variables on how Trump could be denied the nomination. Bernie’s path is simpler. It’s all about super delegates. There are sitting senators and congressmen who are super delegates and all they have to do is say, “I’m voting for Bernie.”

The only way Hillary wins is with super delegates and the only way Bernie wins is with super delegates. Hillary had an advantage before the primaries even began with super delegates, but all they have to do is change their vote for Bernie. Why is this not possible? Why should he drop out now?

So now Hillary has to battle Crazy Bernie for two weeks until the California primary and if he wins, it’s a game changer. If Bernie wins California and is still denied a chance at the nomination, his supporters are going to be really mad. We’ll see what happens.

But Trump hit 1,237. He defied every expectation and prediction and nabbed the nomination. All the old school political pundits and experts got punked.


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