Trump Punks Press, Katy Tur Sad

The comedy keeps coming.

Donald Trump was on Jimmy Fallon’s show last week. That was funny, but not as funny as the press conference Trump held the next day to address the birtherism controversy.

Now, I’m not going to go through this whole birtherism business. I think we covered it pretty well in the last post. Hillary Clinton started the birtherism issue. Now did Clinton herself say “I don’t think Obama was born here. He was born in Kenya and therefore not qualified to be President of the United States?” Of course not. Hillary is way too politically savvy to do that. She had surrogates do it by implication with suggestive language and images that were released. She had the media play the game. But it all came from Hillary. There is absolutely no question about that, no matter much she and her camp try to deny it. The evidence is all there. It takes some digging to find it, because Hillary and the media have tried to bury it as much as they can, but it’s there.

Democrats are panicking because of the response to Donald Trump’s black voter outreach, so they trotted out birtherism to try to paint him as a racist. That’s their fave go-to card. Whenever somebody says something that they don’t have a response for, or can’t think up some BS quickly enough, they call the person a racist. “Well, you’re just a racist. You’re a misogynist. You’re a xenophobe.” Nobody wants to known as any of those things, so most of them acquiesce or get flustered and Democrats win the argument.

But not Trump. He’ll fight back and provide proof why he’s not any of those things, and this drives liberals crazy. Playing the race card has always been effective, and now it’s not. Listen, black people aren’t stupid. They know their votes are being taken for granted by Democrats, so when Donald Trump points this out them, Dems don’t what what to do. “Damn Donald Trump. Those nig—, I mean African Americans are onto us.”

Little Katy Tur was very upset by Trump’s press conference. I think she was more upset by that than when her dad decided to get his penis lopped off and became Zoey Tur. Or when I ran against her father for Mayor of Los Angeles back in 2000 and got more votes than him. Or the fact that she had to have sex with Keith Olbermann in order to get her gig at MSNBC. I think Donald Trump’s press conference topped all of those traumatic events for poor Katy Tur.


Before the press conference, Robert Costa from The Washington Post asked Donald Trump about the birtherism issue, and Trump said he wasn’t ready to respond yet. This set the media into a frenzy. Hillary was in a frenzy. Trump’s refusal to answer the question at that moment set everybody off, because they thought they would finally be able to nail him once and for all. “Oh, this is great. We got him now.”

Gotta give a lot of credit to Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Since hiring them, Trump has been on point and dominating the press and making them look like the liberal shills they’ve always been. It’s glorious to watch, it really is. Bannon and Conway know the game. They know how stupid the liberal media is. They know they’re all suckers. It’s like when White House aide Ben Rhodes told The New York Times that he sold the Iran deal though the media. Rhodes knew that the press today are a bunch of gullible hipster douchebag millienials who think they are smart because they have a journalism degree and get paid a hundred bucks to write a story for Huffington Post or any other liberal shill site.

Bannon and Conway tipped Trump off at how stupid and gullible the liberal media is, and he’s been playing them like a violin ever since.


So Trump announces a press conference at his brand new hotel and says he will be making a major statement. Of course, the media automatically assumed he would be addressing the birther question. CNN, MSNBC, Fox, the networks, social media, all the lefty shill sites covered it and breathlessly waited for what Trump would have to say.

Trump starts the presser with a bunch veterans, military heroes and Gold Star families telling the entire world on live television why Donald Trump would be a great president. The liberal media was worked. They were Obama’d. “Obamacare is awesome, you can keep your present doctor and your rates won’t go up. The Iran deal is a great deal.” They were duped just like when Ben Rhodes told the NY Times how easy it was to dupe them.

So for half an hour, the entire liberal media covered a press conference live that was basically a campaign commercial. They’re watching generals and war vets, the people who Hillary Clinton called deplorable, say how awesome Donald Trump is. Whether they were low information voters or casual followers of politics, everybody was tuned into watching deplorable Medal of Honor winners say Donald Trump will be the greatest president ever. They are all watching this at Trump’s new hotel. Live on every network.

The media got worked. They got Obama’d. That’s what we’re going to call it now. Instead of saying the press got punked, we’re gonna say they got Obama’d.

Donald J. Trump Obama’d the press. They’re all sitting there thinking, “Isn’t this supposed to be about the birther thing? What the hell is going on here?” Little Katy Tur was fuming. “Damn him. All those times I laid under sweaty Keith Olbermann while he’s pumping me and telling me what a big star he was going to make me. I’m sitting here listening to genuine heroes praising Donald Trump. The big meanie who makes me wait in line in the rain with all of his yucky supporters. Grrrr…. It’s not fair!”  


Sorry, Katy Tur. You just got Obama’d, and so did everybody else in the gullible media world.

Obama has been playing the press so much for the past seven and a half years that his own staff member Ben Rhodes admitted how easy they are to play.

This isn’t the last time it will happen. The stupid gullible press will be Obama’d plenty of times between now and Election Day. If Katy Tur goes to her boss Andy Lack and says, “Trump is trying to play us again. Let’s not fall for it this time. Let’s not cover his press conference.” Then Trump announces something yuge, MSNBC doesn’t cover it, and Katy Tur is put in the back of the line and has to find another disgusting old guy to have sex with in order to try get back to the front of the line.

So the press will get played again. Obama has done it for almost 8 years. He is a master at it. I will definitely give Obama credit for this. He plays the press beautifully.

After about a half hour of live coverage of Donald Trump being praised, he addresses the birther issue:

“President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again. Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean.”

Then he dropped the mic and walked off stage, which collapsed behind her as Katy Tur was speaking.


The gullible media got Obama’d. Katy Tur is on suicide watch and back on the prowl.


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