Trump Implying Bias Is Not Racist

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Empathy. To liberals, it’s one of the most important attributes a judge can have. Constitutional conservatives prefer someone who adjudicates without emotion, who strictly interprets the constitution and hands down rulings based on the law, regardless of personal feelings.

Liberals also believe the judiciary needs to be comprised of a multitude of different races, genders, backgrounds and beliefs. Barbara Boxer said is impossible to have middle-aged white men decide policy for what a woman or a gay or a Latino needs. There has to be diversity, right?

Judge Gonzalo Curiel was appointed by Barack Obama. Obama is not appointing conservative judges. He is not picking strict constitutionalists. He is choosing judges that make decisions based on what’s in their heart.

Donald Trump is getting a lot of heat for suggesting that Judge Curiel may be biased against him in his Trump University lawsuit because of Curiel’s Mexican heritage. The media focused on the fact that Curiel was actually from Illinois and suggested Trump’s statement was racist. But they completely ignored Judge Curiel’s history.

Curiel is part of a law group called La Raza Lawyers Association. This group advocates for and gives legal aid to undocumented aliens. They are against deporting illegals. In 2014, the La Raza group published a message from the Anti-Defamation League worrying about the anti-immigrant sentiment affecting the “migrant” children.

The organization invited activists who opposed efforts to defund welfare payments to illegal immigrants, backed in-state tuition for illegal immigrant children, and called for ending California’s English-only program for public school children.

They also worked strenuously to oppose the Minute Men, who were a citizen activist organization dedicated to stopping illegal immigrants from entering the country.


From La Raza’s website:

In the summer of 2005, the Minutemen announced they would patrol the East County border between Mexico and the U.S. to look for undocumented persons crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. SDLRLA, together with ACLU and CRLA formed the Legal Observer Program. Our purpose was to monitor the Minutemen to ensure the human rights of undocumented persons were not violated. The Minutemen were watching for undocumented persons, and we were watching the Minutemen.

Judge Gonzalo Curiel is part of this group. He is also part of the Hispanic National Bar Association, which called for a boycott of all Trump business ventures shortly after Trump announced his candidacy.

From HNBA’s July 2, 2015 press release:

By his recent derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants, Donald Trump’s disrespect of such a large segment of the population of America is not only unbelievable, but outright wrong.  His comment that Mexico only sends rapists and criminals to the United States reveals a racist nature that cannot and will not go unnoticed by the Hispanic National Bar Association nor the Latino community.  

Those who seek our highest public office should attempt to engage all Americans, not divide us. His comments are clearly divisive and racist and do nothing to promote equality and justice for all. Trump’s statements reveal a bias that all Americans should reject and respond to accordingly.  We cannot stand silent and allow Trump to promote such racist and discriminatory behavior. This is the time for all Americans to take a stand against his insensitive, offensive and untrue statements. 

The HNBA calls for a boycott of all of Trump business ventures, including golf courses, hotels, and restaurants.  We salute NBC/Universal, Univision and Macy’s for ending their association with Trump, and we join them in standing up against bigotry and racist rhetoric. Other businesses and corporations should follow the lead of NBC/Universal, Univision and Macy’s and take similar actions against Donald Trump’s business interests.  We can and will make a difference.

Now remember, according to liberals, judges need to make decisions based on what they believe. What is in their heart. Laws are secondary. Feelings are what counts.

The La Raza Lawyers Association also awards scholarships to illegal immigrants. Nobody in the media wants to report on the background of Gonzalo Curiel and whether he might be biased against a presidential candidate who is proposing to build a wall and enforce immigration law, the exact opposite of what the La Raza Lawyers Association is all about.


Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor once said “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” Gonzalo Curiel brought up his Mexican heritage at his confirmation hearing. He is an advocate for illegal immigrants. Everybody’s acting as if his name is Paul Smith and he was dropped off by a stork. The guy is Mexican and he’s proud of his heritage. So why is it racist to point out that he might be biased when he represents everything that Trump is against?

People are trying to downplay Judge Curiel’s Mexican background. They just say he was born in Illinois. They have no problem referring to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as Hispanic, or the fact that Albuquerque Mayor Susana Martinez is a Latina. But Gonzalo Curiel is from Illinois, dammit. I guess they only pull out the Hispanic card when it’s convenient. Like when they are trying to paint Trump as a racist.

Robbins, Geller, Rudman and Dowd is the law firm behind the class action lawsuit against Trump University. This law firm paid the Clintons a total of $675,000 in speeches since 2009. In September of 2014, Hillary Clinton gave a speech and was paid $225,000. What the hell kind of speech is she giving for almost a quarter million dollars? In fact, this law firm paid out the most money to the Clintons of any other law firm that hired them to speak.

One of the Robbins Geller attorneys, Patrick Coughlin, donated $5,400 dollars to Hillary’s campaign  last February. Trump was running for president in February. So you have a lawyer involved in a class action lawsuit against Donald Trump giving money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and CNN’s not talking about it. Jake Tapper is pretending he doesn’t know anything about it while he’s grilling Trump on his Curiel comments.


Nothing Hillary and the media has thrown at Trump has stuck, Bernie is still in the race, so they are all jumping on this Judge Curiel situation. But they’re not talking about all the other stuff that is attached to this judge. Remember, liberals want judges who rule with their heart. Why is that? Because you have to know where someone is coming from in order to make a fair decision. You have to have a heart when dealing with policy.

Take that rationale and apply it to Curiel, who was appointed by Obama. You have a candidate who says we’re going to build a wall, anybody who is here illegally will be deported, we’re going to do away with sanctuary cities and illegals getting driver’s licenses. Then you have a judge who is presiding over his case who is part of a group who believes the opposite of what Trump is saying we need to do in this country. So when Trump says that this judge may be biased because of his background, that is a legitimate claim.

Even former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales agrees. Gonzales wrote a piece in the Washington Post saying Trump has a legitimate gripe about this judge. This is a Bush-appointed former attorney general saying this.


This is a desperate attempt by Democrats to damage Donald Trump because nothing else has worked. You have a judge whose every leaning is against Trump’s policies. Because of this, Trump suggests he may be biased. Why are they outraged? How is it racist? They are grasping at straws. They are insane. Am I the only one who sees this?

Judge Gonzalo Curiel could be biased against Trump based on his background. It is not racist to point this out.

Nice try, Democrats.

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