Trump: ‘I’m Greatly Honored’ Thousands of ‘Professional Agitators’ and ‘Paid Protesters’ Targeting Me

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Thousands of progressive protesters intend to swarm New York City tonight to protest 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, but the frontrunner says he isn’t worried.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday afternoon, he said he’s “greatly honored” they’re targeting him as he thinks that’s proof he’s the only Republican who can win the general election.

“It’s Hillary and Bernie teaming up because the last person they want to run against is Donald Trump,” Trump told Breitbart News.

“They’re desperate because they don’t want to make America great again,” Trump added. “They are desperate because they want to do the exact opposite of what I want to do. They do not want to make America great again. Many of these people aren’t protesters, they’re agitators. Many of these people are paid to be there. These are in some cases professionals. It’s fine with me.”

Trump also said he’s “greatly honored” the protesters are forming a coalition of labor unions fighting for a $15 minimum wage, Black Lives Matter, and an amalgamation of other progressives united to stop Trump. The protesters, which have already been active all day, will converge on the Grand Hyatt in Midtown Manhattan to protest Trump.

“I’m greatly honored,” Trump said. “I’m greatly honored. The last person they want running is Donald Trump because they know I’m going to win. I’m greatly honored by all of the paid protesters and all of the professional agitators that will be there.”

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