Trump Gets Heat For Punting Post

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Earlier this week, Donald Trump announced he was revoking press credentials for The Washington Post. Right on cue, the liberal media accused him of violating the First Amendment and comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

If I were Jewish, I would be really upset. I know my Jewish friends are. They’re not Trump supporters, but the fact that the Nazi label is being thrown around so willy-nilly offends them. When liberals don’t like something, they use Hitler references. It makes the extermination of over six million Jewish people seem like a joke.

Trump told the so-called journalists of the Amazon-owned Washington Post that they are not going to able to sit in first class anymore and they are going to have to ride coach. Liberals are comparing that to Nazis using Jews as target practice and making human lampshades out of their skin. It’s appalling, and if I were related to anyone who endured that horror, I would be beside myself with anger.

It’s disgusting how all of these people throw that word around. They talk about Nazis and Hitler and fascism, yet it’s the Democrats who operate like a totalitarian regime. When you control all the information disseminated to the public, that’s fascism. Democrats control Google, they control Facebook, Yahoo, NBC, CBS, you name it. All of the ways that we get news in this country is controlled by one party. That is a lot more like Nazi Germany than telling Robert Costa he has to stand in line like everybody else.

The Washington Post is the latest to be put on the Trump crap list. This started happening months ago. One of the first reporters to be denied a press pass tweeted that they were upset because they had to stand in line to get into a Trump event and it was cold and raining outside. Because they are not treated special, they say it’s fascism and is prohibiting free speech.

How is it prohibiting free speech? They were allowed into the event. They weren’t prevented from writing a story or taking pictures. What’s the problem? Because they weren’t ushered in before everybody else and given hot cocoa? Their asses weren’t properly kissed?

That’s what this is about. The Washington Post defiantly said they were still going to cover Trump. Of course they are, but they will not be sitting in the comfortable chairs. They won’t be able to go to the front of the line. That’s not Nazi Germany.


The media won’t bring this up, but President Obama did the same thing in 2009 when he banned Fox News. This isn’t a candidate, this is the President of the United States banning a news organization from the White House press corps. The Obama administration said that Fox wasn’t a real news organization. That’s what they said, but everybody forgets that.

Donald Trump is not banning The Washington Post. He’s just not giving them preferential treatment. They want front row seats. They don’t want to wait in line. They want their press kit goodie bags. They want Corey Lewandowski or Katrina Pierson to greet them and give them an exclusive quote. That’s what it’s all about for them. They want to be acknowledged for their scary talent as writers for one of the most prestigious publications in the world, because they went to whatever college their parents are still paying for.

“I am a journalist from the newspaper that brought down Nixon, and I want Donald Trump to respect me, dammit. Woodward and Bernstein? All The President’s Men? Watergate? Hello? I am the media elite and I will not wait outside with these common people wearing their Make America Great Again caps. I am special.”

No, you’re not. You are not special. You’re a jerkoff.

Look at these writers. The majority of them were losers growing up. Being a journalist is how they feel powerful and get revenge on people who treated them like the fart-sniffing booger eaters they were in school. They’re keyboard warriors. That’s why they lose their minds when Trump attacks them, because that’s not how it’s supposed to be. They should be allowed to write or say whatever they want. That’s how it’s always been.

Now here they are and they’re not being told they are special. They are jerkoffs just like everybody else. They’re just a jerkoff behind a keyboard, nothing more.

Do you think Anderson Cooper was a cool, popular guy growing up? Wolf Blitzer? Take a look at all of these pundits and journalists. Washington Post reporter Robert Costa is a sloppy mess. Do you think he was getting all the girls in high school? He was a booger-eating fart sniffer and journalism was his way to get back at everybody who was mean to him. Journalism was his ticket to the cool table, because people wanted to be nice to him so he would write positive stories about them. If they weren’t nice to him, he would write something bad. “I’ll show him! I’ll bring him down like Carl and Bob brought down Tricky Dick!”


Most of these people write stuff about Trump so he will mention them. Give them attention. Go back and look at the archives of some of these writers. Every article is about Trump. They write a story, Trump responds and they write a story about his response. Fifty different stories of saying Donald Trump is an a-hole, so maybe Trump will give them a shout out. When Trump called that ABC reporter a sleaze, he orgasmed all over himself. When Tom Llamas walked out of that press conference, his phone was blowing up. “Did you see him talk about me? I made it!”

Why were The Washington Post’s press credentials revoked? Because when Trump gave his foreign policy speech, the Post wrote a story that alleged Donald Trump said President Obama was responsible for the Orlando shooting. Trump never said anything close to that. All he said was something was going on. Trump said the president was either not tough, not smart or had something else on his mind. The Washington Post interpreted this as saying Obama killed 49 people in Orlando.

Liberals act as if making The Washington Post wait in line is denying Americans their right to know what is going on in the world. Without the Washington Post, the American people will be in the dark. It’s part of who we are to have a free press. It’s what our founding fathers fought and died for.

The Washington Post is not that, and neither is CNN. They are part of entertainment conglomerates. The Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, a company where you can go online and buy dildos. You can watch movies. Amazon is an entertainment company that bought a newspaper. Do you think you’re going to get essential news of vital importance? No, you’re going to get opinions. Entertainment.

The Washington Post is billionaire Jeff Bezos’ toy. He doesn’t want to go to a party and be the guy who made billions selling dildos. But if he owned an historic newspaper, he would have prestige. Now everybody would want to be Jeff’s friend. Jeff would have an important liberal outlet and would help elect a liberal president. Now he would be the life of the party.


The Washington Post isn’t an indispensable bastion of free press. It’s a billionaire’s toy. A status symbol for an entertainment conglomerate. That’s it. When Ted Turner launched CNN and they were the only people reporting from Baghdad when it was being bombed in 1991, it was a news channel. Then they were bought out by Time Warner and became an entertainment station. They became Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, with Kathy running around in her underwear and drunken Don Lemon commenting on her boobs.

Donald Trump didn’t ban The Washington Post. He didn’t threaten free speech. He told a group of entitled reporters who are part of an entertainment company that they weren’t going to get special treatment anymore.

End of story.

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