Trump Chicken or Hillary Fish?

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I said it would happen and it did. Donald Trump is now beating Hillary Clinton.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll has Trump at 46% and Clinton at 44%. This is an 11 point shift for Trump since the same poll was conducted in March. Hillary is down five points amongst registered voters and Trump is up six.

You can argue about his high unfavorability ratings and unpopularity with Latinos and millennials all you want. It doesn’t matter. The poll says 46 to 44. Those are the only numbers that matter. Breaking down all the variables just creates narrative and talking points for news pundits. There are two choices for president. Chicken or fish. It doesn’t matter if you like something else that’s not on the menu. Trump and Hillary are who you have to choose from, and voters are picking Trump.

Democrats are saying that polls this far from the election mean nothing, but last month when Trump was behind Hillary by ten points, polls were a big deal. Voters are choosing Trump’s chicken to Hillary’s fish, and Dems are losing their minds. For Trump to be winning right now means all the sub polls and unfavorability ratings are worthless. It’s chicken or fish and voters are choosing chicken. Pizza and pork chops are not on the menu. You don’t have to like chicken and you don’t have to like fish, but that’s what available, so you have to pick one. A hypothetical third party candidate doesn’t matter. Chicken or fish.


Asking a question about a potential third party candidate is deceiving, because there are already a number of other choices on the ballot for president. You have the Libertarians, the Green Party, the Peace and Freedom Party, etc. There are a lot more choices than just Republicans or Democrats, but nobody is picking them.

The importance of the woman vote is gone now, because for Trump to be leading in a national poll means that many of the women who claim to dislike him are going to vote for him anyway, because Trump represents what they believe in. If you are a Republican woman, there are certain things in the platform that appeal to you. You don’t believe in the Democratic platform. Maybe you are pro-gun rights or anti-illegal immigration. You are being told by Democrats, “See that guy Trump? He said something bad about Rosie O’Donnell. He said something bad about Carly Fiorina. He was on a comedy show and talked about a woman’s appearance. That’s disgusting. You are a woman and you should be disgusted. You should not vote for this person. You should vote for this woman, even though she doesn’t support any of the positions you do. You should vote against your own principles because Trump called Rosie a fat pig.”


It’s ludicrous, and it’s not just Democrats. The #NeverTrumpsters believe that. S.E. Cupp and Dana Loesch believe it. They believe women voters should go against their principles and vote for a woman who doesn’t support anything they believe in because this guy said stuff about other women they don’t even know. Trump was disrespectful to Carly Fiorina, so women should throw their principles out the window and vote for Hillary. It’s insane that they believe that.

This poll shows that women aren’t stupid. They all have fathers who may have said sexist or racist things, but they don’t disown their dads. They don’t condemn them to hell. But that’s what Democrats and some Republicans want women to do as far as Trump is concerned. It doesn’t work like that, and this poll shows it. Trump’s unfavorables go right out the window, just as they do with Hillary.

If you are a die hard Democrat, there are things that will make you never vote for a Republican. It doesn’t matter how many people think Hillary is an untrustworthy liar, they will still hold their noses and vote for her. They will never vote Republican, regardless of who the candidate is. Same thing with Republicans. You have Republican and you have Democrat. Chicken and fish. Each stands for a position that appeals to their respective voters, so likability means nothing.


To think that women would abandon their principles because Donald Trump said a woman has to have big boobs in order to be a 10 is perplexing, because if that were really the case, there would be no Hillary Clinton. Let’s face it, Bill Clinton has a horrible record with women. This isn’t just a Republican talking point. Democrats want women to reject Trump, and accept Hillary and Bill Clinton. The women who vote for Democrats don’t care that Bill Clinton waved his penis all around the White House and women who vote Republican don’t care that Donald Trump talked about boobs on the Howard Stern show.

There are two choices for president. Chicken and fish. You may want steak, but it’s not an option. So favorability ratings and hypothetical third party candidates mean nothing. No choice is ever picture perfect, but it’s the best choice we have. According to the ABC/Washington Post poll, the people have chosen the Trump chicken.

End of story.

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