Thoughts On The Final Showdown

So the last debate was Wednesday night.

We did a special broadcast of The Rob Zicari Show immediately afterwards. Here are my impressions.

There were two controversies right away. Donald Trump using the term “bad hombres” to describe illegal Mexican immigrants who commit crimes like rape, importing drugs and murder. The other was Trump saying he would see what happened on and after the election before he would say he would accept the results, and that he would leave everyone in suspense.

We’ll start with the first controversy aka manufactured outrage from the left. Patti Solis Doyle and CNN’s resident crybaby Van Jones were very upset that Trump used the term “bad hombres.” Imagine that. Hillary Clinton called the millions of Americans who will vote for Donald Trump deplorable, yet Patti and Van are disgusted that Trump would say that the drug dealers, rapists and murderers from Mexico who illegally reside in the United States are bad hombres. Anybody from the left who calls Trump a Nazi or makes a Holocaust comparison to his campaign is cool, but Trump calling Mexican criminals bad hombres makes liberals piss their panties.

This is the world we live in now. This is the culture Barack Hussein Obama has created. If you say something that offends the left, then you are wrong. If the left says this word or that costume is wrong, that’s it. It’s wrong. End of discussion. If you argue otherwise, you are painted with an offensive label and accused of being something you’re not. How has this happened? By controlling the media, especially social media.

Van Jones admitted as much. Van said there was outrage over Donald Trump saying what he said. When questioned about this, he said it was all over social media that Trump was bad for calling Mexican criminals bad hombres. Having a few tweets from the left expressing outrage is how CNN and the rest of the liberal media convince millions of low information voters that everyone in America agrees with Van Jones.


Therein lies the rigged system that Trump talks about. As long as the left controls the media and the message, they will always win. Their opinions will be the only valid ones. Some hipster douchebag will sit in his parent’s basement and write a story for Huffington Post, The Daily Beast or Buzzfeed that will include of few screen grabs of outraged tweeters. These few tweets represent how everyone in America is supposed to feel about the subject. That represents the “outrage.”

The “scientific” polls that CNN conducts after every debate are the only ones you should believe. Somehow they all have Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump by the same margin in every debate. Haven’t you ever found that odd? I’m only talking to the sensible logical people out there. Delusional liberal alternate universe dwellers will pay this no mind.

So that was the first “controversy.” The second was Trump saying that he would wait until after the election to say whether he would accept the results. He would “keep everyone in suspense.” 

Oh, my God. The outrage. The OUTRAGE!

Crybaby Van Jones literally broke down and wept. “That’s so un-American! How could he say such a thing?” The minute someone brings up the Al Gore situation, the left says that’s different. How? Especially when you talk about Donald Trump, and the 15 Republicans who stood up and said, “I pledge to accept the Republican nominee, whoever it may be.” Fifteen Republican presidential candidates signed a pledge, and Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Lindsey Graham and a couple others have broken that pledge.

In the political climate of 2016, why would anyone not question what is happening with this election? From the media being exposed by people like James O’Keefe, who revealed Democratic operatives and other dirty tricks of the DNC, where they bus people in to protest Trump, to Wikileaks emails showing clear collusion with Democrats and the media, to Republican Party members who sabotage their own presidential nominee, why would Donald Trump or anyone say, “Yeah, if Hillary Clinton emerges as the victor on November 9th, I’ll step aside and accept it and go start Trump TV.” It makes no sense. It would be a stupid thing to say.

In 2000, the person who won the popular vote lost the election. More people voted for Al Gore than George W. Bush, yet Bush became president. I remember when it happened. On Election Day back in 2000, I was on a plane coming back from Milan, Italy. As we flew, we would get periodic updates on the election results from the pilot. First he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Al Gore is your new president!” Some people clapped and cheered, others grumbled and booed. Later, the captain comes on and said, “Uh, looks like there’s been another development. George W. Bush is actually your new president!”  It was maddening trying to figure out what was going on while flying at 30,000 feet. Remember, this was back in 2000. There wasn’t yet a way to get live news updates on airplanes.

It was amusing watching people like Jake “Hack” Tapper and others say what Trump should have said. According to them, he should have said, “Barring any extraordinary circumstances, unforeseen things that could possibly happen, I will accept the results. That’s what he should have said. Just saying ‘maybe’ is wrong. It’s un-American. It threatens our democracy.”

Come on, man. It’s like the left has to try to find stuff to nail Trump with, so they don’t have to talk about all the money that terror-supporting countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar give to Hillary Clinton. Crooked Hillary completely dodged that one. Hillary and the media have done everything they can to diminish what has been the most substantive debate so far.

You know what’s un-American? When the press goes to dinners and has pow-wows with Democratic power players like John Podesta and Donna Brazile. For the “free” press, who is supposed to give Americans unbiased information, the news, for them to hob knob with and collude with one party to defeat the opposite party is un-American. That threatens our democracy, not Donald Trump saying he will wait and see what happens before he hands over the presidency to Hillary Clinton without a fight if there is any funny business.


Remember all the “outrage” over Deflategate? The media focused for over a year on whether or not Tom Brady used under-inflated footballs to gain an advantage over his opponents. Tom Brady was accused and vilified for possibly playing a rigged game. That outrage was over a friggin football game, yet we’re talking about a presidential election. Donald Trump is a bad guy because he says the political system may be rigged, and there is evidence coming out day after day to show this to be the case? Are you kidding me?

We’re talking about picking the next person to lead this country at a time when there is real heavy stuff going on, not only in the U.S, but around the world. Yet there’s no outrage over the media colluding with the Democratic Party to influence the presidential election. Voter fraud and bussing in Trump protesters isn’t outrageous, but Tom Brady using a squishy football is a year long odyssey of outrage. “Oh, my God. The New England Patriots may have cheated!” Despite mountains of evidence showing voter fraud and other dirty tricks by Democrats, it barely creates a ripple in the liberal alternate universe.

Remember what happened in 2000. The election was decided by a few hundred votes in Florida. Voter fraud could have made a difference and swayed the outcome. Pundits and political geniuses like Bill Kristol and Stuart Stevens have been wrong about Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy. They all said he would never become the nominee, yet he has. Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for president despite all predictions, so don’t tell me that what happened in 2000 couldn’t possibly happen again. So when Trump said he would tell us at the time whether he would accept the results, that was being intelligent. Saying he would accept the results not matter what would have been stupid.

Listen, if the “scientific” polls turn out to be correct and Hillary wins in a landslide and there is no question about whether Donald Trump won or not, then he will concede and go start Trump TV. It will probably coincide with the inauguration of President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Until that happens, why is it wrong for Trump to say that we should wait until it happens before saying he will accept the results?

To this day, John Kerry says there were Republican shenanigans going on in 2004 that caused him to lose Ohio and thus, the presidency. John Kerry says he was robbed in Ohio. Remember, polls before  the election showed Kerry leading in Ohio, exit polls showed him winning Ohio. John Kerry said that Karl Rove’s dirty tricks cost him the presidency, so how is it wrong for Donald Trump to not say he will automatically accept the results before they are in? Why is it un-American?

It’s not un-American for the press to influence an election? It’s not un-American for CNN and the rest of the media to say the election is already over? According to their scientific polls, Hillary Clinton is the president, so don’t even bother showing up to vote, Trump supporters. Isn’t that un-American? What’s American about accepting defeat three weeks before an election?

If you are a low information voter who is leaning towards Donald Trump, you’re not showing up at the polls November 9th. Why should you? The press has told you that Hillary Clinton has already won. Why waste the gas? Why bother donating? The fat lady has sung. It’s done. Hillary Clinton is your new president.

In California, the networks will call the race before everyone has cast their votes. They shouldn’t do it, but they do. A lot of Californians stay home once it’s clear who the winner is. The only thing that gets Californians to the polls on Election Day anyway are things like pot legalization and gay marriage. California always has a low voter turnout otherwise. Why go vote when the new president is giving the victory speech and the opponent has already conceded defeat?

That’s what Democrats, bitter establishment Republican losers and the media are doing to low information voters. They are telling them to stay home. That is a threat to democracy. That is un-American.

It’s funny as hell watching Democrats complain about this election being in the gutter. Who put it in the gutter? Democrats. The left. This entire campaign has been put in the gutter by the left. We’ve had three debates. Two moderated by the left, and one moderated by the right. Which debate was the most substantive and less sleazy? This last one, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. This first two debates were the ones that had all the dirty stuff flung around. Alicia Machado, pussy grabbing, etc. was all brought up in the first two debates that were moderated by liberals. There was very little sleaze on Wednesday, because Chris Wallace actually asked questions about stuff that matters.

Debate moderator Chris Wallace speaks to Trump and Clinton during their third and final 2016 presidential campaign debate at UNLV in Las Vegas

Who put this entire election cycle into the gutter? It wasn’t Donald Trump. This is another example of the left’s double standards and hypocrisy. Who brought up Alicia Machado during the first debate? It wasn’t Trump. The only way Democrats win is by doing this type of stuff. It’s the only way Republicans won before Lee Atwater died and Karl Rove got out of the game. The only way the GOP aka the Pussy Party will ever win again is to play just as down and dirty as Dems. Something Trump tries to do, but the establishment losers fight him every step of the way.

Can you imagine if all three debates were like Wednesday night? When asked what she’s accomplished in her over 30 year career in politics, Hillary basically brought up one good thing for every ten years. The last thing she brought up was that she was in the room when Osama bin Laden was killed, while Trump was doing Celebrity Apprentice. That’s Hillary’s latest accomplishment, according to her. We’ve all seen the picture. Hillary sitting in a room with her hand over her mouth while the Bin Laden operation was going on, along with eight other people. She made it seem like she was storming the compound in Abbottabad and killing Osama all by herself, while Donald Trump was telling people, “You’re fired!” on Celebrity Apprentice.

On substance, integrity and accomplishments, Democrats know Hillary can’t win, because she doesn’t have any. Granted, Donald Trump is no policy wonk, but Hillary and the Democrats have nothing to run on, so they wallow in the gutter.

The only accomplishment Hillary can tout is raising millions for giving speeches to Wall Street billionaire bankers and getting paid by countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. All of this is in exchange for political influence. A few hundred thousand or a few million dollars is nothing to these billionaires and oil-rich countries, but it’s a lot for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Remember, Hillary herself said she and Bill were broke and heavily in debt when he left the White House. Now she wear designer pantsuits that cost thousands of dollars and is a multi-millionaire, as is her husband. Their Clinton Foundation is flush with cash. Who does it help? Who knows? It always seems to change, depending on who the audience is.

These people and countries don’t give Bill and Hillary and the Clinton Foundation hundreds of millions of dollars because they are just so awesome and inspirational and do such great work for humanity. They do it to hedge their bets. They do it to be able to give Hillary a wink or a nod when she becomes president and she will do their bidding. Why do you think Hillary and Bill attended Donald Trump’s wedding to Melania? Because Trump is an awesome dude? Because they were lifelong friends? No, they attended the wedding because it was payback for Donald Trump giving them money. Bill and Hillary Clinton are political whores who are perfectly willing to sell out their limited ethics and morals to the highest bidder.

That’s the only thing Hillary Clinton has ever been successful at. Being a whore. The left brought us into the gutter. It wasn’t Donald Trump. Alicia Machado was a sketchy Venezuelan who had an anchor baby with a drug dealer and conspired to kill a judge and went on a drive-by attempted murder. And this poor innocent victim of evil Trump’s fat-shaming gets brought up during a debate and sits in the audience as Hillary’s guest.

The left created the slimeball tactics used in this election. Trump has simply responded to the BS, instead of laying down and taking it, like McCain and Romney did. Taking the high road is not a path to the White House anymore. The left and the press they control have been very effective at proving this.

Anderson Cooper didn’t bring up immigration, the national debt, foreign policy or any of the important issues that a presidential candidate needs to be on top of. Cooper brings up sleaze and trash talk from women looking to cash in on the pussy grabbing publicity train. Hell, a goddamn porn star is now saying that Trump tried to make a move on her years ago. BTW, did I mention that most porn stars moonlight as on-call prostitutes? Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. The smut biz isn’t making these “actresses” as much as it once did due to the internet offering porn for free, so most of their money now is made by letting rich guys grab ‘em by the pussy. It’s become a comical sideshow, watching this poor innocent porn star Trump “victim” doing the Gloria Allred boo-hoo presser.


All Anderson Cooper did was bring up sleaze and dirt, just like Lester Holt did in the first debate. Chris Wallace asked real questions to both candidates about their qualifications to be president, and all Hillary could do is stammer and smile and keep looking down at her notes for her well-rehearsed BS responses. Donald Trump had a straight no nonsense answer to everything that was asked of him, and all Hillary Clinton did was deliver robotic drivel and throw an occasional weak zinger at Trump in between her stammering and making excuses with a condescending grin on her smug, entitled face.

After the debate, Hack Tapper actually criticized Trump for not bringing up Bill Clinton’s affairs. I kid you not. All the left does is point the finger at Donald Trump for being a sleaze ball, and here’s a pundit on CNN saying he wasn’t sleazy enough. Chris Wallace briefly mentioned Bill, Hillary gave her robotic canned response about all these poor Trump-accusing publicity whores, and Trump responded that the women were making it up, which is true, then said we should discuss issues that matter, like protecting the country from ISIS. Hack Tapper was pissed that Trump didn’t bring up the long list of women who were actually sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. It was amazing, hilarious, disgusting and disturbing all at the same time.

The left created this muck, and that’s why the immediate narrative was Trump’s use of the term “bad hombres” and say he wouldn’t take an election loss without a challenge if there was evidence of malfeasance. CNN and the left want the muck, because if they have to talk about the Wikileaks revelations, the James O’Keefe videos or Hillary’s record of accomplishments, she’s doomed. They all know it, so they all want to roll around in the dirt like the hypocritical swine they are.

If we actually talk about substance and things that matter in a president, the left loses. End of story. When Hillary Clinton can only tout three accomplishments during her entire 30-year career in politics, that’s a person who is not ready to lead the country. Trump brought up a great challenge to Clinton to return all the money she’s taken from countries that horribly oppress women and murder gay people, and all the press could talk about was him saying bad hombres and not lying down and having the election stolen from him like Al Gore the pussy did.

If all the debates were as substantive as this last one and the liberal media didn’t dwell on crap like Alicia Machado, porn stars and an eleven year old video of Trump bragging to Billy Bush that appeared out of the blue, the election would be totally different now. If the press had a hands-off approach and weren’t dining with John Podesta, and Donna Brazile wasn’t colluding with Hillary and the media and giving her a cheat sheet, we would have a whole new ball game.

So the next time you hear someone whine about what a sleazy election this has been, look to the left. A debate that was finally moderated by someone who asked important questions showed a real difference between a corrupt, two-faced career politician who has accomplished nothing except making herself rich on the backs of oppressed people all over the world and a wildly successful man who knows how to get things done and get this country back in shape again.

I loved the question about Aleppo, when Wallace said it hadn’t fallen. Trump said, “What, do you want a memo?” Listen to me, S.E. Cupp and all of you geniuses that claim Aleppo hasn’t fallen, why don’t you book a flight to Syria right now and go check things out? Would any of you go to Aleppo right now? Of course you wouldn’t. It’s fallen, and it can’t get back up. (Sorry, could resist) Actually Aleppo and Syria and that whole region can rise again, once somebody is in charge who knows what the hell they’re doing and how to get people to do what he wants. Who is this person? I’ll give you a hint. It’s ain’t the one who was dressed up like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers on Wednesday night.

Final Presidential Debate Between Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Held In Las Vegas

I love how S.E. Cupp, Hillary and the rest of the media dwell on the picture of the poor kid from Aleppo with dirt and blood on his face and say that Donald Trump will make more kids look like that in Syria and elsewhere. Tell you what. Why don’t we first worry about the poor kids here in the good old U.S.A. instead of dirty bloody Aleppians? (Is that a word?) Plenty of kids here in America who are victims of violence and poverty. A lot of them live in Chicago, Obama’s old stomping grounds, where his good buddy Rahm Emanuel is mayor. Why don’t we worry about those kids? Why don’t we worry about all the children who have become orphans because one or both of their parents have been murdered during the Rahm reign of terror?

Speaking of children, one subject that was brought up hit me right in the gut. Hillary Clinton believes abortion should be completely free of restrictions. The pundits jumped on Trump’s assertion that a baby can be aborted right before birth, but it’s the truth. I know this might not put me over with the women out there, but if you’re pregnant, and you can’t decide whether you want to keep the child after the seventh or eighth month, you are a piece of crap. You are human garage. You should have been aborted.

I’m not one of these hardline anti-abortion morons who say a baby is created the minute the jizz hits the egg, but if you don’t know by the third trimester whether you want to keep your baby, you are a sub-human monster, and any doctor who performs third trimester abortions is no better than Josef Mengele. Yeah, I said it.

It’s not about a woman having control of her own body and making her own decisions. At some point, women need to stand up and say there is a point of no return. If a baby can live outside the mother’s womb, it should not be killed. If it’s a blob of ectoplasm that it is during the first coupla months, yank it out. I don’t care. But to kill a fully-formed infant simply because the mother wants to be able to party on is monstrous.

Listen, I get it when a woman accidentally gets knocked up because she got drunk at a party or was raped or a victim of incest or whatever. You wanna go abort that fetus? Be my guest. I perfectly understand a rape or incest victim wanting to get that blob sucked out ASAP. But if you’re in your seventh or eighth month, and you’re going, “Hmm… what should I do?” it’s a ludicrous argument. What kind of person would want to kill an infant that could live outside the womb? A really bad person, that’s who. Someone who shouldn’t be around civilized people. An animal.

I think it’s the same thing as a person who says there shouldn’t be background checks of any kind and a person should be able to buy any type of weapon whenever they want. It’s an extreme position on the right that I don’t agree with. A person should be checked out before they are given a deadly weapon, just like someone shouldn’t consume a gallon of vodka, get behind the wheel and be allowed to drive. Sensible restrictions are not always a bad thing. No restrictions on anything is lunacy, something that both the left and the right have plenty of. Mostly the left. Especially those on the left who say it should be perfectly OK to kill a baby right before it’s born.

I’m not talking out of my ass here. My girlfriend is set to deliver my first born son in January. If she came home one day and told me she decided to get rid of it, I would first try to talk her out of it and do everything I could to prevent it from happening, but if I couldn’t, I would consider her a complete piece of trash and kick her to the curb so fast it would make your head spin, and I love this woman with all of my heart and soul.

I’m not talking about if her life was in danger if she delivered the kid. I’m talking about someone who suddenly decided after almost seven months of carrying the baby we created together to murder it. That person would be a monster, and fortunately, my girlfriend is not a monster.

But this is the type of person Hillary Clinton wants to protect – a sub-human monster who would abort a child right before birth because it would inconvenience their lives. Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump talking about it is dangerous language that we don’t need, but it’s the truth. She and the left are upset, because the gruesome truth is what it is.

Truth is truth. Just like when you point out to an obese person that it is an unhealthy way to be and they will die prematurely if they don’t lose weight. “Why are you fat-shaming me?” Fat-shaming shouldn’t even be a thing. How about healthy advice? Instead of saying someone is being fat-shamed, how about saying they are being given healthy advice? Being overweight can kill you. This is a fact. Killing a baby a month or two before it is born is horrendous and evil and a person who would do it is a complete piece of crap. This is also a fact.

But we didn’t hear about abortion in the first or second debate. All we heard was sleaze and trash from the left. After the third debate, all we heard from the left was about bad hombres and Trump not accepting the results of a rigged election.

Welcome to Obamaland. Don’t make America Hillaryville. Make America great again.

Trump 2016


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