There Is No ‘Science’ To Polling

Scientific polls. What do they mean?

As we’ve explained ad nauseum, polls, whether they are CNN or NBC touted “scientific” polls or online polls, are meaningless. They are designed to set a narrative and make you believe what the liberal media wants you to believe. When a Trump-leaning undecided voter sees polls that show Hillary Clinton winning, that voter stays home. Mission accomplished.

Some of the pundits are upset, though. I watched Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon on CNN with a look of disbelief on their faces that Hillary was not a lot further ahead in their scientific polling, especially after all of the Democrat-manufactured dung that has been flung Trump’s way.

Then you watch some on the right after seeing the Wikileaks emails, which shows John Podesta and other individuals outlining how they rig the polls by doing over sampling and other shady tactics, and they say, “Ah HA! We told you!” Then they read other emails that show clear collusion with Democrats and the media and feel validated.

But we’ve known about this. We’ve know about all of this dirty stuff going on for years, but we’ve never been able to irrefutably prove it. It wasn’t until the Wikileaks dump that other people finally started to catch on, because there it was, in black and white, written by the dirty Dems themselves.


You are able to look at the sampling, which show Democrats are sampled more than Republicans, which obviously is going to skew the results. The left laughs at the right because they claim the polls are rigged, and the right is outraged because there is information that has been released that clearly shows that the polls are fugazis, and nobody seems to care.

It’s not that hard to look and see with your own eyes what is going on. ABC/Washington Post put out a poll this weekend that has Donald Trump down 12 points. Then CNN put out a poll yesterday that had Trump only down 5 points. Just that alone should tell you that the polls are BS. How do you explain such a dramatic shift in only a couple of days? Like I said, they are designed to suppress voting. When you throw in Real Clear Politics polling, where Hillary’s up 5%, an Investor Business Daily poll which shows a tie, that’s five polls with drastically different results.

Yet Anderson Cooper sits there with that smug look on his face and scoffs at polls that aren’t scientifically proven like CNN’s is. But Anderson, how do you explain the difference between CNN and ABC/Washington Post? Are they not scientifically accurate? Cooper? Cooper? Bueller? Bueller?


A five to twelve point shift is pretty yuge, but then we’re talking about CNN and ABC, where former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos holds the news reigns and the Washington Post, run by a billionaire dildo salesman who appointed a staff of “reporters” to specifically target Trump and bury him.

When I hear the word scientific, I’m thinking about a laboratory working on a cure for AIDS or cancer, not a super PAC bothering a select group of registered voters on the phone and asking who they will vote for. Many of these voters are reached on landline phones. Who the hell has a landline phone these days? That should disqualify them right away. These are people who aren’t living in the 21st century. They probably still watch movies on VHS and listen to music on an 8-track. Do you know who has a landline? My 79-year-old dad, who needs assistance from my mom to figure out how to see his stock quotes on that goddamn internet thing.

Now do you see why polls are nonsense? CNN and the rest have already called the election for Hillary Clinton. Polls are just more propaganda from the left to make Trump-leaning voters stay home. When you see a poll that says that 59% of Americans have no problem with men dressed as women going into women’s bathrooms, it’s BS. It’s crap. It’s what the left wants you to believe. They control the message, and they get people to follow, because nobody wants to be an outcast. People want to fit in. If a poll came out that said 95% of Americans hate Dr. Pepper, guess what? A lot of people will stop drinking Dr. Pepper, even if they like it.


Do you know how drastically different this country would be if there were more national elections? Look at California, a bastion of liberalism. Gay marriage was actually voted down out here a few years ago. For a brief period, gay marriage was illegal in California, because of low voter turnout by the left and a massive drive by Mormons to get their people out. Back then, all you heard from the left was about Mormons rigging the election to tilt it in their favor. Liberals had no problem throwing around the word “rigged” when it suited their purpose, but Donald Trump saying it? “It’s un-American!. It’s unconstitutional and threatens our democracy!”

With Al Gore, the election was rigged. John Kerry, same thing. But Donald Trump is a Nazi because he suggests this election might have a little funny business going on. Really? All Democrats do all day is whine and complain about gerrymandering, voter registration and all the things they say Republicans do to influence an election outcome. The minute something doesn’t go their way, the left are the first to stand up and shout, “It’s rigged! The system is rigged!” Bill Maher, John Oliver, Elizabeth Warren, the list goes on and on. Liberals love the word “rigged,” as long as they are the only ones using it.

If these polls are scientific and irrefutable, then they should not all be drastically different. Right? Or am I missing something? The left says, “Every poll says Trump is down. That’s it. Game over.” But you can’t do that when your own scientific polls differ by such wide margins. You can’t call the election already when you can’t even get on the same polling page yourselves, Demo-dummies. All of these polls have Hillary beating Trump within the margin of error, trouncing him or tied. But the states that matter, the ones like Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, Florida, etc. are all statistically a dead heat.


Sampling determines the outcome of any poll. Was the sampling of the ABC/Washington Post poll from California or was it from Ohio? Obviously the results will be much more in Hillary’s favor in a state like California. Just using the word “scientific” when describing polling is absurd, because there are so many factors that go into what the results might be. Science is precise. If you find a cure for polio, there aren’t seven different cures. There’s one. Jonas Salk came up with one solution, not a bunch of different variations to get rid of polio.

So spare me your scientific polling crap, CNN, NBC, ABC, Washington Post, etc. It’s BS, and you all know it. There is no science involved with polls of such varying discrepancies.

Don’t believe the polls. There is no “science” to them. If you stay home and don’t vote because you buy into what they tell you, then don’t complain when Hillary Rotten Clinton becomes president, Democrats rule forever and the country is ruined by liberal hipster douchebags. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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