The Presumptive Nominee

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Where do we begin? Perhaps with “I told you so?”

Donald Trump not only won the Indiana primary on Tuesday, he locked up the Republican nomination. Not only did Trump win by a huge margin, Ted Cruz has dropped out of the race. Suspended his campaign. Then Cruz punched his wife in the face and elbowed her in the schnozz.

Now we know that not only does Ted Cruz spank his kids, because he threatens to spank other peoples’ kids, but he’s also a pretty good mixed martial artist.

The next day, Mr. Pancake Eater himself John Kasich suspended his campaign as well. It’s 100% over, yet the #NeverTrump morons still refuse to admit it’s over. Hugh Hewitt was convinced that there would be a contested convention and he was 100% sure Cruz would emerge as the nominee. So far Hughie’s 0 for 2. Hewitt would also constantly talk about strategic voting to block Trump’s path to the nomination.

I said months ago that there would be no contested convention, that Trump would win the nomination by having the most voters. Pundits like Hewitt, S.E. Cupp, Mark Levin, Charles Krauthammer and Karl Rove tried to create this alternate universe. They tried to convince people that there was this grassroots movement to stop Trump. Anybody but Trump. The anti-Trump “movement” was a couple hundred pundits, radio hosts and bloggers. Those were the #NeverTrump people. It wasn’t this huge movement.


We would do the breakdowns after every election. In 2012, Mitt Romney had this many votes, in 2016, Trump has this many votes. Trump is outperforming every previous primary election cycle. He got more votes that McCain in ’08 and Romney in ’12, yet no one talked about it. It was as if they were trying to rewrite history. I would hear dinosaurs like Mark Levin talk about Lincoln and Douglas. Why wasn’t he talking about four and eight years ago?

Tuesday night, Trump beat Romney again. On May 8, 2012 in Indiana, Romney got 410,000 votes, followed by Ron Paul who got 98,487 votes. Rick Santorum got 85,000, followed by Newt Gingrich with 41,000 votes. On Tuesday night, Donald Trump finished with 590,000. Ted Cruz got 405,000 votes and Kasich had 83,000. Just like last week in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland and Connecticut, Trump beat the numbers of the winner in 2012. He also beat McCain’s numbers in 2008.


Once again, Republicans are doubling the numbers from 2012. The turnout is record setting. I’ve been comparing the numbers from 2012 after every primary election. Nobody else has. They all pretend 2012 and 2008 doesn’t exist. They just say Trump is a weak candidate who will get slaughtered by Hillary in the general election. These are the same people who said Trump was nothing more than a flash in the pan like Herman Cain. They’ve been wrong about Trump from day one. Now they say Hillary will beat him and nobody calls them out on it.

Mitt Romney was declared the presumptive nominee on April 25, 2012. On May 3, RNC honcho Reince Priebus put out a tweet declaring Trump the presumptive nominee. The chronology of this year’s race is almost what it was in 2012. With Kasich dropping out, Trump has actually cleared the field faster than Romney did. Ron Paul was still running by this time. Trump cleared the field quicker than Hillary Clinton, both in 2008 and in 2016. Donald Trump has cleared the field faster than any of the recent candidates, yet according to these expert pundits, he’s a weak candidate who has no shot.

These were the experts who said Trump had a ceiling. They said he’s never going to get above 20%. Then it was 25%, then 30, 35%. Trump got 53% on Tuesday in Indiana. They said when other candidates dropped out, their supporters would coalesce around establishment boy Marco Rubio. Rubio got slaughtered in his home state and dropped out. Then they said everybody would coalesce around Ted Cruz because he was a true conservative. That didn’t work, either.


Everything that the expert pundits said would happen didn’t happen. Trump has locked up the nomination earlier than anyone else. He’s gotten more votes than any other candidate in history. I made a prediction on Tuesday morning that Cruz would lose and then get out of the race. When you blow your load and leave it all on the table and give it everything you’ve got, spend money and utilize strategic voting and every other dirty trick in the book and you still get hammered, there’s nowhere else to go. When you lose by almost 20 points after doing all that, it’s time to drop out. Cruz had the endorsement of Indiana’s governor, he announced his VP pick. Cruz had to win or get out. And that’s exactly what happened. You don’t continue once you’ve blown your load in Indiana.

There has been over $90 million dollars spent on anti-Trump attack ads. Six million was spent in Indiana alone. With all of these attack ads, Donald Trump still outperformed Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008. If these ads didn’t work for Ted Cruz, John Kasich and all of the other GOP candidates, why will they work for Hillary Clinton? The answer is they won’t.

I haven’t been wrong yet.

Trump 2016


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