The Philly Anti-Trump-A-Thon

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Watching the DNC convention on Monday night was like being waterboarded. It was painful.

Democrats live in another universe. They act as if the world is nothing but unicorns and rainbows and koalas. They’re all frolicking in Philly like a bunch of cuddly kittens in a YouTube video, meanwhile a priest in France is getting his throat slashed. France is being overrun by these ISIS animals and Democrats give us the Jerry Lewis telethon.

For those of you too young to remember, the Jerry Lewis telethon was an entire weekend of uninterrupted television. There were musical acts, celebrities, comedy routines and Jerry Lewis getting more and more loaded as the weekend progressed. In between all of this fabulous entertainment, Jerry would parade out these kids who were afflicted with muscular dystrophy so they could get people to send money to buy crutches and wheelchairs.

That’s what it was like. Instead of talking about the scourge of MD and how it affected those stricken with it, Democrats had Donald Trump. Remember Serge Kovaleski? He was the New York Times reporter that Trump supposedly mocked at a rally last year. Serge has arthrogryposis, a chronic condition that causes his arms to shrink and atrophy and form grotesque “baby hands.” Chris Elliot portrayed a butler with this affliction to great comedic effect in the film Scary Movie 2.


So they play a video of Trump mocking the guy with the baby hands, and then person after person says how awful he was and how deplorable it is to make fun of people with disabilities. The video ends and then they roll out a girl in a wheelchair. It was the Jerry Lewis anti-Donald Trump telethon.

You’ve seen the leaked DNC emails. They’re making fun of Bernie Sanders and his Jewish heritage, talking about taking out fake Backpage ads so people think Trump is looking for a hooker. They’re making fun of homosexuals and Mexicans. These emails show what Democrats really are. They pretend to champion the underprivileged and downtrodden, but privately they mock and belittle them.

You’ve seen how Hillary Clinton treats all of the women that Bill has put his ding-a-ling in. They’re all crazy, they’re stalkers. Bill’s just sitting in his office and these nutty broads bust in and impale themselves on his cigar. It’s not him, it’s these crazy chicks.

So I can only imagine the meeting when they came up with the idea for the video and wheeling the crippled girl out at the end. “YES!! That’s it! We’ll bury Trump with the crippled chick!”

Democrats criticized Republicans for exploiting Benghazi. They thought bringing out the mom of a soldier killed in the attack was in poor taste. “How can they exploit a tragedy like that? Tsk, tsk…” Then they have their own show and they parade out the cripples. Horrible. Just horrible.


Nobody pointed this out, of course. The panel on CNN was loaded with the usual lefties like Van Jones, who cried when Michelle Obama gave her speech. It was like he had that disease where you break out into uncontrollable crying. I think Danny Glover did a commercial about it. So you had Van Jones crying, Anderson Cooper, David Axelrod and Paul Begala, who works for Hillary Clinton. It seems like a bit of a conflict of interest to have someone like Begala running a super PAC for the candidate they are reporting on, but what do I know?

The weepy panelists all said that the Dem convention was night and day compared to the GOP convention a week earlier. They said all Republicans did was bash Hillary, but this was uplifting and inspirational. Really? I didn’t hear Elizabeth Warren go after Trump through half her speech? I didn’t hear Bernie Sanders, Bob Casey, Eva Longoria, Cory Booker, etc. go after Trump? Every single speaker slammed Trump by name, with the exception of Demi Lovato and Michelle Obama, who merely alluded to him. What the hell are they talking about? Was I watching the same telethon, er convention?

Before they rolled out the crippled chick, they opened the show with a couple of illegals. A girl is talking about how she crossed the Rio Grande as a four-year-old with her mom. It’s funny, when Republicans talk about building a wall, Democrats say that most illegal immigrants overstay their visas. They’re not swimming across the border from Mexico, you dummies. Now here you have a Mexican immigrant saying she came to America via the Rio Grande. She did what a wall would have prevented her from doing.

It’s amazing. They open their show with someone who says, “I don’t care about your laws, America.” They’re flaunting their status as criminals, just like the valedictorian who proudly tweeted that she was ‘undocumented.’ Think about how Democrats talk about playing fair. Having a level playing field. The rich have to pay their fair share, dammit. Then they bring a lawbreaker on stage to talk about cheating immigration rules because it’s too much of a hassle to come into the country legally. It’s not very fair to the people who stand in line and go through the immigration process, is it?


But that’s Democrats. Walking, talking contradictions. The last couple of months have been a virtual blitzkrieg of terror attacks, but I didn’t hear anyone mention ISIS or radical Islam. It was as if terrorism existed only in the minds of paranoid Republicans. It was just rainbow and unicorns and teddy bears. That’s what Monday night was.

There was no mention of the cops murdered in Dallas or Baton Rouge. Last night, they brought out the mother of Michael Brown. You remember Michael Brown. He was the poor unfortunate black kid with a bright future ahead of him who was just walking down the street one night and a racist white cop rolled up and shot him five times for no reason while he had his hands up. Of course, this was all a lie. Obama’s Justice Department determined it was a lie. But that didn’t stop the Dems from having this criminal’s mother speaking about the horrible racist police who killed her innocent son.

I watched Cory Booker scream like a preacher telling people to “rise” and talking about criminal justice reform. What exactly is criminal justice reform? To me, it sounds as silly as “over-policing” communities. When a black person steals something and gets a year in jail and a white person only gets six months, is that what Cory’s talking about? Is criminal justice reform making the white person also get a year in jail? Or is it the black person only getting six months like the white person? What does criminal justice reform mean?


To me, it means not getting a tough sentence for a crime. It’s coded language, like “over-policing.” It means instead of arresting someone for stealing cigarillos in a convenience store, the police look the other way. Instead of the police arresting Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes, they will just let him slide. Instead of arresting Alton Sterling for pulling an illegal gun on a homeless man, the police will just pretend it didn’t happen. That’s what over-policing and criminal justice reform means. Over-policing isn’t arresting someone for no reason, it’s letting people get away with crime.

In major cities across the U.S., crime has gone up 17%. Crime has risen dramatically in Los Angeles, where I live. So are the police ‘under-policing?’ What’s going on?

Democrats say instead of putting people in jail, we should provide them with jobs. When a person gets out of jail, what kind of job are they going to be able to get? Working in a warehouse? Bussing tables? Working in a fast food establishment or at a car wash? If you live in a community that is over-policed and you end up getting caught in a criminal justice system that is out of control, what job can you get when you are released from prison? The jobs that have been taken over by illegals? Working in a warehouse or a fast food joint or a car wash are all jobs that are currently being held by illegal immigrants.

Do Facebook or Apple or NBC or any of these media giants whose leaders spout all these utopian liberal ideals have job programs for recently released felons? It’s like when Democrats mock Republicans for opposing abortion, saying they care about the child when it’s in the womb, but once it’s born, the baby is on its own. Where are all the jobs for these poor, disadvantaged, over-policed felons when they emerge from the broken criminal justice system? How many felons work for Facebook? How many work for Apple? Exactly.

Monday night was painful. It was torturous. And Tuesday night was even worse.

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