The Obama-Biden Warm-Up Act

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Are Barack Obama and Joe Biden running for a third term? It sure seemed like it Wednesday night. It wasn’t like they were saying that Hillary Clinton will be the greatest president in the world. It was more like, “Man, are you guys gonna miss us. If we can convince you that Donald Trump is Satan incarnate, you will change the Constitution and allow us to serve a third term.”

Obama and Biden both gave great speeches. Last night, Hillary Clinton did not. It was like having an opening act that was better than the main event. It was like when a band wants to play their new stuff and all the crowd wants them to do is play their hits. It was like rock star Bill Clinton passing the torch to the wooden Al Gore in ’99. If they were smart, Democrats would have put Obama and Biden on the first night so people wouldn’t draw comparisons between them and Hillary.

We’ll get back to Obama and Biden. Let’s talk about the others.

I gotta ask. Is Tim Kaine running for vice president or school nurse? Who is he? What is he?

Nobody cares about Tim Kaine. If Tim wasn’t married with a couple of kids, I would swear he is gay. Especially when you see old pictures of him with hair like Bob Ross, the happy trees painter from PBS. Then you have the whole Jesuit priest thing. Very homosexual.

Then you had Leon Panetta. Panetta was Obama’s CIA director from 2009 to 2011. The funny thing is Leon wrote a book that trashes Obama. In his book, he says that ISIS is the result of Obama’s policies. Panetta served in the administration when Hillary was Secretary of State, and Leon just trashes all of them. When Panetta says that Obama is responsible for ISIS, that means everybody from the top down.

So it was bizarre watching Leon Panetta trashing Trump and praising Obama and Hillary, especially since he admitted in his book that enhanced interrogation was useful. Panetta said, “Harsh interrogation did cause some prisoners to yield to their captors and produced leads that helped our government understand Al Qaeda’s organization, methods and leadership.”

You gotta read his book. It’s called Worthy Fights. Everything we’ve got going on right now in Syria and Iraq is all Obama’s fault. That’s what Leon says in his book, and here he is praising him and the Secretary of State at the time. Bizarre.


Billionaire Michael Bloomberg also spoke. Bloomberg is the former mayor of New York City who banned super-sized sodas. I call him the Soda Mayor. That’s his claim to fame. The Soda Mayor. Bloomberg has been all over the place politically. He was a Democrat, then a Republican, then an independent. He was going to run for president, then decided not to. It was amusing watching the Soda Mayor criticize Trump.

Bloomberg made his fortune creating investment technology and moving money around. He’s a banker. A paper pusher who gambles with other people’s money. Just like Mitt Romney with Bain Capital. Compare that to someone who had constructed buildings, hotels, created a football team. Trump has hired a lot of blue collar workers and contributed to local economies. Bloomberg made his money speculating on businesses that fail. Whether Trump had businesses that thrived or failed, a lot of people made money along the way. Bloomberg made money when people lost money.

Joe Biden basically gave an acceptance speech for the nomination that he should’ve had. Biden should have run. Democrats are pissed, because if they lose, Joe not running is the move that screwed them. If Biden was running, things would be a lot different right now. I don’t think Trump would be up in the polls like he is. You wouldn’t be hearing about emails or Benghazi. If Joe Biden were running, it would be a whole different election. If Democrats lose, the epitaph will be “Joe should have run.”

Joe not running wasn’t because of his son dying. It was because the powers that be in the Democratic Party said it was time for a woman. They had a black guy, now it’s woman time. Joe had his turn. He ran for president a couple times and never made it out of the primaries. It’s Hillary’s turn. So they told Joe to stand down.

He did say a few strange things in his speech. Like when he criticized Trump for saying, “You’re fired.”  Biden said we shouldn’t have a president who enjoys firing people. Uh Joe, you do realize that Celebrity Apprentice was a TV show? It’s not real. It was like someone saying Reagan shouldn’t be president because he had a monkey named Bonzo living with him.


Biden also said Trump doesn’t care about workers. When Trump builds office buildings and hotel and casinos, who do you think is doing these jobs? Blue collar workers.

Those were the lead-ups to the main event, which was Obama. Like I said, they should have put him on the first night, but they wanted to create the image of him passing the torch to Hillary Clinton. Hillary even came out at the end of his speech and they raised their hands up in victory. But Hillary isn’t Obama. She’s annoying. She like’s that cranky mother-in-law in Goodfellas. Remember when Henry came home after a night out and Karen’s mom starts blasting him when he shows up at the front door? “Where were you Henry? A married man does not act like this!” Then Joe Pesci does an impression of her as Henry turns around and walks back to the car laughing his ass off.

Most of Obama’s speech was unicorns and rainbows, but at one point he compared Trump to dictators and terrorists. Basically, if you support Trump, you are a terrorist sympathizer. That’s what he was saying. He said Trump acted like a king. Somebody who rules us. This is coming from a guy who goes to Congress and says, “Hey, I want to do this.” Congress says, We’re not going to let you.” Then Obama says, “Well, I’ll just do it without you” and signs an executive order.

Obama said Hillary is the most qualified presidential candidate ever. Even more qualified than him or Bill Clinton. We are doomed.

CNN had a panel discussion afterwards that included David Gergen and Jerry Springer. Yes, that Jerry Springer. They referred to him as the former mayor of Cincinnati. Do you know how long ago that was? I think most people know Jerry from the show where he had fighting transsexual midgets who married their sisters.


Sigourney Weaver came out and talked about climate change and how Republicans deny it. She said denying climate change would lead to an apocalyptic environmental disaster and then they played a film made by James Cameron to illustrate the danger.

This was a little insulting. Sigourney and the people in the film talked about conservation and using alternative sources like solar energy. With the exception of maybe Ed Begley Jr., I guarantee that none of these Hollywood big mouths have their gargantuan mansions fitted with solar panels. When these climate preachers are flying in private jets and living in mansions that could house an entire Mexican village, I find it somewhat hypocritical. California Governor Jerry Brown talks about saving water. Do you know how many gallons of water it takes to keep the lawns of these mega-mansions nice and green?

When gas prices go up because of some environmental tax, these rich celebrities don’t feel the effect of it. They don’t care if they have to pay an extra 75 cents a gallon, but a working family does. The extra money they spend on gas is what they could’ve used to buy school clothes or go on a family vacation. Instead, they’re putting their money in their gas tank because Sigourney Weaver says we need to save the planet.

Then they paraded the families of people who were lost to “gun violence.” This was also insulting. How? When you have the mom of someone who was killed in Orlando and they say it was because of gun violence, it insults your intelligence. The people in Orlando were killed by an Islamic terrorist. Without the Islamic terrorist behind the trigger, the assault rifle he used was useless. The assault rifle didn’t magically kill those people, the Islamic terrorist did. Someone else brought up San Bernardino. Two more Islamic terrorists. It’s not gun violence, it’s Islamic terrorism.


It’s weird that there was no segment whatsoever on terrorism. Obama mentioned it briefly, but it wasn’t brought up anywhere else. They did whole segments on climate change, gun violence, illegals and cripples, but nothing on terrorism. Nothing.

Unicorns and rainbows.

Democrats controlled the White House and both houses of Congress for over two years. If gun violence was such an issue and banning assault weapons was so important, why didn’t they do it when they were in power? If he wanted to, Obama could have put forth a bill that reinstituted the assault weapons ban and it would have been passed by Democrats in Congress.

Democrats did nothing, and with Hillary they will continue to do nothing. The worst thing that happened to Democrats was the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. Why? Because SCOTUS took it off the table politically. Gay marriage was a great wedge issue for them to demonize Republicans with. That’s why transgender bathrooms have become a thing, because gay marriage is settled.

Gun control will always be a hot button issue for Democrats. That’s why they will never, ever introduce legislation to ban them completely. They are able to raise money by promising weapons restrictions. They are able to beat that gun drum and get 60 million stupid voters to send them campaign donations. Why would they ever get rid of that cash cow?

Insulting. That was day three of the DNC convention. Day three of waterboarding and rectally fed hummus torture. One more night, starring the person who shattered the glass ceiling and could be our first female president, a lovely woman by the name of Hillary Rotten Clinton.

God help us.

Trump 2016


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