The Machine Can’t Kill Trump

From 6-21-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

Let’s discuss the latest Donald Trump media narrative.

We’re starting to hear the same thing we heard back when Trump first launched his campaign. We heard Jeb Bush had millions of dollars. All of these other guys had war chests filled to the brim with donor cash that they were spending on TV ads. Trump wasn’t spending any money. All of these guys had ground games and pollsters and seasoned political operatives in their organization. Donald Trump didn’t have any of these things, and the only reason he was winning was because there were 16 people in the race and he had name recognition. As the numbers dwindled, it would be just a matter of time before Trump would be finished.

The pundits and political experts all said you had to run a campaign a certain way. You had to spend money, you had to have a campaign staff, you had to do this, you had to do that. Trump wasn’t doing any of this, so he was destined to lose.

So what happens? The field narrows from 16 people to 10 people to 8 people to 3 people and then he wins. The political rags and hacks begrudgingly admitted they were wrong and cited all the factors that caused them to be wrong. There were unforeseen circumstances and things that had never happened before, so even though the outcome wasn’t what they predicted, they weren’t really wrong. But now we move on to the general election, and that’s a whole new ball game.

Now we’re hearing the same thing. Trump doesn’t have the staff, he doesn’t have the money, he needs to run ads, he needs to do this, he needs to do that. He’s down in the polls. We’re hearing the exact same thing that we heard, but the difference is that was the primaries, this is the general. That’s their little nuance to explain why they were wrong before, but now they’re right.

Remember, all of these people have been wrong all year. None of them have fresh ideas. Do you think S.E Cupp is fresh idea maker? Van Jones? Donna Brazile? These putzes have been trolling around for years. They’re all recycled corporate political hacks. Look at David Gregory. He was at MSNBC, then NBC and now CNN. Hugh Hewitt worked in radio and on PBS for years and now bounces between CNN and MSNBC. They are all partisan hacks who work for entertainment conglomerates.


There are no unbiased news organizations anymore. Look at what happened to Dan Rather. He was forced out at CBS and his career and legacy were tarnished because he engaged in biased reporting. Now you’re supposed to be partisan. You’re supposed to be liberal and go after conservatives and their ideology. If you aren’t, you don’t get a job.

All of these recycled putzes are saying the same thing. Trump doesn’t have this, he doesn’t have that. What worked in the primaries won’t work in the general. Trump has 70 employees, Hillary has 700. Hillary has $42 million in campaign cash, Trump has $1.3 million. Trump is done.

You could look at the latest poll results as the glass being half empty or half full. Depends on your stance. A new CNN/ORC poll has 47% for Hillary Clinton and 42% for Donald Trump. We’re talking about 5 points. When you add the other candidates, the difference is only 4 points. Remember, the margin for error is +/- 3 points, so that means Trump is within striking distance.

When it comes to unfavorability, Hillary and Trump are tied. Six out of ten see both of them as unfavorable. But when it comes to the economy and terrorism, Trump beats Hillary. That’s why she gave the speech yesterday where she said Trump would be bad for the economy. She didn’t say what she would do differently, however. She would be carrying on the same policies as Obama, so the narrative is Donald Trump is bad, Donald Trump is horrible, he’s evil, he’s Satan, so vote for me.

Hillary even said she wasn’t good with money, so she would seek economic advice from her husband. Remember that? The voters apparently do, so that’s why Trump beats Hillary 51% to 43% on the economy. Trump also beats Hillary on terrorism 48% to 45%. So all the people who said that Trump really stepped in it after his comments on Orlando and predicted he would pay for it were wrong.

When you add up all the negative factors and the media narrative that Trump is in way over his head, he’s still within striking distance. Politico described the Clinton campaign operation as a machine. A money-making machine. You have a machine going against a horse and buggy and that machine is only five points ahead. You don’t see this as a problem for Hillary Clinton?

Trump is only five points down, yet his campaign is in shambles. He’s knocking on heaven’s door. He’s being outpolled and outspent. He’s being outdone on every level, yet Trump is within striking distance. When it comes to the economy and terrorism, he destroys Hillary Clinton. If he is truly knocking on heaven’s door and has one foot in the grave, shouldn’t Hillary be beating Trump by 30 points?

We’re not even at the convention stage, yet Donald Trump is a dead man walking. He’s only five points behind overall, and he’s winning on two of the most important issues. But the expert pundits like S.E Cupp and Van Jones and Donna Brazile say he’s finished. “I’m S.E. Cupp and I know what I’m talking about because I wear smart glasses!”


Being only five points behind after a full scale media assault is impressive. If I were a Democrat, I would be terrified right now. Hillary and the Democratic machine have everything going for them, yet they’re only beating Trump by five points. That’s it. Even though Bernie Sanders hasn’t officially dropped out, Hillary is the nominee. Any bump she might have gotten from that is over. Bernie voters have either come to her by now or they’re staying home.

Hillary has the full weight of the media behind her, millions of dollars and a formidable campaign operation . President Obama has endorsed her and attacked Trump, as has VP Joe Biden. Anyone who is objective would see that Hillary Clinton is in serious trouble. With everything that has been thrown at Trump, Hillary should be winning by 50 points in every single category.

For Trump, there is only one place to go and that’s up. They’ve already killed him. They’ve already said, “You’re dead.” The firing of Corey Lewandowski signaled the demise of the Trump campaign, so from this point forward, everything can only go up. It’s like a football team being down two touchdowns at the half against New England. If they could just get a field goal or steal one, they would still be in the game.  It’s like a boxer who is way down on points and all he has to do is make it through the next round so he can stage a comeback.

The Orlando story will fade into the background, just as the Judge Curiel controversy died down. Hillary has a new scandal coming out every week, from the Clinton Foundation donor being put on an advisory board to the yet-to-be-released Clinton Cash movie to her ever-growing email investigation. There’s also the movie Weiner, which is relevant because Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin plays a prominent role in Hillary’s campaign. There’s also a new book by a former Secret Service agent detailing Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades. Trump’s problems are fading and Hillary’s are just starting.

Only five points down after everything Hillary and the media has thrown at Trump. Democrats, the media, #NeverTrumpers, be afraid. Be very afraid.

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