The JV Team Scores Another Win

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The JV team has struck again.

I wish our JV team was this good when I was in high school. If I was on a JV team as good as ISIS, I would be playing for the NFL right now. The JV team’s latest score is 43 dead and more than 230 people wounded at the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

These people are animals. When Donald Trump talks about bringing back waterboarding and some of the enhanced interrogation techniques that have been used in the past, the left says, “Oh, no. That’s not us. That’s not America. It’s not who we are.”

Listen up, morons. We’re not dealing with conventional warfare. We’re not even dealing with a country. It’s not about territory or political ideologies, it’s about going to Heaven. Going to Paradise and having sex with virgins. It’s bizarre, irrational combat.

It’s one thing to deal with a country that wants to expand its territory or influence. Every war we’ve fought has been over a rational concept, even the Gulf War. Saddam wanted to annex Kuwait in order to grab their oil and increase his power and influence in the region. But when you’re dealing with ISIS and caliphates and virgins and prophets, it’s irrational. The left wants to coddle these maniacs. Loretta Lynch wants to combat them with love.


Obama and Hillary say that if you say anything derogatory about the sham religion that validates their insanity, it will make them hate us more, and that will make us unsafe. So if we don’t say certain words, are they going to stop suicide bombing?

The left says enhanced interrogation techniques violate the Geneva Convention. I’m no legal scholar, but I always thought the Geneva Convention’s rules of combat applied to legitimate countries, like Germany or Japan. I didn’t know the rules applied to insane desert-dwelling animals that no country will claim. These animals come from all over the world. There’s no country of ISIS. So why should they be treated like a country?

Only a sub-human animal would strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves up, along with everyone in the vicinity of the blast. Somebody who would do that doesn’t deserve the respect and protections of the Geneva Convention.

The left says we shouldn’t use methods like waterboarding or sleep deprivation or rectally force-feeding hummus. We’re Americans. We’re better than that. I agree. We are better than that. We don’t do that to our own citizens. We do it to sub-human animals who don’t belong to any country or rational government. They’re cockroaches, and I don’t know too many people who have compassion for a roach. We see a cockroach and we stomp on it.


Cockroaches. That’s what radical Islam is. That’s who they are.

For all the grief that Benjamin Netanyahu gets for how he deals with Palestinians who attack Israel, he does what he has to do to protect his people. Netanyahu recognizes them as the sub-human animals they are and deals with them accordingly. We allow attacks to happen because we don’t play by the same rules that Israel does.

Japan wanted to take over the world in World War II. As irrational as that was, Japan smartened right up when we lit up two of their cities and they surrendered. Netanyahu knows that these people are animals, and you can’t deal with them like you would a country like Germany or Japan. Netanyahu recognizes that protecting over 8 million citizens of Israel is more important than a thousand or so Palestinians who get caught in the crossfire. Just like with San Bernardino and Orlando, Netanyahu realizes that the families are in on it, so he bulldozes their houses. Why does he do it? Because it works.

Netanyahu realizes that we’re not dealing with normal people. What kind of savage animal digs a tunnel, crawls through the hole and comes out and stabs a little boy? That’s not a person worthy of respect, that’s an animal.

A Palestinian smuggler climbs down into a tunnel beneath the Egyptian-Gaza border in Rafah

For the past eight years, Obama and his media cohorts have created this narrative that Muslims are peaceful, loving people and it’s only a small minority who carry out acts of terrorism. If we treat them with respect and love, they won’t attack us. But for the past eight years, we’ve had more terror attacks than any other time in our history. Under Obama’s watch, we’ve had more terror attacks with policies that were supposed to better than the Bush administration. More humane and American. These policies would prevent people from wanting to attack us became Muslims would see that America was not at war with Islam. How’s that working out?

What was better, having no attacks because we kept these animals in prison and force-fed them hummus and terrorized them with dogs and made naked pyramids and had them wear a dog leash, or treating them with love and having more attacks than ever in our history? Which policy was better?

When you talk to generals and intelligence agencies, not one of them are echoing the Obama administration’s claim that ISIS is on the run and are being contained. They’re not being contained. They’re taking down airplanes, they’re attacking clubs in the United States and Paris and walking into airports in Brussels and Istanbul and blowing themselves up.


If Obama had dealt with this when ISIS crossed the border from Syria into Iraq, we wouldn’t be having these attacks. If we wanted to adhere to the rules of the Geneva Convention, we should have declared war on them. “But they’re not part of a country!” Exactly. They’re cockroaches, and they should have been squashed.

ISIS is not a JV team. These attacks will continue to happen if we don’t start treating these animals how they deserve to be treated. ISIS is not getting weaker, and if Hillary Clinton is elected, they will become even stronger. Don’t let the JV team get to the Super Bowl.

Trump 2016


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