The House Scheme To Stop Trump

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Remember the GOP unity pledge?

This was a very big deal. It was a promise by the candidates to not run a third party campaign, and to support the eventual nominee. It was designed to prevent Donald Trump from launching a third party bid and costing Republicans the election when he inevitably lost the primaries.

As the race went on and the field narrowed, the remaining candidates would periodically be asked if they would support Donald Trump if he were the nominee. Some would wiggle out of the question by claiming emphatically that Trump would not be the nominee. They said they would support the nominee because they signed a pledge that they would, but the nominee wouldn’t be Trump.

What does it say about the honor and integrity of Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush when they say they won’t support Trump now that he is the nominee? Everyone was adamant about Trump signing the pledge when they were sure he would lose and possibly launch a third party run. It says a lot about the character of the people who are now going back on their word because they didn’t get the outcome they wanted.

The latest plan is to get one, two or possibly three candidates to run third party. Not with the hope of actually winning the election, but to deny both Trump and Hillary the necessary electoral votes and have the presidency decided by the House of Representatives.

How does this plan work? National Review founder and editor Bill Kristol met with Mitt Romney last week to hash out the details. It goes like this. You can’t get a candidate on the ballot in all 50 states at this point, but what you can do is figure out who is more popular in a particular state and get them on the ballot there. So Mitt Romney gets on the ballot in Utah. I would bet that on a ticket of Trump vs. Hillary vs. Romney, Romney would get the most popular votes. He might not win a majority of over 50%, but he doesn’t have to. If Mitt Romney wins Utah, he wins their electoral votes.


So now Utah is off the map for Hillary or Trump. This may not prevent them from reaching the magic number of 270 electoral votes needed to win, but it definitely makes it harder. They now have to win another state, because Utah is not in play.

Now imagine if another GOP favorite son jumps in the race. Rick Perry has said he would back Trump, but he’s not out there running around campaigning for him. Perry is a popular figure in Texas. Texas has 38 electoral votes. So Rick Perry gets on the ballot and wins Texas. Now Texas is off the map. Texas would normally go for Trump. If he loses 38 electoral votes, it’s over. Finished.

Let’s add Scott Walker to the ballot in Wisconsin. Adding Scott Walker would draw a substantial number of voters away from Trump or Hillary. And let’s not forget John Kasich. Add his name to Ohio. Now nobody gets the 270 electoral votes required to win the election. If you take all of these states off the playing field, Trump or Hillary doesn’t meet the threshold, and neither do any of the other candidates. So the election is decided by the House of Representatives.

The only kink in this plan is there is a provision in the Constitution that prevents a white knight candidate from riding in and stealing the election. You have to deal with people who were already running. So Romney would be disqualified from this scenario, but Perry, Walker and Kasich wouldn’t.

This is actually being considered. There would be no hiding their intentions with foggy convention rules. People would see it as a plot to deny both Trump and Hillary the presidency and would result in the most screwed up election in history.

Now remember, all of these candidates signed a pledge not to run third party and to support whoever emerged as the nominee. Here we are less than a year later and there is a plan in motion to have the House of Representatives pick a president. Now there is a plan to have two or three candidates break their pledge and run third party to deny the GOP nominee the White House.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he’s “not ready” to get behind Trump. Who is he going to get behind? Hillary? Or is he waiting for this plan to hatch and get behind the spoiler candidate? Here’s another clue. Ryan said he would be willing to step down as co-chairman of the RNC if Trump asked him to. He said he’ll do whatever Trump wants with respect to the convention. So Paul Ryan is fine with not being a leader at the convention, but when it comes to supporting the GOP nominee, he’s not sure.

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Here’s what the establishment doesn’t get. The House of Representatives in comprised of congressmen who were put there by the grassroots, 11 million of whom have already voted for Donald Trump. When Eric Cantor lost the primary, he lost because of these grassroots voters. What the establishment is banking on is that these grassroots voters will come out and vote for a scam that puts Rick Perry or Scott Walker or John Kasich in the White House with 6 to 700,000 votes. They think their constituents will be fine with this. These constituents have already voted for Trump.

Everybody knows that the grassroots voters are the only ones who vote in midterm elections and primaries. They are the die-hards who vote in every election, whether it’s for senator or dogcatcher. Most people only vote in presidential elections. The people who put congressmen in office are the grassroots. These are the people who have come out in droves to vote for Donald Trump, and the establishment thinks they will go along with a plot to dump him and put someone else in office. It’s ludicrous.

It all comes back to the unity pledge. There was never any need for a unity pledge before Trump. When Bob Dole, McCain and Romney ran, they were accepted as the nominees. It was their time. Republicans came up with the unity pledge to stop Trump from doing what they are plotting to do to him now.

Think about this. You have Lindsey Graham breaking his pledge and saying he won’t support Donald Trump. Then you have GOP heroes like Bob Dole and Dick Cheney saying they will support him. Even John McCain says he will support Trump. You have these three GOP stalwarts supporting him and then you have Lindsey Graham saying Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing  and will endanger the country. In essence, Lindsey Graham is questioning the judgment of Dole, Cheney and McCain. Who do you think the GOP electorate trusts more, two well-respected longtime senators who happen to be war heroes and former presidential candidates and a former wartime vice president, or a pledge-breaking, primary-losing, never-married 60-year-old senator from South Carolina?

The whole situation is crazy. This is why Republicans are screwed and is why Democrats win the White House again and again. Democrats don’t create turmoil like this within their own party. Democrats fall in line for the common good. They have unity.

Pundits say it’s up to Donald Trump to unite the party. How does he unite a party that is doing everything in its power to undermine his candidacy? You have all of these candidates who broke the unity pledge. How does Trump unite with people like them?

Republicans are sabotaging themselves. I’m not sure why. This is the type of thing that makes politicians lose elections. A lot of these people are in danger of being voted out. This is what makes them get voted out. Why are they doing it? I don’t get it. It’s perplexing.

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