The GOP Wants A Do-Over

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We know better than you. That’s what the Republican establishment is telling the voters. They know better than 9 million people. Their thoughts, ideas, opinions and concepts are more highly evolved and valuable than those 9 million peasants.

The leaders in the GOP feel they have to stop Donald Trump for the good of the party. You’re talking about a handful of people. They say Trump doesn’t have the support of 50% of the electorate, so he can’t be the nominee. When asked what candidate does have the support, they don’t have an answer.

Trump has the support of the people. You can’t throw everybody’s vote out. That’s what #NeverTrump morons like Ben Shapiro and the confused Tim Miller and the unhealthy Katie Packer want. They want a do-over because they don’t like who won. There is no campaign restart button. It doesn’t work like that.

That’s not to say they’re not trying. Washington Post opinion writer Michael Gerson wrote: GOP leaders such as Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus are trying to pretend this is a normal political moment, in which the party should forget its disagreements and unite against the Democrat. “We can’t win,” he says, “unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee.” This is a dangerous delusion. If Trump is chosen in Cleveland, the Republican Party is headed toward electoral disaster, all the way down the ticket. Many if not most Republican candidates at the state and local levels would need to run in revolt against their party’s presidential pick.

That’s the party elite telling everyone that you can’t pick Trump. We know better. It will destroy the Republican Party from the top down. This is maybe 200 anti-Trump establishment people telling 9 million voters we know better. We knew better with Mitt Romney, we knew better with John McCain, we knew better with Bob Dole. We know better. We know better than all of you.


It was under Priebus’s leadership that the 2012 Republican “autopsy” was produced, a document calling for accelerated outreach to women, the young and Latino voters. Trump represents the reversal of everything Priebus had planned for the Republican future. If Priebus ends up blessing the Trump nomination, the results would reach far beyond 2016. It would turn the sins of Trump into the sins of the GOP. And Priebus would go down as the head of the party who squandered the legacy of Lincoln, the legacy of Reagan, in a squalid and hopeless political effort.

If Trump wins in Cleveland, Priebus should think beyond the current election and demonstrate the existence of a party better than its nominee. The head of the RNC should resign, rather than be complicit as his party is defiled.

So what is Michael Gerson saying? He’s saying that a couple hundred party insiders should say to millions of voters, “Thank you everybody. Thank you for handing over your money, but we’re doing it our way. We’re doing it our way because you’re all stupid. We’re going to listen to Ben Shapiro, the confused Tim Miller, the unhealthy Katie Packer, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, S.E. Cupp, Katie Pavlich, etc. We are going to pool all of that brain power together and WE will pick the nominee. We will pick the person who runs against Hillary. Thank you and goodnight.”

Every one of the people I just mentioned had their own horse in the race, and the voting public rejected them. They’re Marco Rubio supporters, a sitting senator who was rejected by his own state. Pundits like S.E Cupp think that result should be erased and Rubio should get a do-over. The confused Tim Miller is a Jeb Bush guy. Somehow Mr. Low Energy should have a do-over.


People like this were horrible children. They have their favorite candidate that they support and when he doesn’t win, they don’t accept the results. They pout and stamp their feet and want a do-over. These are the ones who call Trump a whiner. They call him a crybaby for saying the process is rigged. A crybaby? He’s pointing out something that is flawed, something that needs to be fixed. These horrible children are the crybabies. They are the ones who unplug the video game when they lose. They don’t like the outcome, so they want to restart it.

Michael Gerson, you want to talk about the destroying the legacy of Lincoln and Reagan and damaging the party beyond repair? Do a do-over.

It’s insane listening to these people talk. “We HAVE to stop Trump!” It’s like listening to a meeting of the Politburo in the Soviet Union or Communist Party leaders in China. It’s like what happens in banana republics and dictatorships. A bunch of old men sitting around a table smoking cigars and drinking brandy deciding what is best for the stupid villagers.

Joseph Stalin said, “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”


According to Michael Gerson, Reine Priebus and the RNC, Ben Shapiro, Katie Packer, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, S.E. Cupp, etc., the votes you cast mean nothing. WE decide what’s best for you. These people are upset that the voters have spoken, so they want to take their voices away. George Will says that because of this Trump thing, we have to change the way we pick our nominee. George Will doesn’t like who the people picked, so he wants to change the rules so the people can’t make that mistake again.

It’s like a parent who doesn’t like who their child is dating or the fact that their child is gay. “I FORBID you to date that person!  We’re going to pray away the gay!” This never works. All that happens is the parent loses their relationship with their children. That’s what the GOP is doing. George Will is saying we don’t like the choice of the voters, so we have to change that. We know better. We have to stop Trump.

Look at the election results last night. Did the people speak for Ted Cruz? Did they speak for John Kasich?

I rest my case.

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