The GOP Primary Ponzi Scheme

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People will be casting their votes today in New York. Yes, voting. In a voting booth.

It seems like a novel idea, doesn’t it? Walking, driving, taking a bus or a subway to a polling station and submitting a ballot of your choice for president. That’s what civilized states do. They vote. People vote. There’s not a backroom meeting with a handful of party officials who determine that state’s nominee. New Yorkers get to privately cast a vote and make their voices heard. That’s what is supposed to happen in a democracy. At least that’s what we all thought.

RNC honchos Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer say Donald Trump is just a lot of hot air. Nothing’s rigged, nothing’s fixed. The rules are the rules, and if Trump had a problem with the rules, he should have brought it up a year ago. He should have been prepared and familiar with the delegate selection process. He should have figured out how to play the rigged system. That’s what politics is today. A flawed system.

There is no democracy as we were taught growing up. You cast a vote, and the person who gets the most votes wins. That was voting and democracy, you thought. But that’s not the case. As you get older, you realize there is no pure democracy like that. There’s always something going on behind the scenes that can invalidate that vote.

Look at the 2000 election. Everybody got their first glimpse of how the electoral college system is rigged. The person who got the most popular votes lost. That’s not democracy, even with the electoral college as we know it. It has always worked out that the person who won the electoral college also received the most popular votes. But in 2000, a loophole was exploited that gave the presidency to a person who got less votes. The will of the people was erased.

This was able to be swept under the rug because the candidate who lost was a Democrat. If it were a Republican, there would have been riots in the streets. Remember the Cliven Bundy crew? That’s what you would have seen if a Republican who won the popular vote was denied the presidency.

You can look at it two ways. One would be as a flaw in the electoral system that would allow something like this to happen, or it was a combination of the Supreme Court and Florida elections shenanigans that gave the presidency to someone with less votes. I would think it is the latter, because a flaw in the system would be something that would have to be corrected, otherwise it could be exploited all the time.

Ultimately, if the recount had continued, there is a 99.9% chance that Al Gore would have been president. The electoral votes he received in Florida would have matched the popular vote.


Where am I going with this? We have a GOP primary system that is basically a Ponzi scheme. The rules have always been there, but as long as nobody says anything, no one realizes how unfair they are. In a Ponzi scheme, the ruse is never exposed unless an investor asks for all of his money. Same thing with the primaries. As long as everybody plays by both the written and the unwritten rules, the scam is not revealed. The GOP primary Ponzi scheme is never exposed.

You have a bunch of people running for president. The concept has always been candidates drop out as they are mathematically eliminated. One person emerges as the nominee after the others drop out and everybody gets behind that person. That’s what is supposed to happen. Technically, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul or Rick Santorum could have used this delegate Ponzi scheme in 2012. It’s a loophole that could have been exploited, but never was, because it would reveal the scam.

As far as anyone knew, the primaries were based on people voting. In the states where representatives choose delegates, those delegates have always picked who the frontrunner was, i.e the person who was leading in the popular vote. When someone like Ted Cruz can pick up more delegates than the person who got the most votes, it exposes the myth that people actually get to vote for the nominee.

There’s a reason that this process was kept hidden. If the American people realized how fraudulent the election system is, they wouldn’t show up to vote. Millions of dollars would be lost. Think about what would happen if the primary season was eliminated due to lack of interest. Businesses in Iowa and New Hampshire and all of the early states make tons of money when everybody comes to town. Millions of dollars are spent on campaign ads. That’s money that goes to local TV and radio stations, local print shops, etc. If everybody got hip to the Ponzi scheme, nobody would vote and millions of dollars in business would be lost.

People say Donald Trump is hated because he doesn’t put money into the system, but it’s deeper than that. He is exposing the fact that the process is rigged. Your vote doesn’t count. You may think it does, but it doesn’t. Trump is winning states and delegates and votes, but what you’re hearing is Ted Cruz putting out a tweet that says: Donald, over 1.3m people just voted in UT, ND, WI, CO, & WY. You lost ALL FIVE in a row, by huge margins. #NoWhining

This is a bold faced lie. 1.3 million people did not vote for Ted Cruz. The only states where people voted were Wisconsin and Utah. The other states that he said he won? The people didn’t vote. No one in North Dakota, Colorado or Wyoming voted. Counting a roomful of Republican party leaders as the people who voted is dishonest, and it bashes a hole in the GOP Ponzi scheme in a way that’s never been done before.


This election is showing everybody that someone can win millions more votes, but somebody else can get the nomination because of a rigged system and by not following the unwritten rule of dropping out when mathematically eliminated. That’s what Ted Cruz and John Kasich are doing, and the RNC is letting them do it. This is why the Republican Party is doomed and is why Fox News’ viewership is down 50%. Reince Priebus and the GOP establishment are giving their blessing for Ted Cruz to rip open the GOP primary process and expose the Ponzi scheme for what it is. It is showing people that their votes are meaningless.

When somebody like Ted Cruz can come in second in Louisiana or third in the Georgia primaries and through backroom deal-making emerge with more delegates than the person who came in first, that’s when you know the system is broken. This flaw was always there to be exploited, but nobody ever did it because they would expose the entire farce. The Ponzi scheme would be revealed.

Personal feelings on Donald Trump aside, how can anybody feel good about having a candidate with millions more popular votes lose the nomination to the second or third place finisher, or a white knight candidate who either didn’t participate in the primary process, or did and had to drop out because they couldn’t get enough popular votes? How can anybody not have a problem with this and say the rules are the rules? How could they possible believe this wouldn’t impact the party at all? There’s no way anyone could believe that.

If Ted Cruz were doing this to any other candidate beside Trump, the RNC would put a hit on him. If it were Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio that Lyin’ Ted was stealing delegates from, the RNC would institute a new rule to stop him. Ted would be stopped, and that would be it. Do you realize that in 2015, four GOP officials in Colorado determined that their primary would be cancelled? The people would not vote. The winner would be determined by party bosses. Did you know that the four party officials who voted to cancel the primaries were part of Ted’s Colorado leadership team?


You’re going to tell me the people have spoken? The rules are the rules and Donald Trump should have known them? What is happening has never been done before. This is like the guy who figured out how to win the Rice-A-Roni contest by exploiting a flaw or why the infield fly rule was implemented in baseball. It’s exposing a chink in the system and for the GOP establishment to go along with it is insane.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. The frontrunner was supposed to be Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or Scott Walker. Ted Cruz had this figured out from the start. It’s no different than when he called Mitch McConnell a liar and conspired to shut down the government. If he were doing this to Bush or Rubio or Walker, the RNC would have gone to Ted and promised him something like a VP slot and he would have dropped out. But because it’s Trump, the RNC is letting it happen.

Ted Cruz planned this from day one. He knew how to work the system to angle for a VP spot. The RNC never expected Donald Trump to be the frontrunner, so they don’t know what to do. They know they can’t support Trump, so they are letting Cruz blow the party up. The GOP primary Ponzi scheme is exposed.

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