The FBI: Corrupt Or Incompetent?

What the hell is going on with our country?

I don’t like to put down this great nation of ours, but it needs some serious repair. I feel like a reverse Michelle Obama when she says, “For the first time in my life, I am not proud of my country.” Screw you, Michelle. I’m proud as hell of my country, but it needs some work. I’m a little ashamed at where we are right now, and I’m not one to be like that. It doesn’t make me feel good.

I’m not going to be a scumbag and protest the National Anthem. Not going to burn the flag. But I am going to discuss some ways we can improve America.

Once again, the FBI investigated a terrorist, and once again, that terrorist committed an act of terror. The FBI knew of a suspect’s ties to terrorism, and somehow that terrorist was not caught. He fell through the cracks.

This is getting to be a serious pattern with them. We are once again hearing that a terrorist’s father went to the FBI and said, “My son is a terrorist.” Regardless of whether the father later recanted his story and claimed he was simply upset with his son, that person should have been on the FBI’s radar. Normally that’s how individuals get caught, whether it’s dealing drugs, cheating on their boyfriend or girlfriend or insurance fraud. A disgruntled person will make a complaint, there’s an investigation, and normally the guilty party will be exposed. That’s what normally happens.

That’s not what’s been happening with the FBI lately. Just like when director James Comey questioned Hillary Clinton. She said all kinds of things that made no sense, consistently contradicted herself, conveniently forgot pertinent details relating to her private email server she used while serving as Secretary of State, and Comey and the FBI just said, “Hmm… OK, Ms. Clinton. I think we’ve got enough here. Thanks for stopping by.” Then they didn’t press any charges.


So are Comey and the FBI in the bag for Hillary and the Democrats? Or are they simply incompetent? It’s one or the other. I actually don’t believe they are that corrupt. I believe that the FBI has become incompetent and stupid. The more and more you hear about clues that were there and missed by the FBI while investigating potential terrorists, I truly believe they are incompetent.

In fact, there has been a decline in the quality and standards of law enforcement in general. Look at the police. I honestly don’t think a lot of the shootings involving black people involves racism. Sure, there are racist cops, but the problem is not an epidemic like liberals want you believe. I think that a lot of these shootings are done by police officers who are simply not cut out for the job.

When did the FBI become so incompetent? I remember a time when organized crime figures would be busted for a bookmaking operation. A tip would lead to an investigation, which would lead to an arrest. You couldn’t take a few football bets without you and everyone associated with you arrested and being charged with illegal gambling and put in prison. I just don’t get it. Why can’t the FBI do the same thing with terrorists?

This is not a left or a right thing. This is the FBI constantly being informed of potential terrorist activity and either ignoring or signing off on it. “Yeah, we talked to a few people. Nothing really panned out, so we ended the investigation. Case closed.” Then a year or two later, they kill a bunch of people. “Whoops. Guess we missed that one. Darn it. Oh well, we’ll try harder next time.”

When did this happen? They talked to Orlando shooter Omar Mateen two different times, and both times they let him go and closed the investigation. Same thing with New York and New Jersey pressure cooker bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami and Minnesota mall stabber Dahir Adan.


When the FBI gets a tip that you might be a terrorist from one of your own family members and you fit the profile of a terrorist, you should instantly go on a watch list. The list that every police department has to keep an eye on the crazy guy who’s half retarded and likes to light cats on fire, so they roll by his house every once in a while to see what he’s up to. That list.

Liberals say, “Well you can’t compare the retard… uh, I mean mentally-challenged individual to a suspicious Muslim who may be a terrorist, because he hasn’t been convicted of a crime yet.” Now we’re splitting hairs. If you are someone who is capable of going to a mall and stabbing a bunch of people or placing a bunch of pressure cooker bombs around two cities so they can explode and injure and kill as many people as possible, you are in the same ballpark of suspicion as a sex predator, and a sex predator is put on a watch list for life. Their crime could have been getting drunk and urinating in a park when a kid walks by, or having sex with a girl with fake boobs and a fake ID and finding out from her angry parents that’s she’s only 16. Those things put you on a sex predator list, and you never come off of it. A sex predator list doesn’t always involve seducing, molesting or raping a child. But you are on a list and a website forever and your neighbors all know where you live and to keep their kids from you, because you are prone to messing with them. You are known forever as a scummy dirtbag monster.


So why is it a big deal to keep a list of people who may be prone to killing or stabbing people? Why? Imagine if the FBI had kept an eye on Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, who was on their radar and had been questioned twice before about his terrorist leanings? Forty nine people might not be dead right now. Had the FBI kept tabs on a troublemaking chicken merchant from New Jersey named Ahmad Rahami, maybe those bombs wouldn’t have been able to be placed around NYC and Jersey and explode and injure a bunch of folks. Maybe Dahir Adan wouldn’t have been able to get a job as a security officer and stab nine people in a mall in Minnesota.

Every recent terror attack has been committed by people who were already on the police or the FBI’s radar. Not one of them turned out to be some peaceful fun-loving guy who looked like Clark Kent and everybody was surprised at what they did. Not one. Every one of them had some type of brush with the law, whether the FBI or local police, yet none of them were followed or questioned as much as a dumb schlub who gets caught pissing in a park.

It’s unbelievable. Never in my life could I imagine that the FBI would become so incompetent. Hell, the FBI brought down the Mafia. Are you going to tell me that Ahmad the chicken cooker is harder to nail than John Gotti and the Gambino crime family? You can’t keep tabs on Omar Mateen or Dahir Adan, but you can follow for years and destroy an entire international criminal organization like La Cosa Nostra? Are you kidding me?


I thought an FBI agent was required to have a four year college degree. When did they become a bunch of Keystone cops with GEDs? Somehow during the Obama administration, the FBI got dumbed down. How did this happen? How did the Obama administration dumb down the FBI? That’s what I would like to know.

There’s definitely a pattern here. Who travels to Pakistan or Afghanistan for a vacation? Come one, man. The FBI have a bunch of Keystone cop as agents, but the left isn’t outraged by this. Do you know what they are outraged by? Skittles. Liberals are mad because Donald Trump’s son compared potential terrorists coming into America through Syrian refugees to Skittles. More on that in the next post.

What did we have an FBI for? What do they do now? The Mafia is decimated, they’re not stopping terrorists, so what do they do? If the FBI is this bad under Barack Hussein Obama, imagine how they will be with Hillary Rotten Clinton. I shudder to even think about it. If that thought doesn’t frighten you, I don’t know what will.

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