The Eyes Don’t Lie Like Liberals Do

Thanks to Hillary Clinton and especially Donald Trump, liberal media bias is no longer a joke.

I thought all we would have to talk about on Monday’s show would be Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables.” But then I turn on my TV Sunday morning and find out that Hillary had yet another health-related episode, this time during the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York.

At first the media said she had overheated, even though it was only about 70 degrees that morning. Then it became pneumonia that she was diagnosed with on Friday. Of course, there was also the spasmodic coughing episode in Cleveland a week ago that was described as an allergic reaction to pollen.

I’m telling you, liberals will stop at nothing to protect their superstar and make sure she defeats Trump. With the polls tightening as we get closer to Election Day, they pretend everything is fine with Hilary, even though evidence constantly points to the contrary. A video emerged after she had to leave the 9/11 ceremony where she collapsed before entering her van and she had to be held up and helped into the vehicle by Secret Service. The media described this as a “stumble.”

This was no stumble. Hillary Clinton passed out. She lost consciousness. Had her Secret Service agents and handlers not been there to catch her, she would have hit the ground like a boxer after a Mike Tyson in his prime uppercut. If it weren’t for the person who videotaped this incident, we never would have known about it, because the press is not allowed to follow her, other than a traveling band of sycophantic reporter/supporters that she calls her press pool.

What happened on Sunday is the same thing that happened a couple of years ago when actually she did fall down because there was no one to catch her and she sustained a concussion, where she developed a blood clot that became an aneurysm that almost killed her and made her forget a lot of stuff during her FBI questioning about her private email server. Why did she collapse a couple years ago? Was it pneumonia back then? Or was she “overheated?”

Of course, whenever anyone questions Hillary’s health, it is always dismissed as a right-wing conspiracy theory that has been debunked. Remember when Dr. Drew came out and said her coughing fits were a lot more than just seasonal allergies? What happened? He lost his gig at HLN, which is owned by CNN. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve gone from seasonal allergies to pneumonia that was diagnosed on Friday.

Pneumonia is very contagious. Her press representative Brian Fallon doesn’t have pneumonia. We’re told that some of her staff members do. Let’s pretend for a moment that she hasn’t had passing out episodes in the past. What kind of person who has a very contagious disease like pneumonia goes ahead and has meeting with a bunch of other old people? Pneumonia is extremely hazardous to both children and old folks. They can die from it.

Clinton’s longtime personal physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, diagnosed her pneumonia on Friday. Bardack gave her antibiotics and told her to rest. Then she goes to a fundraiser afterwards and gives a speech on national security to a bunch of old rich people, where she called Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables.” Here’s Hillary Clinton giving a speech to people in their 60s and 70s with a very contagious disease that, according to Hillary’s camp, she had already passed on to her staff members.


This is no right-wing conspiracy theory. This was all reported on CNN and MSNBC. When Brian Fallon goes on CNN and makes ridiculous claims about how healthy Hillary is, he isn’t challenged by Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper. Nobody on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc. is going to challenge any of Hillary’s representatives. They all want to keep their jobs. If they were to challenge them, the low information voters who watch these channels would see how full of crap Hillary and her people are.

Jake Tapper tweeted that this whole episode demonstrates the need for more transparency, not only for medical records, but also tax returns. Tax returns? So in one tweet, Tapper diverted attention way from Hillary and back to Trump. How did Donald Trump’s tax returns suddenly become associated with Hillary Clinton’s health? When did this happen? Let me just say this. If there was anything criminal in Trump’s tax returns, it would already have come out during the course of his IRS audit. If Donald Trump was doing business with the Mafia or Columbian drug dealers, trust me, we all would have known about it by now.

People on the right have been talking about Hillary’s coughing fits for months, but the media hasn’t covered it, because what does coughing have to do with politics? But her “pollen” episode in Cleveland was so intense that the media was forced to cover it, and then all the other coughing spells were brought out. I’ll bet they just loved that.

The great thing about Donald Trump’s candidacy is that liberal media bias has finally been brought out into the open. When Republicans complained about liberal bias before, it was always treated as a joke. Just paranoid GOP conspiracy theories. Whether Trump wins or loses, this bias has been exposed and it will never go back to the way it was. People have finally gotten hip. The media can never ever say that there is no liberal bias.

Before Trump decided to run for president, there was absolutely no evidence of him being a bigot or a racist or a xenophobe or anything that the left accuses him of. He would hobnob with Chuck Schumer and other prominent Democrats. He had Bill and Hillary at his wedding. Not once did anyone ever mention that they thought Trump was a racist or a xenophobe or whatever they call him now. Not once. But now that he’s running against them, he’s David Duke, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Byron De La Beckwith and James Earl Ray all rolled into one. They had to go back 30 years ago to find housing discrimination lawsuits involving his father to try to connect the dots and condemn him as being guilty by association of racism.


The left refuses to connect the dots involving Hillary’s health, but they have no problem connecting the dots to try to paint Trump as a racist. It makes them look beyond stupid and voters are catching on finally. That’s why Hillary’s poll numbers are slipping and Trump’s are rising.

It was just a stumble. A cough is just a cough. Pneumonia is no big deal. That’s what the left is trying to push to gullible low information voters. But it’s not going to work. The liberal chickens are coming home to roost at last.

I would assume that Hillary’s coughing spell a week prior to her alleged diagnosis on Friday was the onset of pneumonia, not seasonal allergies. But you won’t see Anderson Cooper or anyone else make that assumption.

Put all previous health issues aside. Hillary Clinton went to a fundraiser and spread pneumonia around to a bunch of disease-susceptible old people. What does that say about her? Comedian Patton Oswalt thinks it’s “bad ass.” I used to love Patton Oswalt. I thought his “I want all the ham” bit was hilarious. I tweeted to him that I can’t even watch The Goldbergs anymore because it would remind me of his stupidity.

People in Hollywood who get involved in political issues are beyond stupid. The smart ones keep their opinions to themselves. Look at Amy Schumer. Her career is in the toilet right now because she decided to become a gun restriction advocate. Forget that Hollywood is run by liberals. What matters is the people who watch your movies and go to your shows. If you want to work in Hollywood, if you want endorsements in sports, keep your stupid mouths shut. Just a little advice, Amy Schumer, Colin Kaepernick and that lesbian soccer chick whose name escapes me now.

Michael Moore, who hasn’t made a movie that anyone has watched since Fahrenheit 9/11, tweeted: “Hillary: U need to REST. Take the wk off. Take 2. Let the rest of us pull the weight. Every1 can do a little. Who’s w/ me? Tweet #IWorkHRest” Yet another asinine statement from the failed filmmaker. Hey dummy, Hillary has already had plenty of rest. Democrats have been complaining that she hasn’t been out of the campaign trail like Donald Trump has.

But I guess Trump doesn’t have allergies from pollen and pneumonia to deal with, and he can handle a little 70 degree heat. Hillary Clinton is slipping in the polls, and Trump is bouncing around every day, from state to state. A speech here, an interview there. Dems say Hillary needs to get out more and not just hang out with donors, but Michael Moore says she needs rest that she’s already had and he and her supporters will “pull the weight.” What weight? His weight? That might just finally do her in. Michael Moore, just STFU, ya fat bastard.

Michael Moore

Hillary’s health rumors have been debunked. I’ve never heard the word “debunked” used more than I have from CNN and the others during the past few weeks. Having pneumonia and passing out and having to be helped into a van is not very debunking.

Here’s an excerpt from a CNN article written by Ford Vox, who is allegedly a doctor:

Feeding into the alt-right narrative questioning Hillary Clinton’s personal health, Sunday’s near-fainting spell, caught on camera, is more than enough to make her fervent opponents a little lightheaded. The social media commentary following the episode demonstrated more glee than concern. But neither emotion is warranted.

As it turns out, fainting spells (and near-fainting) are quite commonly seen in healthy people. The information we have favors Clinton’s wobbly moment as nothing unusual, particularly since we now know she’s battling an infection.

What the hell is this “doctor” talking about? This wasn’t a “near-fainting spell.” She lost consciousness. Her legs dropped out from under her and she had to be dragged into a van. Did you see the video, Dr. Vox? Or did you see it and are trying to spin it, so CNN won’t cut you loose like they did Dr. Drew?

It’s easy to spin a story, but it’s pretty hard to do when there is video evidence. This whole thing is just astonishing. A “stumble” and “near-fainting” is astonishing when you can see with your own eyes that it’s just not the case. Take Trump and the “alt-right” and Republicans out of the picture for a moment, liberals. Can you honestly say that the video we saw of Hillary Clinton being helped into a van was just a “wobbly moment?” If you can, you are either blindly delusional or just plain stupid.

More from Doc Vox:

The video is dramatic, showing Clinton wavering back and forth and supported by her security staff into a waiting SUV that drove her to her daughter Chelsea’s nearby apartment. The Clinton team’s initial poor transparency, leaving it to reporters to figure out she was MIA from a New York City 9/11 memorial event (which Donald Trump also attended) and then supplying an incomplete statement, didn’t do anything to help tamp down conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health.

Late Sunday, the campaign issued a statement from Clinton’s personal physician Dr. Lisa Bardack reporting that she’d diagnosed Clinton with pneumonia on Friday and advised her to lighten her schedule. Bardack stated the episode occurred due to the combination of that diagnosis, dehydration and overheating.

You know what I love? Hillary Clinton’s doctor is somehow the most reputable doctor in the world, but  Donald Trump’s doctor is a quack because he looks like Brent Spiner from Independence Day and wrote a funny statement about his health.


The Voxster continues:

The “differential diagnosis” list, or range of potential problems to consider, when someone faints is huge. But about half the time doctors don’t need to do any special testing to figure out the problem. A simple physical exam, or even the history alone (or story) of the event settles the diagnosis in such cases.

Hillary Clinton’s episode Sunday looks like one of those straightforward cases, and it’s not surprising Bardack is confident in the factors at play.

What this doctor is doing is no different than what Dr. Drew did before Hillary lost consciousness on Sunday, except that Dr. Drew was taking into account all the previous coughing episodes and other incidents of Hillary appearing weak and having to be helped up stairs. The left didn’t like the opinion that something was wrong with their superstar, so Dr. Drew was shown the door. Now because of what happened Sunday, the left is dragging out tons of doctors to state that Hillary is just fine. There’s nothing wrong with her.


So that Dr. Fox’s take. Here’s Maggie Fox from NBC. Her headline reads: Does Hillary Clinton Have a Classic Case of Walking Pneumonia?

Foxy Maggie said:

Hillary Clinton’s wobbly incident Sunday is a near-textbook case of what can happen with “walking pneumonia” — patients don’t feel great, but they’re not sick enough to stay home in bed or to be hospitalized.

Isn’t it amazing how two different news outlets can come out with stories that use the exact same terminology to describe Hillary collapsing and having have her limp body dragged into her van? According to Dr. Fox on CNN, she’s “wobbly.” NBC’s Maggie Fox says the same thing.

Liberals with a brain can’t possibly be able to not see through this. Unless you’re absolutely blinded by liberal ideology like Michael Moore, Patton Oswalt or Bill Maher, you can’t say that this whole Hillary is fine narrative is complete BS. You just can’t.

Something is wrong with Hillary Clinton. The left can try to deny it all they want, but they can’t deny what people can see with their own eyes. Unless they’re blind. Like Michael Moore. Like Patton Oswalt. Like Bill Maher. Like the liberal media that Donald Trump has exposed.

It’s about time. Thank you, Mr. Trump. Soon to be known as President Donald J. Trump.

Suck on it, libs. Just make sure Hillary Clinton hasn’t sucked on it first, otherwise you may contract walking pneumonia and have a wobbly moment.

Trump 2016


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