The Dirty Shoes Of Immigration

Donald Trump was interviewed on 60 Minutes Sunday night. 

When the subject to deportation came up, Trump said the first priority would be to send back those who have a criminal history. Put aside the fact that they’ve already broken the law by illegally immigrating here, getting rid of the criminal element who reside among them just makes common sense. If somebody comes to the United States who has no legal right to be here in the first place and he rapes your mother or shoots and kills your father or sell drugs to your little sister, why would you want that person to remain among us?

From the left’s reaction to this interview, you would think Trump had talked about raiding the houses and killing the first born sons of all immigrants.

Illegal immigration has become normal. No big deal. If you point this out, you are labeled a racist xenophobe. Obama has created this culture for the past eight years of illegal immigration being a non-priority. Open borders are the new norm. It’s amazing, but not surprising. Let me explain.

We’ve all experienced different aspects of our lives where we’ve had to follow rules of some form or another. Could be something like taking off your shoes before you enter the house to prevent the carpet in the living room from becoming dirty. The minute you don’t follow that rule, perhaps because you have a bunch of people over and it’s too big a hassle to have everyone remove their shoes, that rule becomes less important and easier to break the next time. The first couple of times you broke the rule, everything was fine. No dirt was tracked into the house and the carpet remained clean. But as more and more people broke the rule, that no longer became the case. Now you live in a house with a filthy carpet, and you wonder why it got so dirty. It became dirty because you didn’t follow the rule that kept it from getting dirty and broke the rule so often that you forgot there was ever a rule in the first place. Walking in the house with shoes, dirty for not, became normal. Because it became normal, now you have to spend money to have your carpet cleaned or replaced altogether. You have to address and fix the problem. You have to enforce the rule that kept it from being dirty in the first place.


Why isn’t that the case when it comes to illegal immigration? Why isn’t it the case when it comes to deportation, at least those who have committed crimes? Put aside your valedictorian girlfriend who also happens to be a DREAMer. When the hell did we get to the point where if you are here illegally and you’re a criminal, talking about deporting you is now racist? I’ll tell you when. During the last eight years of the Barack Hussein Obama administration. Yes, I said Hussein. It’s the man’s middle name. If someone says his full name, that person is labeled xenophobic and is somehow against Muslims. I didn’t name him that. The people who gave birth to him did. So why am I Islamophobic or xenophobic or racist for saying the full name that his parents gave him? Somebody explain this to me.

This is the insanity of the left. It wasn’t always like this. It used to be that when someone was in the country illegally, they kept a low profile. They didn’t call attention to themselves and quietly took advantage of what this great country had to offer. They worked hard and followed the laws and contributed to our society. Donald Trump is not talking about finding those people, loading them on a bus and sending them back. He’s talking about giving them peace of mind, a chance to finally become a legitimate part of our great nation.

Trump is talking about doing away with the dirty shoes. Democrats have allowed the dirty shoes to dirty our carpet because they needed a voting bloc. They needed pieces to fill in their race card puzzle. Now we are at a point to where the LAPD has come out and said they will not enforce the law. Chief Charlie Beck said it was not their priority to deal with illegal immigrants who commit crimes.


From the Los Angeles Times:

For decades, the LAPD has distanced itself from federal immigration policies. The LAPD prohibits officers from initiating contact with someone solely to determine whether he or she is in the country legally, mandated by a special order signed by then-chief Daryl Gates in 1979.

OK, I don’t necessarily disagree with that. I don’t think cops should be able to walk up to random persons and demand to see their papers. That’s not what Trump is talking about. He’s talking about people who have committed crimes. People already in the system. Someone who is no longer under the radar. This is definitely not the valedictorian who just graduated from San Dimas High School and was awarded a scholarship to go to Arizona State. Not that person. The drunk driver. The rapist. The gang member. The thief. The drug dealer. That’s who Trump says should be deported, but Democrats and the Obama administration have created this norm where it’s perfectly OK for these people to continue to terrorize our country and victimize its citizens.


During  (Charlie) Beck’s tenure as chief, the department stopped turning over people arrested for low-level crimes to federal agents for deportation and moved away from honoring federal requests to detain inmates who might be deportable past their jail terms.

On Monday, Beck said he planned to maintain the long-standing separation. 

“I don’t intend on doing anything different,” he said. “We are not going to engage in law enforcement activities solely based on somebody’s immigration status. We are not going to work in conjunction with Homeland Security on deportation efforts. That is not our job, nor will I make it our job.”

This might be one on the most revolting statements I’ve ever heard. Again, we’re not talking about the LAPD rolling up on Miguel and demanding an identity card. We’re talking about Miguel who got drunk and got behind the wheel of a car and killed a family of five. Talking about Miguel who walked into a 7/11 and shot the clerk in the head and stole the cash from the register. Why wouldn’t we want that Miguel deported? Who would want that Miguel living among us? How can anyone give a rational explanation for not deporting that person? Because they had a kid or two?

This is what our nation has become under the “leadership” of Barack Hussein Obama. A haven for criminals. A safe space for scum. A sanctuary for those who have no right to be here. It’s not just Obama, it’s Democrats in general. Democratic mayors like Rahm Emanuel, who have said they will continue to ignore federal law and immigration detainer requests. Like Chicago doesn’t have enough crime already. Rahm Emanuel wants to keep more criminals in the country.

Here in California, there is no party to oppose this madness. We had a vacant senate seat that was just filled by another person who will continue to ignore federal law. Republicans didn’t even run. There is not a two party system in California. Voters are offered the choice of this Democrat or that Democrat. Cities run by Democrats all over the country have police departments who will arrest an illegal immigrant for committing a crime and not hand them over to federal authorities for deportation who request them. They will not hand them over to Homeland Security.

Let that sink it for a minute. If someone is here illegally and they break the law in a city like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago or New York, they will not be deported. They will be allowed to stay and continue to break the law. Somehow saying this person should be deported makes you xenophobic. It makes you a racist. A white supremacist. It makes you the alt right. It makes you a deplorable Pepe the Frog worshipper.

That’s why you don’t hear this debate. That’s why Donald Trump won with over half the country who didn’t admit their views to pollsters. They knew that things like sanctuary cities were messed up, but they didn’t want to say it to anyone for fear of being called a name. These are the people who actually do their own research and are intelligent. The other half who voted for Hillary Clinton are the low information voters who buy everything CNN and NBC sells them and believe everything Van Jones and Ana Navarro tell them. They’re stupid. Yeah, I know a lot of them went to college and think they’re intelligent, but they’re not. They’re stupid, just like the people who think blocking freeways and disrupting traffic will somehow bring people over to their way of thinking. Stupid.

These stupid people read papers like The Washington Post and The New York Times and blogs like Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and The Daily Beast and they gobble up all of the stupidity and ask for seconds. They believe it when a stupid writer tells them that Trump is going to have a deportation force that goes door to door and snatches babies out of their mother’s arms and sends them and their poor orange-picking fathers back to Mexico, never to return again. They buy all of the liberal hogwash without question. Why? Because they’re stupid.

If someone comes to this country illegally and breaks the law, they don’t deserve to live here. That’s the bottom line. They are a bad hombre. But LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says they’re not. It perfectly fine for them to remain here and continue to break the law. They might have to spend a little time in jail, but hey. They can still stick around when they get out. They can still stay in America and terrorize its citizens. Sometimes they may be caught, but mostly they will not.

How does this make sense to anyone with a functioning brain?

That’s why President Trump needs to withhold federal funding to all cities who offer sanctuary to criminals. The left has never had a problem with using the federal government to force people to comply with an issue they agree with. Elections have consequences. That’s why there is a left and a right. A Libertarian or an Independent or a Green Party. These parties represent a group of people with differing points of view.

For years, it has been the policy of this administration to ignore federal law and establish sanctuary cities in order to shore up votes. People have instead voted to change this policy. It is not up to the LAPD chief to decide whether he will or not enforce a policy he doesn’t agree with. It is also not up to the mayors of these cities to decide whether or not they want to comply. Not if they want the federal government to comply with them and give them funding.

Sorry, liberals. You can cry a river all you want, but the dirty shoes are going to be removed, because if they aren’t, then everybody else will walk around with their shoes on and America will remain a dirty carpet that gets even dirtier.

Nobody is going to walk in the house with their shoes on anymore. It will be a lot of work to reverse eight years of dirty shoes, but it’s going to happen.

Deal with it.


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