The Cosby-Clinton Connection

From 12-30-15 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

What’s the difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton? Very little if you ask me.

The big debate going on right now is whether the millennials will comprehend Bill Clinton’s affairs and sexual assaults in the 90s. It’s not just the Monica Lewinsky situation. It’s Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and a host of other women who were assaulted. One sexual harassment case was actually settled in court.

Do millennials comprehend or even care about Bill Clinton’s sordid sexual history other than Monica Lewinsky? The Lewinsky affair was whitewashed by the state run media. They acted as if Monica Lewinsky was an intern for Google who fell in love with Bill Clinton and they had a romance. Lewinsky was a White House intern who was taken advantage of by her superior, no different than an executive to a company offering to take a young employee under his wing and ends up taking her to bed. The employee may not say no, but he’s the boss. What else is she going to say? She doesn’t want to lose her position.

The state run media is already trying to sweep Bill Clinton’s dalliances under the rug, just like when Samantha Guthrie tried to describe the Monica Lewinsky situation as an “alleged” extra-marital affair during an interview with Donald Trump and Trump corrected her. It’s as if she tried to sneak that in and got caught, because that’s what state run media wanted her to convey. No different than when Don Lemon cut a guy’s mic off when he kept bringing up Bill Clinton’s past.

As much as the media tries to bury it, I do think millennials will care if they get the information. All the TV channels and media outlets that millennials watch and read are state run media. Huffington Post, Vox, Buzzfeed, Gawker, E!, NBC, etc. are all watched by millennials and controlled by state run media. If the correct information gets out there, I think millennials will care and it will make a difference.

The whole Bill Cosby situation has gotten where it has because millennials care. These women started sharing their stories of sexual assaults by Cosby and millennials said, “Oh my God, you were raped. It’s terrible that you haven’t been able to bring this to light until just now. No means no, even if you are married.” There is even a controversy going on now between two porn stars where the girl accused the guy of not stopping when she said stop. Women have boundaries and you can’t cross them.

The only reason that the charges were filed against Bill Cosby yesterday is because millennials championed these 70-year-old women and said “We believe you. What he did was wrong. You need to stand up and speak out and we will support you. We will Twitter, we will Instagram, we will Facebook and we will go to all our millennial websites and demand action.” 


So now you have Bill Cosby being arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a woman 12 years ago, days before the statute of limitations was to run out. Former Temple University employee Andrea Constand accused Cosby of giving her pills and wine and penetrating her with his fingers when she was too loaded to resist. Cosby used his fingers, not a cigar like Bill Clinton. Cosby used pills and wine instead of the intimidating power of the presidency.

What Bill Cosby did was no different than what Bill Clinton did. There are women who say Bill Cosby was their mentor, he was the star of The Cosby Show, the highest rated program on TV and he offered to make them a star. Cosby invited them to his house or a hotel to discuss it and he gave them drugs and booze and penetrated them against their will while they were high.

Bill Clinton was no different than Cosby, but the state run media tried to bury it. Their narrative was that Clinton fell in love with a young intern and things got out of hand. Once Bill snapped out of it and realized it was wrong, he went back to the arms of his loving beautiful wife Hillary and everybody lived happily ever after. The love he had for Hillary was more important than this mid-life crisis he was going through. That was the narrative.


But if you listen to the things that Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton did, they both fit the pattern of a sexual predator. That’s what Bill Clinton is. A sexual predator. And once a sexual predator, always a sexual predator. During the Gennifer Flowers scandal, Bill and Hillary both went on 60 Minutes and told Steve Kroft that their marriage wasn’t perfect, they had problems like any other married couple and worked through them. Bill then becomes president and years later gets involved with Monica Lewinsky. Flexing his power with someone who has none. It wasn’t a member of his administration, it was with an unpaid intern. You can’t get less powerful than someone who works for free.

Bill Cosby is like Bill Clinton. He went from this girl to that girl, using his position to gain an advantage and get what he wanted.

New York Magazine did a cover with all the Cosby accusers sitting in chairs with an empty chair denoting who was next. Imagine if they did a cover with Bill Clinton’s accusers. Millennials are the ones who drove the Bill Cosby story. Will this happen with Bill Clinton? Probably not. Samantha Guthrie and Don Lemon have already shown that they are not going to drive the story. And when all the regular hosts return next week from Christmas vacation, they are not going to drive the story either. They are not going to bring up Paula Jones or Juanita Broaddrick or Kathleen Willey. If they do talk about Bill Clinton’s past, it will be about Monica Lewinsky and it will be framed as a loving consensual affair. No mention will be made of him flexing his power over a young girl, it will will be as if it were a private matter between two adults and everyone should ignore it and move on.


If the millennials got all the information and were allowed to voice an opinion, it would be a game changer. Hillary Clinton is not this woman’s icon who did it all without the help of a man. Hillary Clinton is an enabler. Hillary Clinton has gotten where she has gotten because of a man. As much as state run media wants to push back on that concept, they know it’s true. When backed into a corner, even they admit that Hillary only got where she did because her husband was President of the United States. Plain and simple.

Bill Cosby is Bill Clinton. State run media will never let what happened to Bill Cosby happen to Bill Clinton, but if millennials knew about Clinton, they would go after him just like they did Cosby. The only reason Bill Cosby is going through what he’s going through is because of the millennials. End of story.