The Corey Lewandowski Hoax

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It was all a work. A hoax. A manufactured scam. A fugazi. I’m talking about former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields’ assault case against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for *gasp* grabbing her arm.

Yes, Florida State Attorney Dave Aronberg said there wasn’t enough evidence to justify bringing misdemeanor simple battery charges against Lewandowski, so the case was dropped. Aronberg stated that they have a higher standard to go forward with a prosecution, even though Jupiter police found enough probable cause to charge Lewandowski. Which means what Lewandowski was accused of didn’t happen. Aronberg said an apology might have prevented the incident from becoming a criminal case. Apology from who? Fields tried to ruin Lewandowski’s life. If anyone is owed an apology, it’s Corey Lewandowski.

The usual Trump-hating suspects pushed the story. You had Ben Shapiro, who walked out of Breitbart with Fields when they didn’t back her BS story. Michelle’s boyfriend Jamie Weinstein also told anybody who would listen that Lewandowski was a thug who assaulted his gal pal. If Trump wasn’t involved, this story wouldn’t have gone anywhere. It wouldn’t have been front page news in every paper across the country.

The entire incident was manufactured to go after Trump. Michelle Fields bobbed and weaved and dodged Secret Service so she could get close to Trump and she got pulled out of the way. She didn’t get yanked to the ground. She wasn’t where she was supposed to be and she got pulled back. That’s it. Anyone without skin in the game would look at the video and see exactly that. The situation was created to attack Trump and further the narrative that he hates women.

Sixteen female media members signed a letter demanding that Trump fire Lewandowski soon after it happened. I’m telling you, Obama has created this bizarre victim’s culture. Nobody is held accountable for their actions and when something happens, they cry about it. Women want equality, but only when it suits them. When a woman is treated the same way a man is treated under similar circumstances, women say you can’t do that. I am a woman.


It’s funny, a lot of the women who signed this letter are those who portray themselves as strong independent, conservative women, but as soon as one of them get tugged at a rally, they cry assault. It wasn’t assault. A state attorney determined it wasn’t. The whole thing was politically motivated. Look at the people involved.

Nobody in the media wanted to stand up and say this was BS, except Piers Morgan and Greta Van Susteren. Greta said she fought to be in a field dominated by men. She said she’s elbowed her way through a crowd of journalists to get to a politician or a CEO. She’s been there. Greta said what happened to Fields wasn’t assault, and if we’re going to go down this path it will make things harder for women like her to succeed, because they will be looked at as victims. She understood what was at stake and she spoke out against the attack on Corey Lewandowski. Greta said Michelle Fields was diminishing the role of female journalists everywhere.

Anyone who says Corey Lewandowski assaulted Michelle Fields has an ax to grind. Plain and simple. They don’t like Trump and his campaign. Every single one of the women who signed that letter were #NeverTrump women. Not one person who came out and spoke against Lewandowki hadn’t taken some kind of anti-Trump position. Not one. They all despise Trump.

Will any of these women be speaking out now that the prosecutor has determined there was no assault? Of course not. This will get zero coverage. When Lewandowski was charged, it was top news for a week. Michelle Fields was on every news show, pouting and boo-hooing because she was grabbed. Ben Terris of the Washington Post was in on it. A reporter from a major newspaper was involved in this hoax. The paper of Woodward and Bernstein employs a man who makes stuff up.


Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro, Jamie Weinstein and Ben Terris all conspired to end a man’s career and a campaign with a made-up story. They created a false media frenzy to try to destroy a person’s livelihood because they don’t like who he is or who he works for. They don’t like Lewandowski or Trump, so they tried to bring them down with a lie. Look at Ben Shapiro’s Twitter feed. His dislike for Trump is evident, reaching stalker status at some points. Every ten minutes this kid is posting another anti-Trump tweet. The man is obsessed.

Imagine if any of these people devoted this much energy to investigating a real problem or bringing down a really corrupt politician. Instead, they’re trying to bring down a man and ruin his life for grabbing someone’s arm. It’s pathetic. The amount of energy spent by anti-Trump radio hosts Mark Levin and Glenn Beck on this BS case, if they devoted that much time trying to defeat Obama and Hillary Clinton, we might actually have a Republican back in the White House.

Think about all the heat Trump got for defending Lewandowski. He said he wasn’t going to ruin a man’s life over something that wasn’t true. Trump stood by his man, and looked what happened. The prosecutor agreed with Trump that there was no case. You had all of these female journalists demanding that Lewandowski be fired, days of news programs devoting coverage to talking about the culture of violence surrounding Trump’s campaign, and now a Florida state attorney has come out and said Corey Lewandowski did nothing wrong.


Trump was right in standing by his campaign manger. I wonder what Lyin’ Ted Cruz will say now? What will John Kasich say? He called for Lewandowski’s ouster. Will the press go back to them and ask for comments? They were so quick to go to them when it happened, and Cruz and Kasich were quick to criticize Lewandowski and call for him to be fired. Now that the prosecutor has determined that Lewandowski did nothing wrong, will the press follow up? Don’t bet on it.

Corey Lewandowski did nothing wrong. He pulled back a reporter who had already been told by Secret Service to stay back. What will Cruz and Kasich say now? They were so quick to condemn someone without the facts. What does this say about their judgment? They will throw somebody to the wolves because S.E. Cupp and Dana Loesch say so? Is that what a president is supposed to do? Ruin someone’s life because Megyn Kelly says so?

Megyn Kelly is supposed to be on our side. Lawrence O’Donnell or Rachel Maddow would never do this to Hillary or Bernie. That’s one thing about liberals, they have unity. They take care of their own. Megyn Kelly is a lawyer. She should have looked at this case and seen that there was nothing there. She is supposed to know the law and what constitutes an assault. She let her personal feelings about Trump cloud her judgement. I tell you, Fox News has the inmates running the asylum.


Megyn Kelly wants to be Oprah Winfrey. She is such an attention whore that she went to Trump Tower to beg for an interview because she knows the ratings will be huge. The only reason anyone outside of Fox News knows who she is is because of Trump. She spent day after day condemning Lewandowski and Trump and Florida State Attorney David Aronberg said the whole thing was a lie. An assault didn’t happen. Corey Lewandowski did nothing wrong.

I guarantee you that no one in the media will do anything to reverse the opinion they created in the minds of people who were being told that Trump’s campaign was a breeding ground for violence. Just like nobody talks about the protesters being paid by George Soros. Remember, this all happened before the Wisconsin primary. The narrative was that Trump would be done after losing Wisconsin. Now that it looks like Trump will win New York and possibly sweep the East Coast, what will they do now?

We’ll see how the media covers this. Let’s see what the sixteen female media members have to say. Will people be talking about Lewandowski being cleared next week? I doubt it.

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