The Blue Collar Billionaire

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Donald Trump has provided employment to thousands of people. How many jobs has Hillary Clinton created?

Democrats are trying to paint Trump as a Mitt Romney, a paper pusher. They are trying to say he got rich by shuffling money around. His businesses don’t hire people, and the things he does to make money only benefit him. That’s what Hillary and the Dems are saying.

It’s amazing to hear people spouting off about Trump when they know that 100% of what they are saying is BS. The media was outraged when Trump suggested that Brexit could be good for his golf course in Turnberry, Scotland. “When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly,” Trump said during an afternoon news conference. “For traveling and for other things, I think it very well could turn out to be a positive.” 

Remember, that golf course employs hundreds of people. It’s not like Trump is behind the counter at Turnberry signing people up as they come in or serving them food in the restaurant. When Trump says something is good for him, it’s good for everybody involved, because every business Trump has includes hundreds, if not thousands of people.

The notion that Trump is a paper-pushing Mitt Romney billionaire is ludicrous. It’s also ridiculous to criticize him for talking about bringing jobs to America when he does business in China. Trump is a businessman. He deals with China to compete. Trump deals with China because that is the only place he can buy goods like ties and socks and remain competitive. If he had them made in America, he would go out of business. Just ask American Apparel.

If we had a president who understood this, that president could put together policies that would prevent companies from having to go overseas to make shoes and pants and shirts.

There was a time when we made things here in America. My grandmother worked in a haberdashery, a clothing factory. She worked on a sewing line with 500 or so other Americans. That doesn’t exist anymore because China has a factory with kids doing the same job for 17 cents an hour. They make the same things we used to make, but they make it cheaper because they get paid pennies on the dollar and are stacked in a room ten deep in a building that catches fire and kills them.


Trump deals with China and other countries with a cheap labor force because he has to. When he makes a deal with Macy’s or whoever and says he wants his ties made in the USA, he’s told that the factory that makes them doesn’t exist here. A tie-making factory in the US can’t compete with China. We could compete if all those factories played by the same rules, but they don’t. China also doesn’t have to deal with the labor laws that we have in the US.

So it’s asinine to suggest that Trump can’t create jobs here because he deals with China. He’s part of that world. He’s not a paper-pushing billionaire. Obama says, “Mr. Trump embodies global elites and has taken full advantage of it his entire life. So, he’s hardly a spokesperson — a legitimate spokesperson — for a populist surge from working class people on either side of the Atlantic.”

Obama and Hillary Clinton have never had businesses where they’ve provided jobs to thousands of American workers. They’ve made their money making speeches to banking executives and being a community organizer. They’ve never had an idea to open a business, hire employees, that business becomes successful, so they open another one and hire more employees. So when Obama says Trump isn’t a spokesman for the working class, who is? Obama? Hillary Clinton? Hillary gets paid by a bank to make a speech. What does she do for the working class? Nothing.


When Trump has a hotel, an airlines, a golf course, a USFL football team, Trump Water, Trump Steaks, etc., all of these companies employ people. It’s not paper-pushing. Even Celebrity Apprentice provided jobs for camera operators, lighting crews, scriptwriters, actors, line producers, etc. All of Trump’s businesses involve employing people.

Donald Trump isn’t a “global elite,” Obama is. Hillary Clinton is a global elite. Bill Clinton is a global elite. If you’ve spent your entire life working for the government or a “non-profit,” you haven’t done anything for the working class.

Liberal media entities like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post like to point out things like Trump’s golf courses that don’t show a profit. He has hotels that have gone out of business. But when they were in business, didn’t they have employees? Trump may not be making money on paper at his golf course, but the people who work for those golf courses are making money.

Some scoff when Trump uses his name to brand businesses. He’s not involved, he just slaps his name on them. If that name creates business that wouldn’t have been there otherwise, that’s creating jobs. It’s providing people a way to feed their families. Whether Trump owns a building or just leases his name, it’s creating jobs.


All of these people are either stupid or they’re willfully ignorant. When Hillary Clinton puts out a tweet ridiculing Trump for having a hat made in Bangladesh, she doesn’t explain how making a hat in Bangladesh is the only way to remain competitive and that Trump wants to change it so companies don’t have to do that anymore. Are there that many low information voters who are buying her BS?

When Trump was involved with a football organization called the USFL, it failed. But that’s what you do in business. You take risks. Competing with the NFL was a monumental undertaking, but he took a shot and he lost. But before USFL went under, it employed players, coaches, referees, stadium workers, concession workers. Businesses around the stadium made money. People came to the games to provide some escape from their working class lives. The USFL only lasted a few years, but provided benefits to thousands of workers when it was operating.

Same thing with his hotels in Atlantic City. There was a time when Atlantic City was booming. There were thousands of people from construction workers to casino, hotel and restaurant employees who were able to make money and have a good life during this boom. They say people were hurt when Trump filed bankruptcy on his casinos, but think about all the years when Atlantic City had a vibrant economy. Think about all those casino employees who were able to feed their families year after year. Then think about how many people were affected when the casinos went under.


It’s like Obamacare. Liberals will point out that while it may have created difficulties for some, millions more were able to have insurance who wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. The New York Times will write a story about someone at a masonry company complaining that they got stiffed for a couple hundred thousand when Trump’s casinos went under, but they never mention all the people who made money when things were good. What about all the money the masonry company made during the Atlantic City building boom? None of that is mentioned, they just say Trump is a bad businessman because he filed bankruptcy and some people got stiffed.

When you have a thriving business, getting stiffed is the nature of the beast. I used to have a successful video business. Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars that I had to eat? I had distributors that I sold product to and for two, three, five years I was collecting money from them. When things went bad, some of the distributors went under and couldn’t pay the $50,000 that they had on the books. But over the years, I had collected hundreds of thousands from them. I took a hit, but overall I made more money than I lost. Taking hits is the nature of the beast.

All of the people who complain about Trump’s businesses have never done a damn thing for the working class. How many people do political strategists employ? None of these #NeverTrump a—holes have ever employed hotel workers or construction companies or restaurant staff. What has George Will ever done to benefit the blue collar worker? Nothing. Not a damn thing. These people went to college and studied political science and now they write stories for The Washington Post. Big deal.

In order to be successful, you have to take risks. None of these people have ever taken a chance on anything their entire lives. They don’t gamble, they play it safe their entire life. Trump has taken chances, he’s put his balls on the line numerous times. During the course of taking these chances, countless blue collar workers have benefited.

Just remember that next time you hear a #NeverTrumper or Obama or Hillary spew out their BS.

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