The Black Lives Matter Scam

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Black Lives Matter is a hate group. They are domestic terrorists. BLM runs a slick PR campaign that is designed to lure disaffected black youth to their cause, much like ISIS does with young Muslims. Like ISIS, their message is a scam. Their methods are dishonest and their rhetoric is dangerous.

When you have activists like DeRay McKesson saying all police are engaged in ethnic cleansing, it sows racial divide and contributes to violence against cops and inspires people like Dallas shooter Micah Johnson to murder them. When someone says Muslims are responsible for terrorism and illegals are responsible for crime, it is quickly pointed out that not all Muslims engage in terrorist acts, it is only a few. Same thing with illegal immigrants. The sanctuary cities bill was voted down because Democrats said it was wrong to paint all illegals as criminals, only a few were drug dealers and rapists and pedophiles.

But Black Lives Matter say the actions of a few bad cops represent the 1.2 million cops all across America. They get away with it because no one calls them out. Nobody in the liberal media points out the double standard and their flawed logic. Like when BLM posted a statement after the Dallas shooting that said: “Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.” 

Black Lives Matter doesn’t want their movement blamed for violence against police, yet their entire modus operandi is about demonizing 1.2 million cops. The only reason they are able to get away this appalling hypocrisy is because the media has given them a platform.

Obama has created an environment where no one is responsible for their actions. Someone else is to blame. He has spawned a culture of victimhood that we’ve never seen before. I’m 43 years old. When I got in trouble in school, my parents would ask, “Well, what did you do? What did you do to cause the teacher to act they way they did?” It was never, “Oh, you did nothing wrong. What is wrong with that teacher? You were just sitting there and that mean teacher invaded your safe space.” It was never like that.

The country wasn’t this divided eight years ago. Obama and the media have created the narrative that white people are holding black people down. If a black person has had any issues in their life, it’s not their fault. It’s the white man’s fault. Bill Cosby’s issues notwithstanding, the man made some good points about how black people should represent their community. Cosby came from a position that it’s up to black people to better themselves. They can’t use their upbringing as an excuse for their own failures in life.

Remember Boyz in the Hood? The message of the movie was all about responsibility. Cuba Gooding Jr. is sent to live with dad Laurence Fishburne after getting in trouble in school and his father teaches him to become a man. They live in a neighborhood filled with drugs, gangs and crime and it was all about not getting trapped in that world. Not blaming anyone else for your situation. You can become a good person no matter where you come from. It’s the same as Bill Cosby telling black youth to pull up their pants and speak correctly and don’t blame the world for their problems.


How we are raised is 90% attributable for who we become. Parents today take no responsibly for how they raise their kids. Hell, you have the President of the United States saying you don’t have to be responsible.

For years, it was understood that if you do something bad and you encounter the police, you’d better be prepared to take a beatdown if you do something stupid. I was brought up to where if you did something wrong, you paid the consequences.

We are now at a place where people can block freeways and throw bottles and rocks at police and the media will call it a peaceful protest. When you are blocking freeways and roads that go to hospitals, you are endangering lives. Interrupting the movement of thousands of commuters is not peaceful. It is not peaceful to get in a police officers face and scream at the top of your lungs.

When I was returning from Las Vegas last weekend, there were some Black Lives Matter protesters trying to get on the freeway. The cops told them they could march, but they couldn’t block the freeway. If they kept advancing and if they threw things at the police, they would be pepper-sprayed and they would be arrested.

These are stunts that Black Lives Matter set up for photo-ops. There is a picture going around the internet of a woman being arrested in Baton Rouge. It’s the photo that everybody is talking about. It’s a stunt. A manufactured stunt. There was nothing organic and spontaneous about it. It was an orchestrated photo-op.


The police told demonstrators they could protest in a certain area, but they couldn’t block the roadways. If they did, they would be arrested. The police formed a line and a woman in a flowing dress walked to the line and stood there with her arms folded. A Reuters news photographer just happened to be there (go figure) and snapped the picture.

It was a stunt. A scam. The photo is being compared to the famous picture of the Chinese guy standing in front of a column of tanks during the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989. Nobody ever knew who the guy was. He didn’t make sure a Reuters photographer was capturing the iconic moment. The tanks could have rolled over him at any minute. It was a dangerous and courageous act of defiance.


We know who the woman in the Baton Rouge photo is. Her name is Ieshia Evans. Thanks to her “courageous” stance that was caught on camera by a Reuters news photographer, Ieshia Evans is now famous. Look for Ieshia to make the rounds on the news talk shows. Look for the awards that will accompany the picture for photographer Jonathan Bachman.


Nothing Black Lives Matter does is spontaneous. Everything is orchestrated and set-up. It’s a scam to make money. Black Lives Matter is just another version of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition or Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. They do stunts and make outrageous statements that get them mentioned on the nightly news and they make millions of dollars in the process by filing lawsuits and taking donations from guilty white people.

Black Lives Matter does what Jesse and Al did, except now they have social media and a president that backs their play. DeRay McKesson is Al Sharpton 2.0. He says the same outlandish stuff on Twitter that Al Sharpton used to say to get him on the news. “The police are engaged in ethnic cleansing. America.” he tweeted.  Not some police. Every police officer in America. Trigger outrage.

Al Sharpton has got to be pissed. Black Lives Matter is everything he wished his National Action Network would be, without the millions of dollars owed in back taxes.

All these organizations are nothing more than money-making scams. When the police tell you not to cross a line and you cross the line and get arrested, that’s not spontaneous. That’s not black people trying to vote and being attacked by police dogs and having fire hoses knock them down. It’s not trying to walk across a bridge in Selma and getting beat up by cops. It’s a photo-op that will be blasted on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Guilty white people will see the images and the money will roll in. DeRay will get some new office furniture.


Everybody is calling the Ieshia Evans photograph “powerful.” It’s fake. It’s contrived. It’s a woman who stood where the police told her she would be arrested if she stood and she made sure a news photographer was there to snap the pic. A photographer was there for the sole purpose of taking pictures for Reuters and Ieshia’s sole purpose was to be famous. Congratulations, guys. America fell for it.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I have to keep saying it so maybe it will sink in with the powers-that-be. The right will never win until they control the message. Unless Republican mega-donors start investing in media instead of Senate races, the GOP is always going to lose. Until we control the rhetoric, the low information voter will fall for the scam.

Despite the proliferation of social media, the television is still the number one way people get their news. Dog-whistling “journalists” like Don Lemon and Van Jones will never be reigned in because network executives are fearful of being labeled racists, just like with what happened with Melissa Harris-Perry. Incompetent reporters are never fired because they do a crappy job, they get fired because they’re black. Criminals are never arrested because they break the law, they get arrested because they’re black.

Low information voters see Don Lemon spin a tale about being fearful of police and they fall for it. Fox News will play the clips of Black Lives Matter protesters chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon!” and “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” Fox News will play the clips, but CNN and MSNBC will not. Why is that? They don’t show Baton Rouge protesters throwing rocks and bottles. They show a fake picture and talk about how the protest was peaceful.

CNN and MSNBC didn’t show any footage from the protest in Oakland where they vandalized a police station and wrote “murderers” on the front door in red paint. If you don’t watch Fox News, you don’t know about it. Don’t you think that’s odd?


Donald Trump made this statement after the Dallas shootings: “A brutal attack on our police force is an attack on our country and an attack on our families. The deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota also make clear how much more work we have to do to make every American feel that their safety is protected.”

Nice, right? Were it any other candidate who made that statement, they would be applauded. Jesse Jackson said: “Well, those are significant remarks, but I submit to you that when you do the birther movement on the president, which is kind of anti-black, the anti-Mexican, the deportation of 15 million people, of families, the disruption, and anti-Muslim — that kind of rhetoric has helped to seed these clouds. I hope Mr. Trump will maintain the level of rhetoric that we just now heard.”

Of course, Jackson conveniently forgets the fact that the birther movement was created by Hillary Clinton during the 2008 campaign. Trump said it in 2012 to help Mitt Romney because Romney couldn’t say it, so they got the outrageous reality show star to do it. All Trump did was speculate about a charge that Hillary Clinton had made four years earlier.

Jesse Jackson talks about Donald Trump’s rhetoric, but when DeRay McKesson says all cops are engaged in ethnic cleansing, he ignores it. He ignores the tweets made by Black Lives Matter supporters after the Dallas shooting celebrating the deaths of five police officers.

Black Lives Matter is a creation. It’s a fugazi. It’s fake. It’s a fraud. A scam.

Don’t fall for it.

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