The Animals of Albuquerque

From 5-25-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

Donald Trump held a huge rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

New Mexico has a governor named Susana Martinez. Martinez has refused to endorse Trump. As a matter of fact, she didn’t attend the rally because she was “really busy.” Martinez is also the current chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association. Now I get why she wouldn’t endorse Trump during the primary season and end up like Nikki Haley with Marco Rubio egg on her face, but primary season is over. Donald Trump is the nominee.

GOP heavyweights like Dick Cheney have come out and endorsed Trump. Cheney is a former vice president and has tremendous respect for the Republican Party. Susana Martinez is a governor of a crappy state. What does she know that Dick Cheney doesn’t know? Does Cheney have bad judgement? Democrats might say he does, but he is held in much higher regard amongst Republicans.

The rally in Albuquerque was set up weeks ago. Martinez could have made herself available to attend, but she didn’t. She chose not to go. She also chose not to make sure there were enough police to provide proper security. Susana Martinez purposely made herself busy and has purposely not endorsed Donald Trump.


Martinez could have said I support the nominee of my party without naming Trump. She could have said, “I may a different opinion when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration, but I support the Republican Party, so I support the nominee.” But she didn’t. Just like she didn’t provide adequate security at the Trump rally in her state.

Martinez should have anticipated problems in a state with the highest Hispanic population in the U.S. She’s seen what has happened in other states. For Susana Martinez to not coordinate with law enforcement and make sure they set up perimeters and were prepared means that she’s either stupid or she allowed the riot to happen. Which one is it?

Donald Trump protest

What does this say about her leadership? Would you say she’s doing a good job? Donald Trump said she wasn’t. Trump cited statistics on New Mexico’s economy to bolster his claim. Pundits like Megan McCain were predictably outraged and said Trump should do more to unify the party. Why? He has the nomination. He has millions of voters. He’s gotten the endorsement of a number of senators and governors. Donald Trump has to go and court Susana Martinez? Why? Why does he have to court these holdouts? Why is it up to him to go to Susana Martinez and beg for her support?

The arrogance of these people is amazing. Susana Martinez slapped Donald Trump in the face, and now he is supposed to kowtow to her? Martinez kicked him in the nuts. Is he supposed to thank her for it? Come on, man.

Outside the rally, there were protesters. I refuse to call them that. They were thugs and criminals. When you pick up a bottle and throw it at a cop, you’re a criminal. When you break down police barriers and start kicking in the doors of an event, you’re a criminal. You’re not a protester. You are a thug. You’re a Chupacabra.


Old black people have to be shaking their heads in disgust. They couldn’t drink from a water fountain or use certain bathrooms. They had to go from the front of the bus to the back to sit down. If they sat at a lunch counter meant for white people, they would be dragged out and beaten. Their house would be set on fire or they would be killed for daring to speak out. These were real issues. They weren’t throwing bottle at cops and punching police horses.


Most of the animals of Albuquerque didn’t even know what they protesting. The liberal media told them that Trump was a racist, so they didn’t want him to speak. Black people from the 50s and 60s were fighting real racism and they were beaten and killed for it. These gangsters and thugs just used the rally as an opportunity to be able to throw bottles at cops. You can’t walk out of your house and grab a rock and throw it at a cop car and set it on fire. You can’t break the windows of a hotel. But you can if there is a political event going on. Now you’re a protestor, and CNN and MSNBC give you a pass and say it’s political dissent. So now you’re allowed to assault police officers and set squad cars on fire. You’re allowed to do it because it involves politics.

These people are animals. That’s all. They are doing things that they would normally get arrested for. It’s an excuse to go out and be a criminal. They are not protestors. Rosa Parks was a protester. The Freedom Riders were protesters. The students who sat at a Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1960 were protesters. The people trying to walk across a bridge in Selma were protesters. But putting a bandanna on your face and picking up a rock and throwing it at cops? That’s not a protest. You’re a criminal, nothing more.


Stop calling these people protesters, CNN. They’re criminals. They’re animals. Calling these punks protesters legitimizes lawlessness and anarchy. CNN and MSNBC make it OK. It’s insane.

There was a rally the next day in Anaheim, but a large police presence and advance preparation prevented the escalation of violence that occurred in Albuquerque. There were a few troublemakers who threw bottles and rocks and torched pro-Trump campaign items, but the Anaheim rally was tame compared to the previous day.


But the city of Anaheim and the police weren’t working against Trump. Susana Martinez was. She purposely did what she did to create an atmosphere of violence. It’s perplexing, because it just makes her state look bad. It makes the people of New Mexico look like animals.

The animals were mostly kept at bay in Anaheim. Perhaps it was due to one of the rally attendees, UFC legend Tito Ortiz. That’s one Trump supporter I’m sure these punks wouldn’t want to mess with.


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