The ADL Hates On Pepe The Frog

I thought it was pronounced “peep.” 

I had no idea it was pronounced “peh-peh.” I guess I’m not as smart as Obama or Bakari Sellers or Bob Beckel.

I also had no idea that Pepe the Frog was considered a racist symbol until a few weeks ago. I had no idea of the history of a cartoon frog drawn by comic book artist Matt Furie back in 2005 on MySpace. It wasn’t until Olivia Nuzzi wrote in The Daily Beast that Pepe had been adopted by the “alt-right” as a  symbol associated with white supremacy that I discovered what the hell a Pepe the Frog was. I didn’t even know what alt-right meant.

“Oh yeah, alt-right is another term for neo-Nazis.”

“You mean like American History X neo-Nazis?”

“Yeah, man. The alt-right hate blacks, Jews. They hate everybody.”

“Wow. OK, man. Well, I gotta go. Enjoy your chai latte. Isn’t it a little hot for a knit cap and a sweater vest?”

I kinda feel stupid. I’ve been doing political commentary for a few years now, and I never knew what Pepe the Frog and the alt-right were. I guess I gotta get out more. I mean, I would see pictures of Pepe on the internet, dressed in various outfits and dressed up like Donald Trump or that Anaconda singer with the big ass. What’s her name? Oh, yeah. Nicki Minaj. She’s the one who asked Miley Cyrus if she was good or something at the VMAs.


I’ve seen Pepe dressed up as all of these different characters and never made the connection of a little green cartoon frog being a hate symbol. Rachel Maddow did a whole 10 minute segment on it. I never knew how dressing up a little green frog had become the hate equivalent of a swastika or a burning cross.

But that’s what happened last week. The Anti-Defamation League came out and declared Pepe the Frog a symbol of hate. Anyone who uses this cartoon in any way, shape or form can now be accused of being a racist or an anti-semite. Remember, that’s the left’s favorite label for anything that they disagree with or find offensive. Racist. Anti-semitic. The quickest way for a Democrat to shut down any argument they don’t have an answer for is to accuse the person arguing with them of being a racist or a bigot or a sexist or a xenophobe or an Islamophobe or a fat-shamer or a homophobe. Apparently, a green cartoon frog now embodies all of those unsavory labels.


So now, if you have a picture of Pepe the Frog on your website, on your Facebook or Twitter or use it in a meme, you can now be called a racist. That’s what the ADL is saying. If you are walking down the street wearing a T-shirt that has a picture of Pepe the green cartoon frog on it, you might as well have a great big swastika emblazoned across your chest. Might as well be wearing a Klan hood.

This is pretty wild, man. According to the left, even if it’s not dressed up as a Nazi or a Klansman, a little cartoon green frog can now be considered a hate symbol. Gotta imagine artist Matt Furie’s not too happy with this. If somebody dressed up Goofy as Adolf Hitler or made a meme of Chewbacca wearing a stormtrooper’s outfit, would the ADL ban Goofy and Chewbacca? Man, think of what that would do to Chewbacca Mom. That would totally bum her out.


Pepe the Frog was made into a parody meme. The image may be copywritten, but as long as it is altered and parodied in such a way that nobody could believe the actual character to be the parody, the parodied image would be protected by the First Amendment. Isn’t that what Falwell v. Flynt was about? Maybe the ADL knows something the Supreme Court doesn’t? Thought SCOTUS already settled the parody issue, but according to the ADL, it hasn’t been. Pepe the Frog is a symbol of hate. That’s it. The left has spoken.

This is another example of the left trying to control your speech, your thoughts, and making a determination for everyone else what is right or wrong. If they can do this with Pepe, imagine what they can do wth Mickey Mouse or a Star Wars character. Because a sub-group of supposed hate-mongers adopted a cartoon image and parodied it in such a way that is offensive to liberals, that image is now banned. Sounds like a pretty slippery slope to me. I dunno, sounds pretty totalitarian. Kinda scary.


But that’s the left. The very group that demonizes and characterizes Donald Trump as a fascist Nazi who wants to take away your rights and stifle your speech wants to ban a cartoon character because it has been parodied in such a way that offends them. It started with controlling the media and now it has slippery-sloped into banning cartoon frogs.

It’s frightening. It’s the left. And more is coming if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

Wise up, people.

Trump 2016


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