Ted and the Delusional Cruzbots

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Lyin Ted’s words are coming back to haunt him.

After the New York blowout, Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated. A couple of weeks before that, he called on John Kasich to drop out. Why? Because Kasich was mathematically eliminated. He had no shot of securing the required delegates before the convention. Now that Cruz is in the same position, will he heed his own advice? Before New York, Ted Cruz said the only two people in the race with a chance of reaching 1,237 was him and Donald Trump. Now only Trump can.

Ted Cruz is going to lose all or most of the states in the primaries tomorrow. He’s going to get hammered. In some states, he’s not even going to place second. After tomorrow, he will be in the same realm as Kasich, needing to win over 100% of the remaining delegates in order to reach 1,237.

So is Ted Cruz going to get out? That’s the question. He’s supposed to be a man of integrity. A “conservative with principles.” A month ago, he and his Cruzbots were calling on Kasich to get out. What are they saying now? Now Cruz and Kasich are joining forces in a desperate ploy to deny Trump the required delegates.

When Cruz says that it is also mathematically impossible for Trump to get the delegates, that’s a bold faced lie. The man is a perpetual liar. Not an exaggerator, a liar. When he says that nobody has a chance to get 1,237 before the convention, that’s a lie.

The convention doesn’t start until six weeks after the last votes are cast in the primaries. Do you really think the bosses in the Republican Party are going to go into that convention not knowing what’s going to happen? This event is a huge deal. It’s a prime time event. In terms of preparation, it’s bigger than the Super Bowl. The Republican Party is not going to go into that convention blind and just do things on the fly.

It’s almost as if the whole thing is a big work by the media to extend the primary season for as long as possible. Think about it. If Cruz and Kasich drop out, political TV gets boring. No more rallies and panels. So it’s almost like everyone is doing it for ratings.

For Cruz and Kasich to think they are going to take this to the end and battle it out at the convention and either of them will emerge as the nominee is delusional. At the very least, Trump will hit 1,150. He will have between 3-5 million more votes than Ted Cruz. He will have six more weeks after the last primary to gather the remaining delegates he needs to get 1,237.  There are at least 200 unbound delegates, and that doesn’t include Marco Rubio’s delegates. Trump can win with the unbound delegates alone. He doesn’t need to make Rubio his VP. There is no shot for Ted Cruz or John Kasich.


How can Ted Cruz make the argument that he should be the nominee over Trump when he can’t win Florida or Pennsylvania? Both states are in play and could be pivotal in the general election. If Ted gets his ass handed to him in Florida and in Pennsylvania, how does he make the case that he’s the better candidate and should get the nomination over Trump? How?

How does Cruz make the argument that he won in states where people actually voted? Ted says, “Yeah, Trump beat me in New York and Florida and Pennsylvania, but I beat him in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota!” No, you didn’t, Ted. You were awarded delegates. Big difference. “But the people voted for the delegates…” Stop. Enough already, Ted. It’s intellectually dishonest and you know it. Human beings did not go to the polls and pull a lever for you. It didn’t happen.

So how does Ted Cruz make the argument that he’s the better candidate? Cruzbots bring up Indiana. They say a win in Indiana could be a game changer. Pundits say Trump has to win Indiana. Why? Cruzbots say an Indiana win is a whole new ball game. How? It’s delusional. It’s asinine. It’s wishful thinking.

While Trump was doing a campaign speech in Pennsylvania, Cruz and Kasich were in Florida meeting with GOP leaders and discussing possible rule changes ahead of the Republican convention. Trump is with the people and Cruz and Kasich are trying to figure out how to subvert the will of the people. Ted Cruz says the Washington cartel runs everything. His whole gimmick is fighting against them. Now here he is trying to win with their help. When Ted and the Cruzbots brag about having Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, etc. backing his campaign, he’s naming all of the people who are the problem with the Republican Party. He’s naming the Washington cartel. Ted Cruz is hoping that the people he’s been fighting against will hand him the nomination.

I predict that there will be no contested convention. It’s not going to go to the floor for a vote. There’s a lot more at stake in 2016 than there was in the 70s. There’s too much money involved for the party to fly blind. They are not going to go into the convention with nobody knowing anything. It’s not going to happen. Ted Cruz is not going to get the nomination. Sorry Cruzbots. It’s over.

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