Same Old Germany

From 9-23-15 episode of The Rob Black Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

Looks like those sneaky Germans are up to no good again.

Volkswagen put 11 million cars on the road that were basically spewing poisonous gas. (sound familiar?) Some say 40 times what was legal. The EPA sets a limit of how many toxins can be released by automobiles. Remember how bad smog was in the 70s? We’ve come a long way thanks to emissions standards that the EPA developed.

Volkswagen cheated. They put a little computer gadget in their diesel cars that were able to fool the required emissions testing. From 2009 to 2015 they unleashed 11 million of these cars that were able to cheat the EPA and emit poison gasses and we all know of Germany’s history when it comes to that.

Forty times the legal limit. They were releasing one million metric tons of pollution into the air every year. That is equal to the combined emissions of all of the UK’s power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture.


Think about what these Germans did. It’s one thing to be neglectful. You run a loose ship, so some things sneak through. Nothing is done on purpose, safety standards aren’t met and something bad happens. That’s one thing. But these Germans strategically created something to skirt regulations. They sat in a room and came up with a program to trick the emission tests. They produced more pollution than an entire country and they did it on purpose. It’s mind boggling.

It wasn’t executives thinking there might be something wrong with a seat belt or an ignition switch, but they’re not 100% sure so they don’t say anything. This is actually people sitting in a room and devising a plan to create a machine to purposely deceive and harm large numbers of the population.


This is in line with the history of Germany. Remember, there wasn’t a coup. The Germans didn’t overthrow Adolf Hitler. The people went right along with the whole Nazi experiment. The bought into the notion that they were going to rule the entire world. They have a history of dealing with poisonous gasses and doing what they want when they want. When they get caught, they go, “We’re sorry. We didn’t mean to kill all those Jews. Our boss made us.”

The CEO/Fuehrer of Volkswagen Martin Winterkorn resigned, but this wasn’t done by just one person. The entire company was involved.

What Volkswagen did really should put them out of business. They should be done. Over. Forever. But it won’t. Look at what happened after World War II. Germany was allowed to exist and today they are a world leader. They got off the hook for murdering millions of Jews with poisonous gas, so I imagine they will get a pass for releasing millions of cars spewing poisonous gas.

That’s the latest from Volkswagen. Germany is poisoning the world once again.