Revenge Of The Booger-Eater

I’m telling you, it is becoming exhausting pointing out the hypocrisy of liberals. It truly is.

But a recent article written by Andrew Kirell from the Chelsea Clinton-owned Dem shill site The Daily Beast infuriated me to where I once again have to enlighten my clueless friends on the left.

Andrew’s hit piece was entitled: Why Fox’s Racist, Sexist Frat Boy Jesse Watters Will Always Win subtitled: Like the evil jock from an ’80s comedy, Fox News’s Asian-baiting rodeo clown will continue to fail upward even when everyone is outraged by him.

First of all, let me point out something. Bill O’Reilly does not do a news program. It is political entertainment. In fact, Bill-O is so entertaining that uber-liberal Stephen Colbert launched his career doing a parody show of him. Without Bill O’Reilly, Stephen Colbert would not have had the opportunity to try to fill the legendary David Letterman’s shoes, which he has failed miserably at doing. Late Night with Stephen Colbert is rated last amongst the late night lefty “entertainment” programs.  So start putting that minuscule resume together Stevie, because once election season is over, you are outta there.

Now remember, everything liberals believe is correct. Their opinions on every subject is the right one, and is how all Americans should think. When they do edgy comedy, nobody should be offended, because they are making fun of what is true. If you are offended, the left says, “Hey, the truth hurts.”

The left has no problem with Stephen Colbert doing a skit where he draws a diagram and he talks about Donald Trump’s response to the Orlando shooting that culminates into a swastika. They have no problem using a symbol that represents the horrific murders of over six million Jews to make fun of Trump. It’s disgusting, but because the left agrees with it, the millions of people who are offended by it are wrong.


So as long as Andrew Kirell agrees with Donald Trump being a Nazi, making fun of the Holocaust is A-OK. Saturday Night Live skits that portray Trump supporters as Nazis and Klan members are all good. The left is always right and the right is always wrong, so making fun of the right is never wrong and nobody should take offense. That’s the mindset of liberal hipster douchebags like Andrew Kirell.

Bill O’Reilly has a segment on his show where a guy name Jesse Watters does a man on the street bit. Watters sometimes interviews celebrities or just random people about politics. The objective is to show how out of the loop a lot of people are. It’s no different than when Jimmy Kimmel does his bit where the interviewer asks people about things that aren’t true to get their silly responses. I think it’s called Lie Witness News or something like that.

Jesse Watters did a bit that Andrew Kirell considered “blatantly racist.” It “mocked” Asian people! *gasp* Watters interviewed Asians about politics, but he also asked them if they did karate, or whether he was supposed to bow to say hello, asked them about homeopathic herbs that would induce a hard-on. While he’s doing this, the Carl Douglas 70s hit song Kung Fu Fighting was playing in the background.

Was it a tad tasteless? Sure. But have you ever seen an Amy Schumer concert where she jokes about being raped by Mexicans? Amy Schumer is Chuck Schumer’s niece. Her and Uncle Chuck hold pressers where they talk about gun violence. Amy Schumer is a liberal, so it’s perfectly fine for her to make stereotypical jokes about Mexicans. Just like it’s perfectly fine for Louis CK to use the words “nigger” and “faggot” in his act. It’s all in good fun, folks. Don’t be offended, all you niggers and faggots. Louis is a lefty, so it’s all good, brothas.


There are plenty of articles in The Daily Beast praising Amy Schumer and Louis CK and their edgy humor. Plenty of stories on SNL’s edgy skits. I don’t see Andrew Kirell criticizing a show on ABC called Fresh Off The Boat. Plenty of Asian stereotypes that I don’t see any outrage from Andy over. Just the title Fresh Off The Boat seems a little racist to me. They do episodes about being bad drivers, being good at math. Nothing FOB does gets under Andrew Kirell’s skin. But Fox News’ Jesse Watters doing it? Cue the liberal torch-bearing villagers. Jesse Watters must die.

How often do you see Bill Maher use Asian stereotypes to add to his humor? Plenty, right? That’s OK, though. Maher is one of us, according to Andrew Kirell.

This is how Andy described the Jesse Watters episode that got his panties in a bunch:

It was “funny” in only the way blackface minstrelsy could’ve been—appealing to the outdated and cheap humor of dehumanizing minorities who seem exotic and foreign to the network’s old and predominantly white audience.

The reaction was swift and universally angry across all digital news outlets.

Andy’s talking about the internet here, folks. You know, the thing that’s controlled by Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and is flooded with such “digital news outlets” as Buzzfeed, Politico, Vox, Salon, Mother Jones, and yes, The Daily Beast. Won’t find any liberal bias on these digital news outlets. Nope. Just universal outrage because Jesse Watters made some jokes about Asians on Fox News.


This is what got me:

He’ll get off with a slap on the wrist. At worst, his segments will go through several levels of approval from second-floor executives for the next few months.

And so Jesse Watters will always win. And he will continue to rise at Fox News.

This statement proves my point about what I’ve often said about the writers of these liberal hack sites. Andrew Kirell was a loser geek comic book-reading nerd growing up. He couldn’t get any girls. He had no friends, other than other booger-eating losers like him. Andrew Kirell was so insignificant and invisible that he couldn’t get arrested for murdering somebody right in front of a cop.

Andrew Kirell became a journalist so he could get back at everybody who was mean to him. He could sit in his mommy and daddy’s basement and write articles about “evil jocks” like the ones who were so mean to him in school. The evil jocks who got all the girls while he sat alone in the back of the classroom eating his boogers.

So that’s Andrew Kirell when he’s writing an article describing Jesse Watters an evil jock, while ignoring other things that people on the left do that are far more offensive. When Andrew Kirell looks at Jesse Watters, he sees the mean football player that used to pick on him in high school. Andy would go to the pretty girl and ask her to the prom and she would laugh in his face and say she was going with the mean football player.


Little Andy Kirell’s life was a living hell, so when he graduated, he enrolled in college and majored in journalism. His life had two paths – becoming a serial killer or becoming a journalist. Instead of getting revenge by killing coeds, he would get revenge by writing things about “evil jocks” like Jesse Watters.

“I’ll show them. I may not be able to defeat them physically, but I will overcome my booger-eating loser existence by using my razor-sharp liberal wit and awesome writing skills and work at The Daily Beast. I’m gonna work for Chelsea Clinton! I will be a winner! I will have my revenge! No more booger-eating for me!” 

So Andy followed his dream and is now writing articles for Chelsea Clinton at 100 bucks a pop. Articles like The Best Bruce (Springsteen) Songs You’ve Never Heard, and Farewell To The Cat Who Saved My Life and of course, Why Jesse Watters Will Always Win.

You can’t get more dweeby and pathetic than Andrew Kirell. A genuine loser. A real keyboard warrior, except that he posts his name and his dweeby picture. Just him saying that Watters will “get off with a slap on the wrist.” That’s just so Revenge Of The Nerds from the 80s. “They destroyed our house, and all they’ll get is a slap on the wrist.”


If Trump doesn’t win this election, we will be flooded with Andrew Kirells for the rest of our lives. This is the kind of hypocritical lefty BS we will be subjected to forever. Obama and liberals have completely  transformed this country into a bunch of Andrew Kirells. If Hillary Clinton is elected, booger-eaters everywhere will finally get their revenge.

The booger-eater wraps it up:

But fear not. Like the most villainous jocks from high school, one day—after Fox’s megastar leaves for greener pastures, Bill O’Reilly finally retires, and Fox’s septuagenarian viewers fade into the Great Beyond—Watters will be left seated at the hometown bar of basic cable, reminiscing about the glory days, bemoaning how he will never get such a prominent gig again in his life.

Unless, of course, Trump TV becomes a reality. 

What a jealous, spiteful turd Andrew Kirell is. A bitter little man who works for a company run by Chelsea Clinton, which also owns the hook-up site Tinder. The jock gets the prime gig at Fox, while Andrew Kirell sits in his parent’s basement with a handful of boogers.


Trump 2016


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