Politics And The ‘Mushy Middle’

Politics is a business. That’s all it is.

That’s why there are no term limits and nothing ever gets done. That’s why Donald Trump has rocked the political world, because he’s come in and disrupted everyone’s business. Trump is not a politician. That’s why he has connected with voters. Not being a politician is also why almost everyone who is a politician or a political pundit despises him. Donald Trump came in and rocked the boat and derailed their money train.

Because Trump is a tremendously successful businessman, he has approached politics the same way he has handled his businesses. Like a shark. A tiger. Something who is not afraid to get down in the muck and play dirty. Being afraid to get down and dirty is why Republicans have lost election after election. That and the fact that Democrats control the media and set the narrative.

If you judged the debate Monday night on what people at CNN said about it, you thought Hillary Clinton hit a home run. You’re thinking that the close to 100 million people who also watched the debate thought the same thing. But you’re wrong and I’m going to tell you why.

The message that is resonating is that Hillary Clinton has been involved in politics for 30 years and has accomplished nothing. It’s not just Clinton, it’s all politicians. Nothing ever gets done, because it’s a game. It’s a business. Politics is a money-making scheme. That’s all it’s ever been. In order for the scheme to work, things have to stay the same. Problems need to always be there that never get solved, because if they do, then there is no need for politicians who promise to solve them in exchange for donations.

See how it works? Donald J. Trump is a self-made billionaire. He doesn’t need to pander or kow-tow to donors like Hillary and the others do. Trump got into politics because he wants to change things, not only to benefit himself, but the country that helped enrich him. It’s really that simple. That’s what his supporters believe and that’s why he has resonated with so many people who are tired of political business as usual.

Political business as usual is why there are no term limits in Congress. If there were term limits, you would see change like you wouldn’t believe. They would know that they only have a certain amount of time to accomplish what they promised. But keeping promises is not what the dirty game of politics is about. It’s about creating problems, so career politicians can promise to fix them and raise money and get elected over and over again. That’s why there are people in Congress who have been there for most of their lives. People like Orrin Hatch, Patrick Leahy, John Conyers, Charlie Rangel, Chuck Grassley, Thad Cochran, etc. The list goes on and on of people who get reelected time and again and don’t really do a damn thing except collect money and sit on their asses and vote along party lines. They just play the game. That’s their job. Politics isn’t about fixing anything, it’s about keeping things broken so politicians can get money to promise to fix them.

Monday night’s debate was supposed to be Clinton vs. Jeb Bush. That’s what Washington and the media wanted. But Donald Trump came in and screwed everything up. He disrupted their business and their comfortable, predictable lives. You’re never going to see Jeb Bush run for president again. You might see Marco Rubio. Maybe Ted Cruz. But not Bush. This was Jeb’s time, and Trump took it from him.


After Democrats lost the White House to George W. Bush in 2000, they pledged to never let something like that happen again. They did it by gaining access to all available media outlets and controlling them, from Facebook to Twitter to blogs to news channels. The internet and cable TV are a large part of why Dems have so much power over what people think. Where Republicans fail is by doing things the same old way over and over again and letting the left set the narrative. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That’s the Republican Party today. A bunch of insane politicians who haven’t figured out how to get the results they want.

Republicans know that the moderators they’ve picked for the debates are liberal hacks, with the exception maybe of Chris Wallace, who isn’t exactly a Trump fan. They know George Stephanopoulos and everyone at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC are liberal hacks. So are the “journalists” at The New York Times and The Washington Post. Republicans know all this, yet somehow in their bizarro minds, they think that they can get a fair shake. They think that this time will be different, because they have friends at ABC, NBC, CNN, etc. People like Reince Priebus think, “I know they typically lean left, but I’m buddies with the bosses of these networks, so they will be fair. I’m being smart, because they promise me everything will be on the up and up.” No, Reince, you’re a putz. You are a gullible mark. You are insane.

How often do you see Democrats appear on Fox News? I’m not talking about paid shills, I’m talking about senators and Democrat politicians. Not very often, right? When do you ever see Hillary Clinton do a sit down with Sean Hannity? Democrats don’t do Fox News, because they know it would not be smart to do so. Sean Hannity is not going to hug Hillary and tell her he loves her like Rachel Maddow does. Hannity will actually ask her real questions, and no Democrat wants that, because Hillary has no real answers.

So why does the GOP agree to some of these moderators? Remember the Republican primary debate with CNBC a few months ago? The moderators were all liberal hacks like John Harwood. At the end of the debate, everyone wondered why Reince Priebus agreed to it. Because he thought it would be different. Because he thought the results would be different because CNBC told them they would be. Because Reince Priebus is insane, or perhaps just plain stupid.

Sometimes I think Republicans are sadomasochists. They know if they do an interview with George Stephanopoulos, they will be blasted. They know Chuck Todd will beat them up. I think people who work behind the scenes at these networks are surprised when someone like Marco Rubio agrees to appear on their shows. “Really? Rubio’s going to be on with Chuck Todd? Wow. What a moron.”

Did you notice that Ted Cruz didn’t do lot of interviews on these networks? He knew he wouldn’t be treated fairly, so he stayed away. I’m no Ted Cruz fan, but the man isn’t stupid. I am a huge Donald Trump supporter, but when he agreed to do a town hall moderated by Chris Matthews, that was pure lunacy. But I give Trump a pass because he is not a career politician. He listened to career politicians like Reince Priebus, and that’s why his candidacy was a joke until the votes started coming in and he hired Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway.

Donald Trump is an intelligent person who quickly figured out that the press wasn’t going to be on his side, so that’s why he started revoking press credentials and made people like Katy Tur wait in line with the others in the rain. I know the media likes to try to paint Trump as an orange-skinned idiot with bad hair, but you don’t turn a million dollars into billions by being a dummy.

Everybody knew that Lester Holt was not going to go after Hillary in Monday night’s debate. They knew Holt would not rock the boat like Matt Lauer did. But they’re not going to fire Matt Lauer, because his morning show gets good ratings. Jimmy Fallon has the number one rated late night TV show because he doesn’t rock the boat. Fallon’s job is secure. But Lester Holt? He knows he is only the NBC Nightly News anchor by default. Holt is only there because of Lyin’ Brian Williams’ big boo-boo. Lester Holt would be like Al Roker or Charlie Rose yakking it up with the ladies in the am if Brian Williams hadn’t goofed. Holt knows this, so he did what he was told to do.

Lester Holt also doesn’t garner the ratings that Brian Williams did. Pretty boy David Muir from ABC grabbed the top spot when Williams was dropped. So Lester did what he had to do. He didn’t rock the boat. Holt focused on birtherism and taxes and ignored Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation because he wanted to remain employed. End of story.

But you know what? I have no problem discussing birtherism or taxes or using any of the dirty tricks that Democrats use. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty, but for some reason the Republican Party has decided to take the high road. Remember Willie Horton? Remember the swift boat ads? The GOP used to have no problem delving in the muck, but now they’ve been convinced to rise above it. But Willie Horton is why George H.W. Bush was elected. Swift-boating is why his son was reelected. Since Lee Atwater died and Karl Rove became a Fox News contributor, Republicans simply don’t win anymore. Why? Because they have clueless, elitist morons like Reince Priebus telling them what to do. Because they offer candidates who are drab and dweeby like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. John McCain is no certainly no dweeb, but he also took the high road when the crazy lady called Obama a Muslim. He called his opponent a good man that he just happened to disagree with. So what happened in the 2008 election? Exactly. McCain took the high road and the war hero slunk back to the Senate as a loser. Sad!

Lee Atwater’s candidate won. So did Karl Rove’s. Twice. There was no high road for them, so they won. Not every Republican takes the high road, but most do, and that’s why they appear on these liberal shows. The GOP should tell CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. that they are done with them. Let them do their liberal shows and just interview Democrats. But they don’t do that. They just go along with Lester Holt being the debate moderator and then whine when they get treated unfairly.

Why was there only one moderator? How hard would it have been for Democrats and Republicans to get together and for Democrats to say they want Rachel Maddow and for Republicans to say they want Sean Hannity? That would have been a balanced debate. A left and a right. But no, the GOP acquiesces and does whatever their liberal masters tell them to do. I’m telling you, they are into S&M. I can picture Reince Priebus dressed as The Gimp from Pulp Fiction right now.

The Gimp character in Pulp Fiction, clad head-to-toe in studded black leather, has no lines in the film but still manages to be memorable.

Why is Anderson Cooper moderating the next debate? How do you think that will go? I love how liberals and some Republicans consider Anderson Cooper a serious journalist who calls it straight down the middle. They think he’s the gay Walter Cronkite. Anderson Cooper is no different than a Ryan Seacrest. He’s watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve with Kathy Griffin running around in her undies. Anderson Cooper is no Edward R. Murrow, believe me. He’s another liberal hired gun whose only job on October 9th is to protect Hillary Clinton. He will do his constitutional duty and keep his lips firmly planted on Mother Hillary’s sagging teat. Just watch.

If you think what CNN thinks is what the almost 100 million people who watched the debate on Monday are thinking, you are seriously delusional. If you thought they would’ve given Trump absolutely any credit or praise, you are delusional. If Donald Trump had stood up there and handled himself the way he did for the first 45 minutes of the debate before Lester threw Hillary a birtherism lifeline, do you honestly think the CNN poll would have been any different and the pundits would have said, “Oh my God. Donald Trump was amazing tonight!” If you think that, you are living in liberal la-la land.

Hillary Clinton didn’t stop Donald Trump from stomping her, she gave Lester Holt a look to throw her a lifeline. If you noticed, she kept looking down at her notes. None of the canned responses were there for what Trump was hammering her with for almost 45 minutes. It wasn’t until Holt bailed her out with birtherism that she was able to snap back with her prepared answers.

Let me ask you something. What does birtherism have to do with anything the American people care about? Honestly, how often do you think about birtherism while you’re working at your job, whether at a steel mill, a grocery store or a bank? What does birtherism have to do with anything? Seriously. But this is what we got. We knew what would happen and it did.

The armchair quarterbacks on the right said Trump should have said this or that. He should have brought up the Clinton Foundation and all of the things Holt wasn’t asking. Should Trump have not wasted ten minutes talking about birtherism? Of course. But I don’t think anybody who matters in this election as far as swing votes cared. I think once people saw Trump destroy Hillary and Holt brought up the birtherism subject and Trump’s taxes to bail out Clinton, a lot of them tuned out. Whether you stayed and watched the second half or not, Trump came out swinging, and first impressions count. People who watched the first half of the debate, most of whom are what I call the mushy middle, the swing voters, they saw a candidate who had full control of a flustered politician who was being nailed to the wall until the moderator saved her.


So we went from birtherism to Trump’s tax returns. Again, do you really think that the majority of the American people give a crap about how much tax Donald Trump paid or didn’t pay? I’m not talking about the people on the left who watch CNN every day and are so distraught that Hillary can’t get it together to have big enough lead in the polls to trounce Trump that they are desperate for anything to nail him with. I’m talking about most of the 82 million or so who watched the debate. Do you really think any of them care if Trump tried to pay as little tax as possible? Don’t we all do that?

Do you know anybody who has ever said, “I don’t think my taxes are high enough. I want to pay more!” No, you don’t. Nobody ever tries to pay more than they owe, they try to figure out how to pay as little as possible. They go to H&R Block or some other tax filing place to get an accountant to find as many write-offs as possible. Am I right? Who do you know you says, “My taxes pay for bridges and schools, so instead of a thousand dollars that the IRS says I owe, here’s three thousand more!”  Who does that? Nobody. Why would Donald Trump be any different?

There are people who move out of state and companies that relocate because another state has lower tax rates. I’m not talking about millionaires and billionaires. I have friends from California who have moved to Nevada and Arizona because the cost of living is so much lower in those states and Nevada and Arizona doesn’t open their asses up with taxes like California does.

Are you saying that Donald Trump should pay more than he does because he’s a billionaire? Listen, money is all relative. A billionaire has expenses just like anyone else, except their expenses are a lot higher. I have a friend I had a business relationship with. He’s loaded. He has a lot of money. Drives a Ferrari and lives in a nice house. One day I told him I wanted a bigger percentage. He asked why. I said you can afford it. Look at your house and your car and then look at mine. He said, “What does that have to do with anything? I have expenses just like you do. I have a family to take care of and a mortgage and car payments just like you do, except my payments are a lot higher. You may make $85,000 and I may make $850,000, but it’s all relative. I struggle to make ends meet just like you do, except on a much larger scale. Now if you’re hating on me because I have more than you have, there’s nothing I can do about that. That’s jealousy, and that’s something that is your problem, not mine.”

I thought about what he said and realized he’s absolutely right. Not everybody is able to drive a Ferrari and live in a mansion. The ones who do have to work as hard as I do to pay for them. My friend drives a Ferrari and I drive a Nissan, but his Ferrari will be repossessed just as fast as my Nissan will if he doesn’t keep up the payments.

Democrats live in a fantasy world where they think everyone should be treated equally and have the same things as everybody else. If you want that, go live in a Communist country. Everybody will get the same, but you won’t be able to complain about it if you don’t like what you get. Gay or transgender rights? Nope. Freedom to say or write whatever you want and criticize the government? Not unless you want to be put in a work camp or be killed.

So money is all relative. You can’t look at a person who is fortunate and/or works hard enough be able to make a lot of money and say they should pay more. If they should pay more, then you should pay more. Why should they pay more? Because they make more? That’s ridiculous. It’s envy and it’s a stupid, useless emotion that Democrats exploit to get you to vote for them.

For the mushy middle, the tweeners,  the voters who vote for a Democrat in one election and a Republican in the next, the fact the Donald Trump defends himself and is not a career politician appeals to them. I don’t use the term ‘mushy middle’ in a derogative sense. I use it to describe the people who can make a difference in an election. Those are the people who are drifting towards Donald Trump. Not talking about people in states like California or New York or Texas who will always vote Democrat or Republican. I’m talking about people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida. What Trump is doing and saying is reaching the voters in those states and that’s why he remains competitive and is beating Hillary Clinton in many polls, despite all the favorable media at her disposal and all the people in Hollywood and the liberal media who demonize Donald Trump.


People like Donald Trump because he says and does things that career politicians like Hillary Clinton don’t dare say or do. He doesn’t answer a question with a canned response. He doesn’t talk in soundbites. He talks like we do. This is right, this is wrong and this is why it’s wrong or right. It’s refreshing to hear a presidential candidate who sounds like everyday people, so that’s why Trump is kicking Hillary’s butt and libs are doing everything they can to stop his momentum.

The people that Donald Trump appeals to are the ones he needs to win the election. He doesn’t need the hipster douchebags in California or the mythical Latino voting bloc that Republicans think he needs to get in order to win. What liberal morons write in The New York Times or The Washington Post or Huffington Post or The Daily Beast don’t matter to the mushy middle. What matters to them is what Donald Trump is talking about when it comes to fair trade deals and protecting our country and improving our standing in the world and making hostile nations fear and respect us. The mushy middle doesn’t care about birtherism or his taxes. Sorry, liberal hipster douchebags.

The mushy middle agrees with Donald Trump when he says that if somebody does a crappy job, then why should he pay them? Hillary brought up all these vendors and people that Trump allegedly stiffed, and Trump said they probably didn’t do a good job. If you hire somebody to fix the pipes in your house and they still leak, do you pay them anyway? No, you say fix these pipes or I’m not going to give you your money. If you are on a road crew hired to build a road and instead of 5 miles of road, you only lay 500 feet, do you expect to still get what was promised to you? Of course not.

The people who expect payment for a crappy job are the ones who have kids who get trophies for finishing ninth. They’re people who believe in giving a gold star to every child simply for participating. These are the people who think it doesn’t matter if you do a good job. Just the fact that you showed up is good enough.

I don’t think the mushy middle, the swing voters, buy into the notion that just showing up is good enough to get a paycheck. I think they agree with Donald Trump that if someone does a crappy job, they don’t deserve to be paid. The hipster douchebag liberals who agree with Hillary are the ones who still take their spoiled kids to Chuck E. Cheese when they come in last. Forget about birtherism, Hillary and the people who support her believe in loserism.

If I were on Trump’s team, I would just release the taxes. I would have Trump say, “Yeah, I tried to pay as little tax as possible, just like everyone in America does. See that person? Yeah I didn’t pay him because he did a crappy job and I don’t believe Americans think people who do shoddy work should still get a paycheck. Let me ask all of you out there. When you show up to work, do you just go through the motions? Or do you take pride in your work and try to do a good job? When it says ‘Made in America’ do you want that to mean it falls apart after a day? Hell no! America and Americans are better than that. We should strive to be better. We should want to make America great again, instead of sticking with the same half-assed jobs that people in government are doing. People who are getting paid just for showing up, like Hillary Clinton when she gives a speech and gets a million dollar paycheck from Goldman Sachs.  That’s why I’m running for president. I want to make America great again.”

So I never got why he doesn’t just release his tax returns and confront the people who didn’t get paid for a shoddy work and say, “Yeah, I tried to pay as little tax as possible and didn’t pay that guy because he did a crappy job, because the majority of Americans would do the same thing!”

I think the few million mushy middle swing voters that Trump needs think like he does. I think they don’t want to pay more tax than they absolutely have to and they don’t expect someone to be paid for crappy work. To me, this just make sense. It’s simple logic, which the left doesn’t seem to have a lot of. They live in fantasyland. They are incapable of winning over, so I wouldn’t worry about what they think. Screw them. Let them vote for Hillary and pout and stomp their feet on Election Night when she loses.

The swing voters also don’t care about what Donald Trump said on the Howard Stern show 15 years ago about the Iraq War. Like I’ve said, up until a few year ago, Stern was considered human garbage. A misogynist, racist pig whose listeners would prank call the Larry King Show and ask a question about Howard Stern’s penis and yell “Baba Booey! Baba Booey!” Now Democrats and the media are trying to portray Stern as this serious journalist to whom Trump gave his official position on the Iraq War. Donald Trump wasn’t a politician. He wasn’t a senator who cast a vote to go to war with Iraq. Hillary Clinton was. I don’t believe the mushy middle care that Trump said, “Umm.. yeah, I guess so” about the Iraq War while he and Howard Stern were talking about boobs. I don’t believe it.

The final question of the night was a setup to allow Hillary to deliver a canned response that she had prepared to paint Trump as a sexist pig who hated women. The question about Miss Venezuela was a setup. Her campaign has been running ads about Miss Venezuela and Trump calling her “Miss Housemaid” and “Miss Piggy.” Of course, there is not one person who heard Trump say any of the things. We’re all just supposed to take Miss Venezuela’s word for it.

Let’s break this down. This woman competed in a beauty contest in 1996. She won the crown. Every single one of the beauty contests have rules as to how their winners are supposed to look and present themselves and represent the organization. If you do not follow these rules, you get fired. Just like when Vanessa Williams lost her crown in 1985 when Penthouse published nude photos and her and another chick getting down and dirty.

After Miss Venezuela Alicia Machado won the crown, she subsequently gained 60 pounds. CNN even did a bit about it back then, as did Howard Stern. Trump held a press conference to fight the charges that his newly crowned Miss Universe was becoming, as Howard Stern described her, a “fat pig.” Showing her working out, and telling the press that she was eating healthier and getting it together.

We’re talking about a beauty pageant. A beauty pageant that is very important in the beauty pageant world. The winner cannot be a great big fat person. Think about how the runner-ups must have felt, losing to this undisciplined slob who couldn’t stop eating. Donald Trump tries to help her out, to keep her from losing her crown as many had speculated she should. Because of that, he’s accused of “fat shaming?” Really?


That’s not all about poor fat shamed Alicia Machado. Did you know she was also involved in a murder plot in Venezuela in 1998? She drove the getaway car when her boyfriend attempted to kill his brother in law at the funeral of his sister, whom the boyfriend had allegedly driven to suicide. Machado also threatened the life of the judge involved in the case.

So this is the person that Hillary Clinton brought to the debate and has featured in her campaign ads. This is the person who wailed and whined to Anderson Cooper about how big meanie Donald Trump made her feel bad for being a fat cow. A getaway driver for a person who tries to commit a murder and who threatens the life of a judge. That’s poor fat shamed Miss Venezuela Alicia Machado.

Either Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton’s campaign were too stupid to vet Alicia Machado or they are purposely trying to cover up her shady past. Which is it? Imagine if Trump had a campaign surrogate out there running around who was involved in an attempted murder plot. CNN would eviscerate him, even worse than when they went after a black pastor Trump supporter who lied about having a college degree. A Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate tries to kill someone and threatens the life of a judge in Venezuela and the Clinton News Network stays silent. I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not.

A lot of other pageant winners have had their titles stripped and their crown taken away for far worse things, but not Hillary Clinton’s chubby buddy Alicia Machado. She’s out there campaigning for Hillary and calling Trump a fat shaming, sexist misogynist. Amazing.

I ask again. Will the swing voters, the mushy middle, the tweeners give a crap about a fat shamed attempted murderer? I think not.

So that was the debate in a nutshell. Will Donald Trump lose all of the gains he has made in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc?

I think not.

Trump 2016


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