Outrage Over Dudes With Boobs

From 4-21-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

What’s up with this North Carolina guys with boobs bill? Oh, I’m sorry. Is that not politically correct?

North Carolina has been getting a lot of attention lately over their transgender bathroom law. A fight broke out at a Los Angeles school over the issue, Curt Schilling got fired from ESPN over a tweet expressing support for the law, and several people who were rock stars at one time have cancelled their performing engagements in North Carolina.

Marco Rubio was right about one thing. Obama really has transformed this country, and not in a good way. Obama hasn’t done it by himself. Democrats and the money behind the party, the social justice warriors, have pushed this anything goes mentality far beyond what the rest of the country believes is acceptable. How do you compete with a message that’s promoted on Facebook and Twitter 24/7, whether it’s open borders or cross-dressers using a girl’s bathroom?

That’s what we used to call transgenders. Cross-dressers. Drag queens.

It’s one thing to have this feeling that you are a women inside, and you go to a doctor and see a psychiatrist to deal with a years long battle with your gender identity. You go through the physical and psychological steps to change your sex and become a woman. That is a thousand times different than a man who puts on a dress and makeup and says, “I’m transgender.” That’s a cross-dresser. It’s a kink, a fetish. It’s hip. It’s trendy. It’s different than someone who grows up with a gender identity crisis and goes through the penis removal surgery and transforms from a male to female.

Somehow society has blended the two individuals and created a category called transgender and the social justice warriors, Democrats and this president have turned it into a controversy by demanding that they be treated the same. A man with a penis who wore a dress and put on makeup was always a cross-dresser. When that man had the surgery to become a woman, it wasn’t talked about, because he was supposed to be a woman, but God or whoever created him messed up and put him in a man’s body. He goes through the process and becomes a she. The only thing different is his DNA and chromosomes. Everything else is female. She then goes through her life as a woman.


That’s how it used to be. It wasn’t an accessory. It wasn’t some hip and fun thing. It was something personal. It wasn’t a trend to make television shows about. Now it is. Somehow cross-dressing has become a political issue. Then you have the person who goes through the hormone injections and gets the implants and becomes a woman in every way, except when they pull down their pants and an 11-inch schlong pops out. That person is just kinky. He is catering to a fetish. Because if this was really a woman trapped in a man’s body, they would slice that schlong right off. If you don’t cut the penis off, you are just a kinky, freaky dude.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fine to be freaky, but we’re not talking about a political revolution. We shouldn’t have riots at schools. We shouldn’t be firing people because they post a meme of a fat ugly guy in a dress. That’s what we’re fighting over. A guy in a dress. Somehow the very real issue of a man who is tortured because he was born the wrong sex got muddied by kinky guys who wear dresses and makeup and want to use a girl’s bathroom and have the same special rights as a female. It’s fashion, it’s a trend, nothing more.

It’s like when I was growing up and wanted to be Satan. Me and three of my buddies did the whole heavy metal thing with the long hair and the pentagrams and the eye makeup. It was cool thing to be a Satanist. Today it’s cool to wear a dress and makeup and claim to be transgender. “Look at Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians, look at Laverne Cox! They’ve got their own shows! Look! It’s Hank from the Larry Sanders Show! Hey now!”


Never in our history have drag queens demanded the same rights as women and equal access to bathrooms. Listen, if I put on old man makeup and paint my hair gray, I can’t then collect social security. I can’t get the senior discount at Denny’s. “I look old and I feel old, so I’m old! I’m 42 but I feel 82. I’m trans-age!”

“Yeah, but that’s makeup…”

“So? What’s your point?”

Putting on old age makeup doesn’t make someone old. Putting on women’s makeup doesn’t change someone’s sex.

Obama has transformed this country all right. He’s created a nation of stupid people. Just like the people who cancelled their appearances in North Carolina and in the process let everyone know they weren’t dead yet. I think a lot of the North Carolina boycotters are just doing it for publicity. Who the hell knew Boston was still around? Not the city, the band. Remember “More Than A Feeling?” Boston isn’t feeling the North Carolina bathroom law.

Neither is Ringo Starr. Ringo Starr, who was only relevant when he was in the Beatles. Other than that, he was in a crappy caveman movie with his hot wife. Quick, can you name a Ringo Starr hit record? I rest my case. Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison all had successful music careers after the Beatles. Ringo Starr is the guy who won’t play in a state where they keep cross-dressers out of the ladies room.


I gotta ask. Where in North Carolina is this huge demand for old rock acts that nobody gives a crap about anymore? Can Boston put 10,000 people in a stadium? The only two bands boycotting that are mildly relevant are Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen. I’m not a big Springsteen fan, but at least he’s legit. Bruce Springsteen can come to the Staples Center and fill the place up. I have a soft spot for Pearl Jam because of that whole grunge scene from the early 90s.

But Cyndi Lauper? She hasn’t been relevant since she did Rock ’n’ Wrestling with Captain Lou Albano in the 80s. I guarantee you that some of these bands that are boycotting the boys with boobs bathroom law have played in countries where homosexuality is frowned upon. Homosexuality is punishable by death, women can’t drive and get acid thrown in their faces because they want to go to school. I guarantee you that some of these boycotters have either played or done some kind of business with repressive regimes or countries that discriminate against women or gays. I guarantee you.

That’s how it is with these celebrities and their causes. Just like Leo DiCaprio. He lectures everybody about the environment, then hops on a private jet that pollutes the air and goes to his huge house that uses enough electricity for a small town. All of these has-beens who are so outraged by North Carolina have played in places like Dubai or done private concerts for dictators.

North Carolina doesn’t want dudes with boobs in their ladies rooms. That’s it. If I were homosexual, I would be pissed at the dudes with boobs crowd. They’ve had to spend their entire lives fighting discrimination. They survived the AIDS era. They still live in a world where their sexual preference can get them thrown off of a roof. They’ve had to fight the stereotypes and misconceptions that they are a bunch of freaks who dance around in parades wearing a feather boa and a g-string, all the while trying to indoctrinate little Johnny into the gay lifestyle. They now have congressmen and governors and mayors who have shattered that stereotype. Activists like Harvey Milk were killed fighting for respect.

They’ve finally gotten marriage equality and have emerged from being perceived as pariahs spreading AIDS everywhere, and here comes these dudes with boobs glomming on to their coattails. They’re hanging this Caitlyn Jenner albatross around their necks. Their noble cause for equal rights is becoming a freak show. Not only are gay people being lumped in with the cross-dressers, they are being denied the talents of Ringo Starr and Cyndi Lauper.



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