Orlando: We Saw It Coming

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I don’t even know where to start.

After the San Bernardino shootings last year, we said it was only a matter of time before it happened again. Just like last year, Democrats and the media are trying to spin the Orlando massacre into a gun control issue rather than yet another attack by a radical Muslim.

When I first started hearing the news Sunday morning, I immediately thought of terrorism. I didn’t wonder whether it was a trailer park white boy waving a Confederate flag. It didn’t fit the MO. We’re in the month of Ramadan, and there was a recent report about a terror cell calling for Muslims to strike Americans during Ramadan. If you only get your news from CNN or MSNBC, I doubt you heard about it.

A shooting at a gay nightclub fits the MO of a Islamic terrorist attack. I’m not a national security expert, I’m just using common sense.

As much as liberals want say the NRA has blood on its hands and we need more gun control, the AR-15 that Omar Mateen used to kill 49 people and wound dozens more didn’t walk into the Pulse Orlando nightclub by itself and start shooting the place up. The person controlling that gun had been under FBI investigation before. Mateen had traveled to Saudi Arabia and the UAE in 2011 and 2012. Once again, our government let us down.

If we elect Hillary Clinton, there will a lot more of these attacks. Look at all the incidents under Obama’s watch. Do you see how vulnerable we are? Do you see how handcuffed our law enforcement is? Do you see how the FBI performs under this president? If we had a president who was more concerned with protecting Americans than he was with not insulting Muslims, these things wouldn’t happen.

Every time one of these attacks go down, there are red flags all over the place. If these red flags had been acted upon, the carnage would have been avoided. But we don’t respond to these warnings because this administration doesn’t want to be accused of profiling Muslims.

The U.S. government has put American citizens under surveillance for years for things like gambling and loansharking. Hundreds of millions of dollars was spent going after mobsters like John Gotti and Vincent Gigante. The government didn’t stop until they got a conviction and both men died in prison. But under Obama, the FBI will drop an investigation of someone who associates with known terrorists because there isn’t enough evidence to continue.


I’m not defending the Mafia, I’m just making a comparison to investigations of different criminal organizations. Was the government as concerned about offending Italians as they are about offending Muslims?

The FBI says it doesn’t have the manpower to investigate every person who interacts with terror suspects. So are they saying there are thousands of people roaming around the U.S. with links to terrorism? I don’t believe it. If this is true, then there is a real problem in this country. Instead of a six month gap between attacks, we should have them every week.

I don’t believe that there are thousands of Muslims in this country who associate with known terrorists who travel back and forth between countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. If that were the case, we would be getting attacked every day. I don’t believe the FBI doesn’t have the manpower to watch them. I think the Obama administration tells the FBI to stand down. Unless you catch them in the act, don’t do anything. If you put them under surveillance or otherwise harass them, you are profiling. The Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have a real soft spot for Muslims, and this is a big problem.

If the FBI had been watching Omar Mateen, he never would have been able to do what he did. He didn’t buy his assault rifle at a gun show. He worked as a security guard. The company he worked for had ties to the federal government. Mateen had legal clearance to possess and obtain weapons. There were no gun show loopholes that allowed him to buy his gun. The loophole is our federal government.

You’re not going to hear this from the media or the Obama administration. They just say they investigated and didn’t find enough evidence. Not enough evidence to do what? If the federal government hears about Three Fingers Luigi running a gambling empire in New York, they investigate. They set up surveillance vans and wiretaps. This goes on for weeks, for months, sometimes for years. Eventually, Three Fingers Luigi is indicted for 78 counts of gambling.

The FBI could have easily kept tabs on Omar Mateen. A couple of field agents could have kept him under surveillance. If you tell me there are thousands of Omar Mateens out there, we are in serious trouble. They are going to be a lot more slaughters. Getting rid of assault weapons won’t solve the problem. Keeping an eye on anyone who travels to a terror hot spot or associates with terrorists will.

If you take away a terrorist’s assault weapon, he will use another kind of gun or a knife or explosives. Maybe not as many will be killed as would be with an assault weapon, but why is any loss of life acceptable? If we can stop someone like Mateen from carrying out the act in the first place, then why don’t we?

It’s just like San Bernardino. You had Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik traveling back and forth from terror hot spots, raising all kinds of red flags, and everybody’s afraid to do anything. Omar Mateen was on the radar at one time and was then forgotten about. Just like the Boston bombers were on the radar, as was the Chattanooga shooter. The Fort Hood shooter was exchanging emails with Anwar al-Awlaki, the mastermind behind the Charlie Hebdo massacre. All of this was ignored because the government didn’t want to be perceived as Islamophobic.

Liberals say that most Muslims are peaceful and loving and only a few are terrorists. These same liberals demonize all police officers when a suspect dies while resisting arrest. Why do we give a pass to people who murder innocent Americans, but when it comes to our own police, we say they are all corrupt and evil? Why? The police aren’t just going up to innocent people and killing them, these are excessive force incidents that occur when somebody is doing something bad. Omar Mateen walked into a club and slaughtered 50 innocent people. He was following an ideology that encouraged it. Why does this ideology get a pass?

Celebrities and people in the media expressed shock that a Muslim would walk into a gay nightclub and start shooting everybody. Why are they shocked? Are they that out of the loop that they don’t know Muslims throw men from rooftops for being gay? They don’t know that Iran and Saudi Arabia will flog or execute someone for being homosexual? Are they not aware, or are they pretending it doesn’t exist? This has been going on for years, so why the surprise? The bar has been set so low for Muslims that as long as they don’t kill us, they’re cool. Subjugating women is fine as long as they don’t blow us up.


Sidiqque Mir Mateen, Omar Mateen’s father, has ties to the Taliban. He ran for president of Afghanistan. This kid’s father is knee deep in Afghan politics, and the government knew this. That’s red flag number one. Omar Mateen was under investigation not once, but twice by the FBI. That’s red flag number two.

The FBI first became aware of Mateen in 2013 when he was making inflammatory comments to co-workers and claiming to have terror ties. The FBI thoroughly investigated Mateen, including some surveillance and interviews with Mateen and co-workers. The case was closed when the FBI couldn’t verify the authenticity of the claims against Mateen. The case was revisited in 2014 when it was discovered that Mateen had made contact with a known terrorist, but the contact was described as “minimal.” Mateen was in contact with Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, who joined al Qaeda in Syria and blew himself up in a truck bombing that year. Salha made a video where he attempted to recruit his fellow Floridians to travel with him to Syria, but the FBI said his contact with Mateen was no big deal.

A side note. How likely is it that the FBI will return an indictment against Hillary? They can’t even keep track of a terrorist from a couple of years ago. That’s the disturbing thing. We’re not talking about someone from the 90s. This is all recent history.

That’s not all. A couple of weeks ago, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammad al Adnani put out an audio recording saying Ramadan was coming up and urging followers to carry out attacks in America instead of coming to Syria or Iraq. Adjani called for a “month of hurt”  in the United States as well as Europe.

“The smallest action you do in the heart of their land is dearer to us than the largest action by us, and more effective and more damaging to them,” al Adnani said, according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“And if one of you wishes and tries hard to reach the Islamic State, then one of us wishes to be in your place to hurt the Crusaders day and night without sleeping, and terrorize them so that the neighbor fears his neighbor.”

None of this was reported on in the mainstream media. ISIS is calling for attacks in America during the month of Ramadan. There were no panels on CNN or MSNBC discussing this. What were they talking about? Trump University and Donald Trump having a woman wear a bathing suit 25 years ago. That’s what the news shows were focused on.

You had the attacks in San Bernardino and Paris. You have ISIS calling for attacks during the months of Ramadan. No precautions were taken and the media doesn’t report on it. They’re busy talking about women in bathing suits.

Here’s another red flag that was ignored. A week or so ago, an offshoot of ISIS released a hit list with the names of over 8000 people, and there was about 600 people from Florida on it. The group is called the United Cyber Caliphate and they specifically called for attacks in Florida.

How does the government not get blamed for what happened this weekend, but an assault rifle does?

Let’s connect the dots. Omar Mateen is investigated twice by the FBI. Once in 2013 for making inflammatory comments and then again in 2014 for associating with a suicide bomber who was trying to recruit fighters to travel to Syria. The FBI knows all about Mateen’s father and his history as a Taliban sympathizer. Why are we shocked when an American born to parents who are terrorist sympathizers become radicalized themselves?

Then you have an ISIS leader calling for attacks during Ramadan and another group calling for attacks in Florida and releasing a hit list. None of it is reported on because the media is focused on Trump University.  So what happens? Omar Mateen walks into a gay nightclub and commits the worst shooting attack in U.S. history. Now everybody is shocked and asking how it could happen.


An amateur could have seen this coming. There were countless red flags. After the government completely drops the ball, what are we told? It’s the gun’s fault. We need gun control. The FBI is given all of these red flags, but determined no further investigation was needed because the government didn’t want to appear Islamophobic. And why is that? Because the media created that narrative. Any investigation of Muslims is profiling.

This is the worst terror attack since 9/11, yet it’s being called the worst shooting attack in U.S. history. Do you think that’s a coincidence? Obama and the media are deliberately turning the focus on the guns instead of who carried out the attack and his history. They say if he never got his hands on an assault rifle it wouldn’t have happened. The Tsarnaev brothers used pressure cooker bombs in the Boston Marathon bombing. If Mateen didn’t have an AR-15, he would have used a bomb he made in his kitchen. I don’t hear too many people talking about banning pressure cookers. The 9/11 terrorists used airplanes. Haven’t heard about a call to ban planes. All you hear are calls to ban assault weapons and close gun show loopholes, which had nothing to do with what happened Sunday morning.

The government let us down. The media let us down. We should all be terrified of a Hillary Clinton presidency, because it will be more of the same. It’s only a matter of time before one of these scumbags pulls off a dirty bomb attack. How nobody focuses on Mateen being on the FBI’s radar and then let go is insane.

The media is calling this a hate crime. It has nothing to do with Mateen being a Muslim, he saw two guys kissing in Miami and that set him off. That’s what his Taliban-supporting father said. The father also said he knew nothing of his son’s radicalization and his trips to terror hot spots.  The organization CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is saying Islam had nothing to do with this, it was just a sick deranged individual. CAIR, which has ties to terrorism, is orchestrating this narrative with Mateen’s family, because they don’t want the government to investigate them.

Sitar Yusufiy, Mateen’s ex-wife, describes him as an abusive husband who regularly beat her, confiscated her paychecks and kept her a prisoner in her home. Yet somehow this abuse was never reported to law enforcement. Yusufiy also accompanied Mateen when he scouted Disney World as a potential target. Why didn’t she report that to law enforcement? Sitar Yusufiy is a Uzbekistan immigrant who doesn’t want the government to investigate her and her family, so she says Mateen never expressed sympathies for terrorist organizations, but did make anti-gay comments when he was angry.


Omar Mateen was a violent man who hated gays, so he killed them with an assault rifle he bought at a gun show. That’s the narrative being put out by Obama and the extremists on the left. It was a hate crime. Ban guns and everything will be OK. Now let’s talk about Donald Trump. That’s what the extremist left media will say.

We need to take a page from our closest Middle East ally. Faced with almost daily attacks by Palestinians, Israel built a wall to keep them contained. Whenever militants attack Israel, not only do they kill or arrest the attacker, they go to their families and bulldoze their houses. They punish the families who raised the monsters. They make them accountable.

When you hear Hillary and others criticize Donald Trump for talking about going after terrorists and their families, remind them of Israel. Hollywood takes out full page ads supporting Israel and we give them billions of dollars for their defense. Yet when Trump talks about implementing policies that have been successful in Israel, he’s considered a xenophobe and called a Nazi.

Imagine if Republicans controlled the media. The FBI would be able to do their jobs without being second guessed for profiling. Measures like building a wall and going after terrorist’s families wouldn’t be mocked and ridiculed. Americans would be on board with protecting our country instead of endangering it.

This is real. This is a war. It’s not about winning House and Senate seats, it’s about controlling the message. The sooner the GOP understands this, the better off we’ll be.

Ignore the spin put out by the extremist left media. It could literally kill you.

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