Only Trump Can Beat Hillary

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Democrats and the media are terrified of Donald Trump. I’ll tell you why.

The smarter pundits like Van Jones and David Axelrod know that Trump is the real threat, not Ted Cruz. They know Cruz is your stereotypical conservative Republican. The electoral map will look the same as the last few elections. Certain states will be in play and other states are a lock. Cruz will be annihilated, and not only because of the #NeverCruz movement that will be started by Trump supporters. Ted Cruz will lose big, I mean Mondale big.

Then you have delusional morons like Hugh Hewitt and Mark Levin who actually think beat Cruz can beat Hillary. They haven’t been relevant since the Reagan era, so their thinking is stuck in the 80s. Levin actually worked in the Reagan administration and was Ed Meese’s chief of staff. Hugh Hewitt also worked in many posts for Reagan, including Deputy Director and General Counsel of the Office of Personnel Management, General Counsel for the National Endowment for the Humanities, Assistant White House Counsel and Special Assistant to the Attorney General.

But now they sit behind a microphone. They’re not out in the mix. They take callers, that’s their connection to politics now. They’re not in the trenches like they were in the 80s, but their mentality still is. What worked then isn’t necessarily going to work now. You don’t use the same playbook from 1985 and expect it to work in 2016. Mark Levin says if Republicans just nominate a constitutional conservative, they will win. Things have changed since the 80s, you putz.


Right now, Hillary Clinton is in the fight for her life. If it weren’t for super delegates, a rigged process, Hillary would be in a lot more trouble with Bernie Sanders winning the last few contests. Bernie and Hillary should be in the same place that the Republicans are, but they’re not. Democrats have super delegates, so it doesn’t matter how many delegates you win as far as voting goes. You have backroom dealings going on, where the nominee is determined by super delegates, most of whom Hillary already has locked up.

If Democrats had a nominating process like Republicans do, there would be a lot more drama, because Bernie has momentum right now. He has the enthusiasm. What’s more is 30% of Bernie Sanders say they will not vote for Hillary if she if the nominee. They will just stay home. They can’t replicate the excitement they feel for Bernie and transfer it to Hillary. And the more they hear that it doesn’t matter how many states Bernie wins, Hillary will still be the nominee because she has the super delegates, the more they become disenfranchised. Hillary can lose the popular vote and still get the nomination. That’s not going to sit well with Bernie fans. That’s not going to sit well for people who were promised free college, free healthcare, free nose rings and free blue dye for their hair. So 30% of them are going to leave.


This scares Democrats and the media because Donald Trump has the enthusiasm on the Republican side that Hillary doesn’t on the Democrat side.

Here’s another problem. Why is Bernie Sanders so popular? Because he’s the alternative to Hillary. Bernie says Hillary is not qualified to be president because she voted for the Iraq War, one of the worst foreign policy blunders in history. He also says she is a slave to big banks. Hillary Clinton gives half a million dollar speeches to big banks. Why are big banks paying her a half a million? The other thing is super PACs. Hillary’s campaign bought and paid for by super PACs. What’s the other thing? Jobs and shipping them overseas. Hillary Clinton is for NAFTA. One day she is for TPA, the next day she is against it. Nobody knows if she is truly against it.

These things are all true and are resonating with the Bernie crowd. These are the points that Bernie Sanders hammers home. Bernie Sanders was against the Iraq War, he’s not bought by big banks or funded by super PACs, he doesn’t want to ship jobs overseas.

Does this sound like anybody we know?

This is why Democrats are terrified of Donald Trump. Do you see why the media goes after Trump? Do you see why the narrative of Wisconsin was already set before the election, that if Trump loses Wisconsin, it’s over? The Chris Matthews hypothetical abortion question, the Corey Lewandowski/Michelle Fields incident, all of these things were blown up into big scandals. Nobody in the media pointed out that the Trump rally riots in Chicago were all staged by paid protestors.

Democrats and the media know that Bernie Sanders has a message that is resonating and Donald Trump has that exact same message resonating with his followers. And Trump is the only one in the Republican Party who has that message. Trump can use the same points that Bernie uses to hammer Hillary with. Ted Cruz can’t talk about Hillary’s ties to big banks and Wall Street. His wife is tied to Wall Street. Ted can’t bring up super PACs, he has super PACs. He can’t bring up shipping jobs overseas or Iraq. If they gave the nomination to Paul Ryan, he can’t bring up any of this.

All of the things that has Bernie Sanders nipping at Hillary’s high heels are all the issues that Donald Trump has been using to get millions of people to vote for him, both Democrat and Republican. People who are voting for the first time are voting for Trump. So are people who haven’t voted in 20 years because they’re sick of politicians and the system.


When Bernie Sanders tells a crowd that Hillary voted for the war and he voted against it, they go nuts. You could actually have Donald Trump on stage at a debate with Hillary for the general election telling a national audience that she voted for the worst policy blunder ever that got us in a war that almost bankrupted the country and cost thousands of American lives and wounded thousands more. Trump could tell her that there are thousands wounded warriors because of her bad judgment and veterans who can’t get treatment and she laughed and said the problems at V.A. hospitals weren’t that bad. She has been involved in Libya, in Benghazi, in some of our worst military failures. And this is coming from a Republican!

Everybody in the media agrees that the Iraq War was a bad idea. They all agree it was disastrous. What kind of narrative will they spin when you have Donald Trump going after Hillary for the Iraq War? Elizabeth Warren applauds Bernie for taking on banks and Wall Street. How will they spin it when Trump says we gotta go after big banks? “But Trump wants to build a wall!” Yeah, a wall to keep out illegal aliens who are taking the jobs that Hillary Clinton wants to ship overseas! What do they say to that? These are all the things that Bernie has been hammering Hillary and winning on.

Right now, Hillary and the Democrats are taking a beating from one of their own. Once they get out of the primary race, they will be hit over their heads with all of these issues leading up to general election. That’s why they are freaking out and doing everything in their power to stop Donald Trump. He’s the only one who will talk about the Iraq War, NAFTA and super PACs. “I’m financing my own campaign. I don’t need super PACs. Hillary, she’s got super PACs.” 

Bernie says Hillary is not qualified to be president because she takes money from big banks. Hillary’s response doesn’t work against Trump. Her response is, “If Bernie says I’m not qualified to be president because I take money from banks, then I guess he’s saying that President Obama isn’t qualified, because he takes money, too.” Her supporters clap when she says this. How is she going to use this against Trump? Trump can say she’s not qualified because she takes money and when she says Obama does too, he can say, “Exactly! Obama’s not qualified, either!”

“George Bush took money!”

“Yeah, and George Bush is a liar! What else you got, Hillary? I gave you money too, because I knew I could buy you!”


This is a nightmare for Democrats. It’s a nightmare for the media, and it’s something that Republicans should be excited about. The party should embrace Trump. Why aren’t they excited about a candidate who could could slam dunk Hillary? Because he doesn’t give anything back. He cuts all of them out. If Trump became president, he would cost them billions. If Trump and his people sat down with the establishment and promised some of them a placement in his administration, they would call of their dogs and Kasich and Cruz would drop out and Trump would be the nominee.

No Republican can talk about Iraq, but Trump can. Everything that Bernie is beating up Hillary with, Trump is doing the same in the Republican Party. If you take that and the fact that 30% of Bernie supporters will not vote for Hillary, and the fact that Trump is pulling in Democratic voters, you have a recipe for a Democrat disaster.

Democrats and the media don’t want Donald Trump because they know he can win. The smart ones see what Bernie is doing to Hillary and they think, “Man he sounds just like Trump!” They know that Trump can use the same arguments against her and no other Republican can.

I’ve said it before. Trump doesn’t need the Latino vote to win. The states with the highest percentage of Latinos are states he won’t win anyway, like California. About 30% of the Latino population is in California. Trump can get the black vote. Forget the Black Lives Matter crap. They’re attacking Bill Clinton. They have no idea what they’re doing or what they want. Black Lives Matter are just troublemakers who get to hide behind the veneer of being activists. The non-troublemaking ordinary working black folk? Trump can get them. All he has to do is tell them that millions of jobs will be available once he builds a wall and keeps people out of the country who are illegally taking those jobs.


And not just fruit picking jobs. California just raised the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. That’s not college educated workers, that’s low skilled, uneducated workers getting 15 dollars an hour. When there is a high minimum wage and no control over our borders, who does that benefit? Exactly. Trump can get the black vote by offering them something real. He can show how stopping illegal immigration can result in real jobs that pay real money. He’s not an old white lady telling them how horrible racism is and how she going to make it everything better than the black president they’ve had for the past seven years has. Trump isn’t bamboozling black people. He can actually show them what they can do to make their lives better.

These are the things that terrify Democrats and the media. Donald Trump has the same ammunition that Bernie Sanders has to go after Hillary, and will use it more effectively. Trump also has the same enthusiasm from his supporters that Bernie has. It is a recipe for disaster for Democrats and a roadmap to victory for the Republican Party. It’s too bad they don’t realize it.

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