Obama: Worst President Ever

From 7-15-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

I just got back from a week and a half long vacation. Luckily, there were no terrorism incidents.

It’s funny, every time there is a terror attack, Obama gives a speech and talks like we’re winning. Like there was no attack. The guy is delusional. The only reason he’s gotten away with it as long as he has is everybody in the media is just as delusional. As long as liberals control the media, nothing will ever change and Obama won’t be challenged when he says idiotic things like, “It’s easier for a kid to buy a Glock than it is to get his hands on a book.”

This isn’t an exaggeration. This is a dangerous lie to soft-headed millennials who hear Obama say that and believe him. They tell their friends at Starbucks, “You know, it’s easier to get a gun than it is to get a book. That’s why we have to ban guns. Pass the almond milk, please.” These morons also believe Obama when he says we have terrorism under control. We don’t. We’re getting our asses kicked. France is getting their asses kicked. When you have over 300 people killed in less than two years, that’s not winning. When you can’t go to a club without being gunned down and forced to eat your own testicles, when you can’t work at an edgy magazine without being killed, when you can’t stroll down a promenade on Bastille Day without a truck mowing you down, you’re not winning the fight against terror.


Obama says, “We will continue to fight terror, while staying true to our values.” What does that mean? We haven’t fought terror. We’ve been losing. It’s astonishing what he has been able to get away with. His strategy for the past seven and a half years has made ISIS stronger. He’s the guy who said they were a ‘JV team.’ We’re not even a JV team, we’re a flag football team. ISIS is the Cowboys of the 90s. They’re the Patriots of the 2000s.

Apparently, fighting terror while staying true to our values is not a winning strategy. How about we put our values aside for a minute so we can win? Let’s say to our values, “I’m sorry, values. I’m sorry we had to waterboard again. I’m sorry we had to surveil mosques. I’m sorry we had to rectally force-feed Gitmo detainees to get them to tell us where the dirty bomb factory is. I’m sorry we had to bomb cities and do all these terrible things, but guess what, values? We’re safe. We can walk along a pier without a truck running us over. We can go to a nightclub and not have our balls cut off and fed to us. We can go to a gay club and not worry about being shot in the head while we’re dancing. So welcome back, values. We’ll try to stay true to you in the future.”

I’m telling you, Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had at fighting terror. If you own stock, he’s the greatest. My dad loves him, because he owns thousands of shares of stock that have quadrupled in value since Obama has been in office. Domestically, it’s like the 60s again. Except that black people can vote and not be lynched for talking to a white woman. Now you have NBA players making millions of dollars and half of them are married to white women. Millennials say they are having their own civil rights struggle. Are you kidding me? They act as if every black person is oppressed and every white person wakes up in the morning trying to figure out new ways to oppress them.


Obama is the worst president in history. My girlfriend is having a baby, and I can’t even get insurance right now. Why? Because it’s not open enrollment. So if my girlfriend starts bleeding from her vagina, I’ll get charged $50,000 dollars if I take her to the doctor. Obamacare is awesome. I want insurance and I can’t even buy it.

We’re being attacked here and abroad by terrorists, and we’re being attacked by Black Lives Matter, who throw rocks and bottles at police and block freeways and the media calls it a peaceful protest. If I can’t get to work because BLM has closed down the 405, that’s not peaceful.

Obama is the worst president, and Hillary Clinton will be even worse.

God help us all.

Trump 2016


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