Nothing Happened In Milwaukee

From 8-15-16 episode of The Rob Zicari Show LIVE 10-1pm M-F

There was a riot in Milwaukee this weekend.

Before the conventions, anytime there was a dustup involving Black Lives Matter, it was covered extensively by the media. CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, etc. were all there. And if things were on fire? Fuhgeddaboutit. We’re talking round-the-clock coverage.

As the campaigns progressed, there was less and less coverage. Why? Because what started out as a legitimate social justice project has devolved into an excuse by Black Lives Matter protesters to go out and break stuff, loot stores and light things on fire. Cases like Tamir Rice, where there were real questions about whether lethal force was justified, became any shooting that involved black people and cops, justified or not. When Black Lives Matter demonstrators started acting like criminal thugs and made white people sit in the back of the bus and chanted about death to cops, that’s when Democrats and the media started to turn away from them.

Remember, Black Lives Matter is largely funded by George Soros. One of its founders, DeRay McKesson, is close friends with the CEO of Twitter. In many ways, Black Lives Matter is an extension of the Democratic Party. It was formed to create division, to make black people look at Democrats as the party who could help them. But as footage came out of the protesters chanting black power and targeting white people to beat up and spray painting police stations, people started to turn. Those who were on the fence started saying, “Hey, this is wrong. This isn’t about social awareness. This isn’t like protesting the Vietnam War or the March on Washington. This is just an excuse for criminals to light things on fire.”

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So the media started to pull back. No more round-the-clock coverage. When police officers started being killed, news organizations started to turn away. Why? Because Donald Trump said he was going to be the law and order candidate. When Trump said that, the coverage all but ceased. No more protests, no more crime. Just rainbows and unicorns. You think this was a coincidence? Hell, look at what happened with the Freddie Gray case. Those cops were all exonerated. They dropped the remaining cases, and there were no riots. No looting. Nothing happened. This wasn’t a coincidence, either.

Democrats control the media. The media controls Black Lives Matter. They are not an organic movement. They are paid by Democrats to organize demonstrations and to disrupt Trump rallies. When protesters started doing things that made Democrats look bad, Dems went to leaders like DeRay McKesson and told them to stand down. That’s why there were no protests in Baltimore. If there are no cameras focused on them and no sympathetic news anchors like Don Lemon strolling amongst the crowd and interviewing them, then what’s the point?

I guess the protesters in Milwaukee didn’t like the stand down order. A gangbanger carrying a semiautomatic pistol named Sylville Smith was shot while he was fleeing a traffic stop. This isn’t someone selling CDs or loose cigarettes. This isn’t a little boy waving around a fake gun. This is a straight up gangster thug who pointed a gun at a cop and was shot and killed. Then all hell broke loose in Milwaukee.


Now unless you were on Twitter, you didn’t know about the riots that started Saturday night. A month or so ago, it would have been on every network, even on a Saturday night. When you’re torching cars and businesses over a gangbanger with a gun he pointed at a black cop, it goes against everything that Black Lives Matter is supposed to be about. It goes against what Democrats are supposed to be about, so the media is not going to cover it.

That’s why there are no news cameras in Milwaukee. That’s why the media has been focused solely on Donald Trump. You’re not going to see any footage of what happened this weekend, because it plays into the narrative of Trump being the law and order candidate. It also exposes the fact that Black Lives Matter has become a bunch of lawless criminals and thugs. So unless you were on Twitter, you didn’t know what happened. Hell, the National Guard was called in. Buildings were on fire.  White people were being pulled out of their cars and beaten up. There had previously been round-the-clock coverage of riots that had less action than this weekend. More coverage was devoted to the chupacabras at the Trump rally in San Jose who threw bottles and rocks at cops.

Buildings were burned down in Milwaukee over a gangbanger with a gun, and you didn’t see it on any major news networks. Was this a coincidence? From this day until the election, you will not see coverage of Black Lives Matter protests. There will not be discussion panels. You will not see Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo or Chris Hayes at the riots. It the media doesn’t report what occurred over the weekend, it didn’t happen. Black Lives Matter protesters burning down Milwaukee makes Democrats look bad, so nothing happened.

Nothing happened


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