North Korea vs. President Punk

Once again, North Korea is flexing their nuclear muscles and punking our president.

I want to remind Democrats of something. For seven and a half years, Barack Hussein Obama has been president. For seven and a half years, your party has controlled the government. During the first two years of Obama’s presidency, your party controlled both houses of Congress. You do realize that, don’t you? I just want to establish that.

Whenever Republicans are in charge, everything that goes wrong, from the state to the local level, is their fault. Even when they’re not in charge, everything is their fault. For the first two years of Obama’s term, everything that was wrong with the country was George W. Bush’s fault. I don’t think Obama really became president until his second term. Whenever anything positive happened, Obama took credit for it. Whenever something bad happened, it was because of Republicans.

North Korea test fired another rocket yesterday. They have made stunning progress in their development of nuclear weapons during Obama’s term. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s also not a coincidence that other countries have been ramping up their hostile activities.

We knew this was going to happen. North Korea saw the United States deliver $1.7 billion dollars in cash to Iran, with $400 million of it delivered immediately to have hostages released. They saw the U.S. lift sanctions after making a deal with Iran that John Kerry had to keep moving the goalpost in order to get them to comply.

Iran was welcomed back into the international community, even though they still take hostages, fund terrorism, chant “Death to America!” and kidnap American soldiers and humiliate them and make them cry and apologize and beg for their lives on Iranian TV. They still wish to have Israel wiped off the map, and yet we still appease them. Obama has been like Neville Chamberlin was to Adolf Hitler.

Once North Korea saw all of this, they figured why shouldn’t they do whatever they wanted? What was going to deter them? They knew they could keep testing nuclear warheads and nobody was going to do anything about it.

North Korea could not survive without China. Without China, North Korea would not exist. We do billions upon billions of dollars in business with China, yet Obama has never sat down with them and demanded they do something about North Korea’s aggression. Hell, China wouldn’t even let Obama exit Air Force One like a president during his recent trip there. No red carpet, nothing. He had to go through a service door like a baggage handler. China treated Obama like he was Benson the butler from the 70s TV series Soap.

oabam china arrival

So it’s no accident that North North has been firing rockets. Obama has not had a single foreign policy success during his entire term. Not one. Look at Syria. The media always fails to mention that all the turmoil going on in places like Aleppo have occurred while Obama has been president. I have never seen the media make such a complete disconnection to problems around the world that they have with Obama and the Democrats.

You see dead Syrian babies being fished out of the water. Hundreds of thousands of people have been slaughtered in Syria, yet somehow Obama gets no blame. This wasn’t happening seven and a half years ago. There was no humanitarian crisis in Syria seven and a half years ago. There wasn’t millions of people leaving Syria because of ISIS seven and a half years ago. Hell, ISIS didn’t even exist seven and a half years ago.

These things all occurred under Obama’s watch. Problems in Syria, problems with China and Russia and North Korea and ISIS. Imagine if Obama had never been elected and John McCain had been president when all of these things happened. The media would have treated McCain worse than the Viet Cong treated him in Hanoi.

But that’s what happens when you control the media. When you control the message, you can get away with anything. That’s why German citizens were unaware that millions of Jews were being slaughtered right next door to them during World War II. That’s how Josef Stalin was able to get away with purging millions of dissenters. Nazis and Communists controlled the media, so the people only knew what they wanted them to hear. Hitler and Stalin did what ever they wanted. Just like Kim Jong Un does whatever he wants. Liberals controlling the media is why Obama is considered a great president.

The weapon North Korea detonated on Friday was between 10 to 20 kilotons, which is about 70 to 80% of the force of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Twice as large as the test they conducted in January. Since January, North Korea has doubled their nuclear capability, and Obama and his administration have done nothing. Nothing.

After Friday’s blast, Obama did a quick presser and said North Korea shouldn’t have done what they did. But he didn’t say what would happen if they did it again. Barack Hussein Obama is the black Jimmy Carter. He is Jimmy Carter and Neville Chamberlain rolled into one. Obama is a puppet controlled by strings held by the Democrat-controlled media. That’s all he is.


Democrats say Donald Trump would be bad for the country and the world, but could he possibly be worse than Obama?

Why do people like Obama so much? Is it because he’s handsome and funny and charming and he goes on TV and does a slow jam with Jimmy Fallon? Because he and his wife are on the cover of fashion magazines and he hangs out with Jay-Z and Beyonce? Is it because he is in favor of transgender bathrooms? Because he invites Black Lives Matter hooligans to the White House? Is that what makes him more acceptable than the old grumpy white guy with the orange skin and funny hair? Is that what makes North Korea firing nukes, Iran humiliating soldiers and dead Syrian children washing up on the beach acceptable? Because Obama is charming? Help me out here. I’m trying to figure this out.

What if Crawford, Texas was the murder capitol of the nation when George W. Bush was president? What would the media say about it? On the rare occasion that they bring up the rampant violence in Chicago, which is Obama’s home town, they never mention that the mayor of Chicago is Rahm Emanuel, who has been intricately involved in the last two Democratic administrations. Rahm Emanuel was Obama’s Chief of Staff from 2008 to 2010. He was a senior advisor to Bill Clinton and was his campaign finance committee director in 1992. Yet somehow Rahm gets to slide on everything happening in the town that he is the mayor of. Why?

A poll will come out that gives Obama an approval rating of over 50%, yet that same poll will say over 70% of those surveyed feel the country is going in the wrong direction. How is that possible? Because the media has done a great job of disconnecting the problems going on in the country and around the world with Obama.

This latest North Korea test is a big deal. Remember, the whole reason behind the Iran deal was preventing them from developing nuclear weapons. North Korea already has them. They threaten to use them against us. They are constantly improving the technology that will allow them to do that. Preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon is why we paid a cash ransom for hostages, why we let them kidnap our soldiers and humiliate them without repercussions, why we allowed them back  into the world community and make billions of dollars in trade. Yet North Korea has a weapon that is almost equal to the Hiroshima bomb and they are trying to figure out a way to get it over to the U.S. to blast us with it. Obama does nothing about it, and the media isn’t concerned whatsoever.


Take military action off the table. Going over to North Korea and having our soldiers killed to take out Kim Jong Un is a stupid idea. Just like going into Iraq was a stupid idea. The poor people of North Korea who aren’t part of the regime would be even worse off than they are already. So forget going to war with North Korea.

There are a lot of things we could do to prevent North Korea from doing what they are doing, starting with China. We could put pressure on other countries that deal with North Korea. Mess with their money. As long as Kim Jong Un doesn’t get an angry phone from the president of China telling him to cut it out with the nukes, he’ll continue to do whatever he wants. But why would China do that? They think President Obama is a joke. They think America is a joke. We’re just a bunch of stupid rubes who give them money.

There is not one country on the entire planet that has respect for the United States. Well, OK, maybe Canada. Canadians like us, even though they laugh at us. Look at Brexit. Obama and Hillary said, “No! Don’t do it! Stay with the EU!” What happened? Britons said, “Screw you. We’re leaving. Outta there. Screw America and screw the European Union.”

Other than Canada, there is not one country on earth that fears us, respects us or helps us. Not one. The uproar that the media is trying to create because Trump said Putin is stronger than Obama? He is! How can you say that Barack Obama is a stronger leader than Vladimir Putin? The Chinese president is a stronger leader than Obama. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a stronger leader. Remember when Obama drew a line in the sand and said that if Syria crossed it, there would be hell to pay? What happened? Assad not only crossed the line, he turned around and pissed on it and told Obama, “Putin’s got my back. What are you gonna do, jerkoff? Go f—k yourself.”


How can anyone say that Obama is a stronger leader than anyone else in the world? A president’s number one goal is to protect his people, not only from threats inside the homeland like with the violence in Chicago, but from threats from other countries like Syria, Iraq and Iran. If you’re a U.S. soldier and you can’t patrol the waters near Iran without worrying about Iranians taking you hostage and making you beg for your life, your president is not keeping you safe. Your commander in chief is derelict in his duty. Your president does not have your back.

If anyone can convincingly make the argument that Barack Hussein Obama is a strong leader and our country is respected and feared around the world, I will retire from podcasting and get a job picking up dog doo-doo. But you can’t, and you all know it.

So when Donald Trump says Putin is a stronger leader than Obama, he is 100% correct. Hell, Putin is brokering a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians right now. North Korea and Iran can do whatever they want, because they know that Obama will pull down his pants, bend over and say, “Stick it in.”

Our president is like a prison bitch. He really is. And Hillary Rotten Clinton will be even worse.


Trump 2016


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