Night Of The Living Morons

There’s a lot going on out there.

The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has exploded over a police shooting of a black man. There was also a shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma that involved a female officer named Betty Shelby.

Neither shooting fits the media narrative of white racist male cops who go around killing innocent black people for no reason. It isn’t always about race. Sometimes it just involves police incompetency. In the Tulsa case, it appears that the female officer with the itchy trigger finger choked. Her partner had his taser out. Shelby had pulled her gun. She got scared for some reason and fired her weapon. In Charlotte, the officer who killed 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was black. His name is Brently Vincent. So this shooting definitely does not meet the profile of white police officers who summarily execute black men who are innocent and vulnerable and are guilty of nothing more than being African American.

Charlotte has plunged into utter chaos for the past two nights. People in the media accuse Donald Trump of using dog whistles and race-baiting to inflame his supporters. You can’t get more of a race-baiting dog whistler than Angela Rye from CNN. Rye is the most angry, divisive woman I have ever seen on television. I thought Bakari Sellers was divisive and angry, but Angela Rye takes the race-baiting dog-whistling cake.

Angela Rye was responding to the question of whether or not Keith Scott had a weapon. Police said he had a gun. His family claimed he had a book. Rye said, “Well, police lie. They do it all the time. Scott’s family says he had a book. I believe them.”

So I guess the narrative has changed. It’s no longer about closeted KKK members wearing police uniforms, it’s about systematic oppression of black people by police. The shooting of Keith Scott by Brently Vincent wasn’t because of racism, it was due to systematic police oppression of black folks. The narrative is no longer about rampant racism in every police force in America, it’s systematic oppression. OK, Angela Rye. Got you.


Rye said to take a look at the shooting of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the NYC pressure cooker bomber. Police only wounded him. They killed Keith Scott. They only wounded Rahami because he wasn’t black. Were he black, Rahami would be dead. Not sure if Arabs would consider themselves Caucasian, but that’s besides the point.

Let me get this straight Angela Rye. So during a wild shootout in the street with a terror suspect who had placed several bombs around NYC and New Jersey that exploded and injured dozens of people, the police purposely avoided killing him because he wasn’t black. Is that what you’re saying, Angela Rye? “Make sure you only wound this guy…” BANG! POW! “He’s one of us.”

How’s that for an insane race-baiting talking point? You might say Angela Rye is just some nutty leftist activist talking head on TV, but former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter pretty much said the same thing, and Anderson Cooper just sits there nodding his head, not daring to challenge this outrageous and moronic assertion.


Angela Rye also challenged Trump’s use of the term “ever, ever, ever” when saying how bad black people have it now. She argued that Trump was saying that blacks have it worse today than during slavery. The panel actually sat there for about 25 minutes talking about slavery and Jim Crow and segregation because Donald Trump said “ever, ever, ever.”

You could actually flip the script and use it the other way. There is rioting in the streets of Charlotte right now because it’s so bad. Worse than it’s ever been. “That’s why we are burning stuff and throwing rocks at everybody and killing each other. Because it’s so bad. It’s worse than being forced to work on a plantation. That’s why we’re out here protesting. It’s worse today than it was in the 50s and 60s.”

The left could easily play that game, but if the right does it, they get tortured by the media and people like Angela Rye. To actually have a former mayor and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus say that police purposely did not kill Ahmad Rahami because he did not have black skin is beyond moronic. To call Angela Rye and Michael Nutter ignorant is an insult to stupid people. Both of them made an insane and utterly ludicrous assertion, and neither of them were called on it.

Republicans get crucified when they make statements like this, just like when Donald Trump, Jr. said the media would be “warming up the gas chamber” if his father had done what Hillary Clinton has done. He was obviously referring to capital punishment, but the media immediately pounced on it as a Holocaust reference. “How could he make a joke about the horror of killing over six million Jews?”

The gas chamber was used for years to put criminals to death who had been convicted in a court of law in the United States. Why did the media immediately go to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust? Because it was a Republican speaking.

That’s just one example. No different than the Skittles controversy. Trump, Jr. said on Twitter “If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.”


There was universal outrage from the left, because Donald Trump, Jr. had compared poor innocent refugee children to poisoned Skittles.


But the left did something similar two years ago when they compared all men to being rapists. They said, and I quote: “You say not all men are monsters? Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned. Go Ahead. Eat a handful. Not all M&Ms are poison!” #YesAllWomen


Trump, Jr. was talking about the very real possibility of terrorists being among thousands of Syrian refugees that Hillary and Obama want to flood our country with. But a leftist social campaign says the exact same thing about every single man that exists, calling them all rapists, and nobody cares.

That’s what’s going on with the left as it pertains to the shooting in Charlotte. You have a black police officer shooting an armed black man and it’s called “systematic oppression.” Saying that police officers only wounded a terrorist because he wasn’t black. They purposely didn’t kill him because he wasn’t black.

As outrageous as that moronic claim is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg of outrageousness. You have hundreds of Black Lives Matter “protesters” setting fires, jumping on police cars, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers. They were even pelting poor people who were just trying to make it home, trying to escape from the madness that was going on in the streets of Charlotte.


This has become the new norm. Just like Democrats want everyone to accept terrorism as the new norm. Liberal media morons like Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews say nothing can be done about terrorism unless you arrest people for their thoughts. They pretend all the other red flags didn’t exist that could have prevented the recent attacks. It’s absolutely disturbing. They pretend that Ahmad Rahami hadn’t traveled back and forth from Afghanistan and Pakistan. They pretend he didn’t make a s—tload of pressure cooker bombs or that he had been on the FBI’s radar before. They pretend he had just gone online and looked at a few jihadi websites. “How can you arrest someone for that?”

So this in the new norm for Black Lives Matter. No matter what the circumstances, no matter who is involved, they will riot and terrorize people any time a black person is killed by police. When any police officer kills an African American, it is racism, it is systematic oppression, so there is going to be a riot. That’s it. That’s their new norm.

Remember, you’re not allowed to rush to judgment whenever there is an act of terrorism by Muslims. That’s Islamophobic. That’s being a xenophobe. But rushing to judgment and starting a riot before any facts are in on a police shooting? “Hell, yeah. Let’s party!” That’s all these “protests” are. Just an excuse for criminals to cause mayhem and break stuff. It’s one big riot party. They even send out invitations to join in on the fun.


Blaming any Muslim organization for inciting terrorism is Islamophobic, xenophobic and wrong, but calling every police officer in America a racist psychopathic killer is cool. It that the way it works, Angela Rye? Is that the lowdown, Mayor Nutter?

Hillary Clinton must have something going on with the Arab world other than them giving her and her husband millions of dollars. Saudi Arabia must have pictures of Bill doing things worse than going to a private pedophile island with a billionaire or sexting troubled 15-year-old girls like Anthony Weiner does. Hillary and the left in general must have something going on, because they give more respect to Muslim terrorists than they do police officers in America. Has anyone else noticed that, or is it just me? Whenever there is something that is clearly a terrorist act involving a Muslim, it’s always, “Let’s not rush to judgment. Let’s get all the facts.” Then Obama will make a speech about banning guns.

But police? “Those racist bastards are killing black people everywhere and it has to stop now! Elect me and I will put an end to this systematic oppression of you people!”


They even went after Donald Trump when he used the term “bombing” to describe what happened this weekend in New York City, even though Hillary said the word herself that same night. Hack Tapper and the CNN crew said it hadn’t yet been shown to be an act of terrorism, so for Trump to call it a bombing was wrong. Could have been a car backfiring that sent 29 people to the hospital with shrapnel injuries, so Trump shouldn’t have jumped the gun. How very unpresidential of him. How dare he say something like that while Obama is telling black people to vote for Hillary or they will insult him. Obama came out later said that he was talking about voting in general, but everyone knew exactly what he meant. That wasn’t a racist dog-whistle, but Trump saying Make America Great Again really means Make America White Again. OK, Angela Rye. Whatever you say.

Where’s the outrage when a Muslim stabs nine people in a Minnesota mall while shouting “Allahu Akbar”? How come nobody gets upset when a six times deported illegal alien shoots Kate Steinle in the back as she’s walking along a San Francisco pier with her dad? If you bring up any of these things, Hillary and the left will go out of their way to prove that you’re wrong. Citing statistics, showing graphs and charts to show you that your outrage is misplaced. Hell, they even tried to say Ahmad Rahami was an American citizen, not a foreign terrorist, so trying to point the finger of blame at the thousand of refugees they want to bring here is wrong. It’s Islamophobic xenophobism.

It is so misleading to say that Rahami is an American citizen. He was naturalized in 2011. He was born in Afghanistan. They’re glossing over what he did by saying he is an American, again going out of their way to try to change peoples’ perception of what happened. But a police shooting? There’s not one person who says to wait for all the facts, not one person who will cite statistics that show all cops aren’t racist killers. It’s just riot and call them all murderers and Hillary and the liberal media play right along. It’s disgusting.

Maybe police all across America should take a page from the NYPD when Mayor DeBlasio insulted all of them after the Eric Garner incident. Just let crime happen. Let people drive drunk, rob stores, whatever. When something happens, they’ll come and make a report, maybe take a couple photos, and then go home and watch TV and relax with their families. Beats having people scream in your face and throw rocks and bottles at you.


When Obama and Hillary let thousands of Syrian refugees flood the country and things start blowing up and women and children start being raped, maybe police and the FBI should just say what Hillary and liberals say: “Hey, what do you want from us? These things happen. Just have to get used to it. That’s the price of living in a free society, people. Get over it. Women, put bandaids on your bleeding vaginas and rebuild that building that just got blown up.  Not our problem. You don’t want help from us anyway. We’re all just racist murderers. Right?”

Remember Dylan Noble? Of course you don’t. He was the white kid who got shot dead by police because he kept reaching towards his waistband while they were begging him to stop doing it. There were no protests for Dylan. Just a stupid white boy who didn’t do what he was told. Probably a Trump supporter.

Yet, every single incident that has occurred over the past seven and a half years that Obama has been president has involved a black person either fighting with the police or not complying with their commands. Every single one. Show me one incident where a cop walked up to an African American and said “Hey n—ger” and shot him in the head. Just one. You can’t, because it doesn’t happen. And you all know it.

Everything bad that has happened in the seven and a half years has occurred on Obama’s watch, from ISIS to Syria to Libya to Russia to homeland terrorism to militarized police killing every black person they see. The left conveniently forgets about that. Obama has been president. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Donald Trump was doing Celebrity Apprentice. He doesn’t cause any of it.

So Angela Rye, Mayor Nutter, MSNBC, CNN and all of you dog-whistling, race-baiting morons. Take your “systematic oppression” and stuff it. The next time someone commits a crime against you, call DeRay McKesson and have a riot party. Knock yourselves out. Whenever something blows up, people get killed, women get raped, whatever happens because you have Syrian or Somali refugees living next door to you, just deal with it. These things happen in a free society. Right?


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