Megyn Kelly’s YUGE CNN Audition

Got a little newsflash for ya. Megyn Kelly is not a conservative. She never was.

Everybody was buzzing about Megyn’s kerfuffle with Newt Gingrich earlier this week. It didn’t surprise me one bit. It’s Megyn Kelly. She’s not a Republican, and she’s trying out for CNN. People were puzzled as to why CNN and MSNBC would devote so much time giving props to a host on a competing network. It was mainly CNN. MSNBC lightly touched on it, but CNN was banging the drum for Megyn. They thought it was awesome that Kelly would nail Newt and Gingrich told her she was “obsessed with sex,” and she shut him down with the last word. “You go, girl!” squealed Don Lemon.

Did Megyn do it because it would put another nail in the Trump coffin? No, she was auditioning for CNN, that’s it. There are rumors floating around that CNN honcho Jeff Zucker is being courted by Fox News. The Murdoch boys are looking to have Zucker come in and take over the reigns held by former boss Roger Ailes. That’s the big news flowing through the cable news pipeline.

I’ve told you before, there are going to be big shakeups after the election, everywhere from the news networks to late night television. Remember, 50% of the people who are popular right now in the media got where they are by targeting Donald Trump. People like Seth Meyers, whose show is not supposed to be a political program, has become a vehicle for bashing Trump. Will his show continue its political slant after the election? If Donald Trump loses, what will he talk about? Hillary Clinton? Then he will have to defend her and her record, which isn’t going to be too easy to do, especially since the FBI announced that they are going to be looking into her email situation again after the Wikileaks dump. Seth Meyers will have to defend Hillary, Obamacare, Iraq, Syria, Russia and Chicago becoming a killing zone.

Stephen Colbert will just be gone. He’s in third place, and he’s already alienated half his audience by ridiculing Trump and his supporters. Same thing with John Oliver, Samantha Bee. The list goes on and on of people who have created a cottage industry by mocking Donald Trump for the past year and a half. If Trump doesn’t take the White House, those people will have to re-craft their shows or be standing in the unemployment line with Colbert.


So there will be huge shakeups. Look at all the time that hosts like Anderson Cooper have devoted to Trump bashing. I love when I hear liberals complain about how much coverage Donald Trump gets. It’s all bad coverage. The free media doesn’t help when it’s all negative. It’s like the commercial where a guy is smoking a cigarette through the blowhole in his throat. You could say that’s advertising cigarettes, but it’s not great advertising to show that the product can kill you. The hours of Trump talk is comprised of calling him a a racist and a xenophobe and a Nazi. Everything bad going on in the world is somehow Donald Trump’s fault. So spare me your liberal douchebag indignation at all of Trump’s free media coverage.

Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon spend two hours on their show talking about Donald Trump. Same thing with Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the CNN crew. There will be shakeups, but the biggest one may be Jeff Zucker heading over to Fox News. The conservative culture over there has been fading, and with Zucker at the helm, their reign as the kings of the right will come to an end. Especially if Roger Ailes, Stephen Bannon and Trump’s son-in-law start up Trump TV. Don’t say it can’t happen. Oprah’s got a channel. Nuff said.

When Trump TV gets going, there will be a great purging of all the popular conservative talent like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Rush Limbaugh may be back on the boob tube again. If Zucker takes over Fox and Trump loses the election, don’t be surprised at all to see all of this go down. Now Megyn Kelly’s got about a year left on her contract. She’s already talked about how Roger Ailes sexually harassed her. Every show she does in anti-Trump. Anti-GOP. Hell, she even has Michael Moore on her show. She’s not a Laura Ingraham. Kelly’s not a conservative woman. Definitely no Ann Coulter.

Megyn Kelly does what she does because it’s a gimmick. If you look good and talk about conservative issues, it bumps you to the front of the line. But if you have no real talent, people see through it quickly. Look at S.E. Cupp. She was one of the first mildy attractive hipster douchebags who stood up and said, “I’m a conservative!” Why? Because there’s not that much competition on the right. She started out at Fox, that fizzled out, then she went to CNN and did Crossfire. That died a quick death and now she’s a jerkoff, sitting on a CNN panel as a “voice of the right.” Look for your pink slip soon, Honey Cupp.

Megyn Kelly never wanted to be a conservative commentator. She wanted to be a Kelly Ripa or a Katie Couric. But with all of the competition, she took the easy road. Megyn busted out with “Is Santa Claus black?” and all of the righties creamed their jeans. “She’s a conservative! Whoo hoo!” But throughout this election cycle, she’s become the mildly conservative, attractive, non-lesbian version of Rachel Maddow.

Megyn did what she had to do to rise quickly through the ranks. She did a sexy photoshoot with GQ. Went out with Brit Hume. I mean, come on. Even when Brit Hume was young, he was still kinda old and ugly. Megyn the hottie went out with homely Hume. Why? Because she knew she could climb the ladder faster that way.


Brit probably said to her, “Megyn, honey…”

“*glug* glug* yes, Brit?”

“You know, if you keep this conservative angle going, you’re going to go places baby. Keep it up, you’re doing grrrreat…”

“Thanks for the tip! Now let me work on yours…”

“Watch the teeth, Meggy…”

“*glug*glug*glug* OK Humey!”

Jeff Zucker is talking about going over to Fox News. So what does CNN do? They took the Newt Gingrich-Megyn Kelly dust-up and covered it relentlessly. It was all an audition. Now all of CNN’s audience is being exposed to the next CNN superstar. A popular Fox mainstay. Now the Murdoch boys are thinking, “Man, if Zucker doesn’t take the gig, Trump starts Trump TV and takes all of our superstars, all we’re left with is ugly old Brit Hume, goofy Bret Baier, swishy Shepard Smith and the doofuses on Fox and Friends. Man we are so screwed…”

Gingrich vs. Kelly was all an act. It was CNN vs. Fox. It was the execs at CNN against the Murdoch boys, pitting Megyn against Newt so that the CNN audience would welcome her with open arms. That’s it. Megyn Kelly will be at CNN after the first of the year. You can take it to the bank, and my track record has been pretty spot on as far as predictions during this election. Anyone who is a regular listener and reader can attest to this.

Remember when Megyn did the Fox special where she interviewed Trump, some tranny and a couple others? That was them pacifying her. CNN will work with you when it comes to doing things for other networks. Anderson Cooper does segments on 60 Minutes, and that’s CBS.   You don’t think Megyn Kelly would love to be able to do 60 Minutes? That’s big action.

There are a lot of things CNN offers that can attract someone like Megyn Kelly. That’s why this was an audition for the CNN crowd. It was for the people like my dad. Dad knows who Megyn Kelly is, but he doesn’t watch her show. He watches CNN. That night he got to see Megyn go off on Newt.

It had nothing to do with Trump. It was Megyn Kelly being introduced to her future audience. Megyn vs. Newt was her welcome to the CNN family. She will be there next year, believe me.

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